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Best Fitbit Alta and Alta HR strap 2022: Customise your favourite fitness tracker from £6

Whether you're after style or comfort, there's an ideal Fitbit Alta strap out there for you

By this point, the Fitbit Alta is a relic of a bygone era. What was once Fitbit’s best lightweight fitness tracker range has long since been replaced by the Fitbit Inspire and Inspire HR, two excellent products in their own right.

In fact, if you’re here because you own a Fitbit Alta, we recommend upgrading to the Inspire range – that is, if you don’t mind sacrificing style for overall functionality.

Because let’s face it: the Fitbit Alta is a seriously good-looking wearable. As a result, we really don’t blame you for holding on to your Alta or Alta HR, or indeed for coming here to find a replacement for that ageing strap. That’s why you’re here, isn’t it? 

Luckily, the Fitbit Alta strap market is still booming. Since there’s such a wealth of choice in the replacement strap department, we’ve picked out some of the best Fitbit Alta and Alta HR bands you can buy right now. Here’s the full lowdown for your viewing (and buying) pleasure.

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Best Fitbit Alta strap: At a glance

  • The best Fitbit Alta strap: Denmark stainless steel | Buy now
  • The best looking Fitbit Alta strap: Vancle leather | Buy now
  • The best value Fitbit Alta strap: Wekin 12 pack | Buy now

The best Fitbit Alta and Alta HR straps to buy

1. Recoppa: The best Fitbit Alta strap

Price: £10 | Buy now from Amazon

Available in six metallic shades, the Recoppa stainless steel strap for Alta and Alta HR is a great all-round option. Crafted in the “Milanese loop” style, the band features a magnetic clasp, meaning you can adjust your Alta to perfectly fit your wrist, no matter what size it is. The stainless-steel mesh material looks great and is simultaneously effective at resisting all the bumps and scratches that come its way. All things considered, this is a solid strap for Alta and Alta HR.

2. Wekin: Best-value Fitbit Alta strap

Price: individually for £4, or all 12 colours for £16 | Buy now from Amazon

If value is the name of your game, look no further than these straps from Wekin. For just £18, you’ll receive no less than 12 individual Fitbit Alta bands. If you haven’t already done the maths, that equates to just £1.50 per band. Each one is a different colour from the next, meaning you can chop and change your Alta strap to suit your mood on any given day. Alternatively, you can buy some of the colours individually for £4, but for us it’s a no-brainer if you’re determined to tie-in your watch strap to your outfit.

3. Vancle: Best-looking Fitbit Alta strap

Price: £10 | Buy now from Amazon

We love the look of these leather watch-style straps from Vancle. Available in 11 colours (with three floral options if you fancy something a little bit different), they’re perfect for a night out on the town, if not a dip in the pool. There’s a one-year warranty as standard, too, meaning you can get a replacement band or your money back without return during the warranty period.

4. Vitty: Best Fitbit Alta strap for outdoor activity

Price: £6 (4 pack) | Buy now from Amazon

At the other end of the spectrum, these Alta and Alta HR straps from Vitty are crafted from durable silicone, meaning they’ll be able to survive just about anything you can throw at them. For £8, you’ll receive four straps, meaning you can reserve one for use in daily life, one for exercise, one for the pool and one for… parties? Like the Vancle above, these straps feature watch-style clasp holes, meaning you can easily adjust them to suit the size of your wrist.

5. Goosehill: Best leather Fitbit Alta strap

Price: £10 | Buy now from Amazon

Now that Fitbit no longer sells its own official leather strap, you have to look to third parties, and Goosehill looks especially strong with nearly 900 Amazon reviews giving it an average of 4.5/5. Available in 11 colours, you’re bound to find something to suit your style, even if Fitbit’s official channels are now closed.

6. Wearlizer: Best Fitbit Alta bracelet

Price: £25 | Buy now from Amazon

This stylish strap from Wearlizer will fool just about anyone who sees it into thinking your Alta or Alta HR is a piece of jewellery rather than an electronic tracker (although the LED display usually tends to be a giveaway). The strap is only available in this silver and gold colour, but it’s a timeless design with removable chain links that allow you to adjust it to fit your wrist. 

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