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Oclean X Ultra S review: A quality smart toothbrush that’s hard to fault

Our Rating :
Price when reviewed : £200
inc VAT

The Oclean X Ultra S is one of the most powerful sonic toothbrushes on the market, delivering a fantastically thorough clean


  • Excellent brushing report
  • Live brushing guidance
  • Powerful clean


  • Expensive
  • Pricey replacement heads

Oclean has pulled out all the stops to showcase what the future of high-tech electric toothbrushes can bring with its newest model, the X Ultra S. From the outside it may look like any other sonic toothbrush, but it’s the technology inside the Oclean X Ultra S that delivers the wow factor.

Unlike the Oclean X Pro Elite, which suffered connection issues with the accompanying app, the Oclean X Ultra S interacts seamlessly to not only deliver a thorough clean, but also to provide a detailed hygiene report that is certain to impress data geeks.

In my tests, I found the Oclean X Ultra S to be a tooth-cleaning powerhouse. It will leave your gnashers gleaming – if you can afford it.

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Oclean X Ultra S review: What do you get for the money?

The Oclean X Ultra S costs £200 and, since it’s a recent release, we’ve yet to find it for any less. That’s a lot of money to spend on an electric toothbrush – especially since our current favourite smart toothbrush, the Oral-B iO6, costs £130. If you don’t want smart features, our favourite non-smart option for most people, the Oral B Pro 3, costs just £43.

In the box you get a sonic toothbrush with built-in 0.96-inch OLED panel that connects to an app on your phone via Bluetooth. You also get a magnetic wall mount, wireless charger and an attractive wrap-around travel case.  The brush is available in two colours, black and green. It’s also super lightweight in the hand as, with a brush head attached, it weighs a mere 109g.

Also supplied are three different brush heads; the Ultra Clean, Ultra White and Ultra Gum Care units. Each brush head attaches onto the base unit easily and can be interchanged depending on your brushing needs. Oclean recommends replacing the brush head every three months, with a two-pack costing £18.

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Oclean X Ultra S review: What is it like to use? 

In a nutshell, the Oclean X Ultra S is a joy to use, offering a very straightforward user experience. The toothbrush’s built-in touchscreen provides instant feedback when brushing your teeth, including the length of time for which you’ve been brushing, the intensity at which you’re brushing, and a picture of the upper and lower teeth that indicates the area of your mouth that you’ve covered.

A bonus feature is the built-in voice guide, which projects sound through bone-conduction technology to give live guidance during brushing. The voice tells you when to move to a different area of your mouth, for example, and the angle at which to hold the brush. Though it’s clear to hear while brushing, this voice isn’t loud enough to disturb anyone who may be sleeping nearby.

The brush works in conjunction with the Oclean app, which is quick and easy to download. The handy app gives a full dental hygiene report at the end of each clean, including any teeth you may have missed, the pressure applied on each part of your mouth and the time you spent cleaning. The Oclean X Ultra S is a data lover’s dream.

For example, when I first started testing this toothbrush, the feedback I received indicated my teeth weren’t sufficiently clean and I was scored lowly; the report showed my rear molars hadn’t been covered properly. I was also advised that I was putting too much pressure on my front teeth. All of this information guided my next clean; I was more mindful of the pressure I was applying while brushing and paid more attention  to my back teeth. Note, too, that an LED coloured ring around the bottom of the toothbrush shines red if you’re applying too much pressure on a tooth.

The X Ultra S operates at 84,000 oscillations per minute, and is therefore a significant step up from the electric models I’ve used before, including cheaper models from Oclean. As such, the detailed feedback proved useful, allowing me to tweak the brushing routine to which I had become accustomed.

The toothbrush is comfortable to hold and offers a tactile feel. Every 30 seconds, you’ll hear a sound that prompts you to move to a different area of the mouth; it does this over eight zones, and you can adapt the cleaning time. I set mine to run for 2mins 30secs, which was plenty to clean my mouth sufficiently.

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Oclean X Ultra S review: How well does it clean?

After three weeks’ use, there was no hugely obvious sign of tooth brightening. However, I’m conscious of a few teeth that are stained as a result of red wine and, on closer examination, I noticed a slight degree of fading.

I can say for sure that my mouth has never felt so fresh after brushing. The Oclean X Ultra S’s bristles are super smooth and diminutive enough to really get to work on the rear molars. I have quite sensitive teeth, so I was unable to use the toothbrush on the highest setting, but even at a lower intensity I felt it was thorough enough.

As a mother of three who’s always in a rush in the mornings, I tend to brush my teeth pretty quickly. However, I welcomed the X Ultra S’s voice warning to slow down, ensuring I cleaned every tooth in my mouth, rather than simply focusing on the more visible ones. And unlike other smart toothbrushes, since the instructions were displayed on screen and through the voice assistant, I didn’t need to have my phone in the bathroom to follow the guidance.

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Oclean X Ultra S review: How long does the battery last? 

The product manual says the battery lasts up to 40 days, but our battery run-down tests showed that the battery only lasts 72 minutes, which is the equivalent of 18 days. This is still a good amount of time, but isn’t anywhere close to Oclean’s other brushes, all of which lasted over 30 days.

That being said, the charging indicator on the Oclean X Ultra S isn’t as visible as it is on other electric toothbrushes. A full charge done wirelessly using the magnetic charging station should take four hours, so this is how long we charged the brush for before conducting our battery run-down tests. Charging the brush for longer may have garnered better results. Handily, recharging this brush is easy since it’s compatible with all wireless charging pads.

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Oclean X Ultra S review: Should you buy it?

Ask us to pick out the most advanced, high-tech electric toothbrush of the moment, and we’d point you to the Oclean X Ultra S. If it’s within your budget then we’d recommend it without hesitation. It’s certainly the best smart toothbrush we’ve tested, mainly due to its brushing guidance being built into the brush, saving you having to rely on your phone screen.

Not only does it make the everyday activity of cleaning your teeth easy, more importantly, in combination with the app, it offers plenty of guidance to ensure you brush as thoroughly as possible. Arriving with a plush travel case, which means you can take it away on your travels, the Oclean X Ultra S promises sparkling whites and a fresh mouth after every clean.

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