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How to install Kodi on the Amazon Fire TV Stick: 3 BEST ways to download Kodi on your Fire Stick

Here are three easy ways to install Kodi on the Amazon Fire TV Stick


Using FireStarter you can make Kodi launch by simply double-tapping the Home button on your Fire TV remote, which far easier than delving into menus every time. There are more complex options to add Kodi to the homescreen, but they’re a pain to get working and this is a much better option if Kodi is your go-to app.

1. First make sure that ADB Debugging is turned ON, see step one above if you didn’t do this already. It will need to stay on for this shortcut to carry on working.

2. Then add a new Favourite to ES File Explorer, following the same instructions as above, but instead entering into the Path box and firestarter into the Name box. The actual web address is longer so we’ve used a TinyURL to save you some typing: the full URL is
Kodi installation Fire TV Stick Firestarter

3. Again, use the directional controller to navigate the web page. You need to select the latest FireStarter APK file but we found this very tricky to do with the controller. If you have the same problem, try moving the highlight over the Fork button in the top-right corner and then pressing down once – you should land on the latest APK file.
Kodi installation Fire TV Stick Firestarter

4. As before, download, open and install the APK file to your Fire TV Stick. Click through the app permissions and then choose to Open the app. Otherwise, you can open it from Settings | Applications | Manage Installed Applications.

5. In FireStarter, go to Settings and select Home Button Single Click Application. Head up the list and select No Action. You can then scroll down to a new option, Home Button Double Click Application. Select that and choose Kodi.
Kodi installation Fire TV Stick Firestarter

Now a double-click on the Home button, from anywhere, will launch Kodi.

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