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Why a Bosch washing machine is the efficient choice for your home

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With the WAN28259GB, Bosch has a more efficient way to keep your clothes spotless

Washing machines can use a lot of water. However, as with other products, technology has come a long way in recent years, leading to new machines that are far more resource friendly. Bosch washing machines are at the forefront of this essential revolution with the WAN28259GB – all without compromising the company’s renowned cleaning power.

The WAN28259GB offers quality cleaning and convenience thanks to features such as Iron Assist, which reduces wrinkles by up to 50%; Hygiene Plus, which kills 99.99%* of common germs even at 40°C; and the specially designed VarioDrum, which offers a gentle but powerful clean for delicates. 

It also has a number of selling points to ensure that your washing is done in the most efficient way possible. Here are six of them.

* Bosch washing machines with the ‘Hygiene Plus’ wash programme at 40° and 60° fulfil scientifically recommended conditions for 99.99% of germ reduction for Enterococcus Hirae and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, according to Honisch et al. 2014, “Impact of wash cycle time, temperature and detergent formulation on the hygiene effectiveness of domestic laundering.” Conducted by University Rhine-Waal.

Buy the Bosch WAN28259GB (£499, John Lewis)

‘A’ energy rating for energy-efficient running

Everyone is familiar with the A-E energy ratings for appliances, and the Bosch WAN28259GB proudly sports an A rating – the best score possible.

What does that mean in practice? It guarantees that the washing machine meets certain criteria on noise levels, capacity, water consumption and energy usage. 

Avoid water waste with ActiveWater Plus

Your average washing machine uses a lot of water – often more than is necessary, the very definition of “wasteful”.

Not the WAN28259GB, thanks to its ActiveWater Plus technology. The washing machine detects the type and size of load automatically and then intelligently adjusts the amount of water used accordingly, using up to 50%** less on smaller washing loads.

**Active Water Plus automatically adjusts water consumption to load. Comparing water consumption of Eco 40-60 with quarters vs. full load per cycle.

Speed Perfect leads to shorter washes

Bosch has perfected the art of the fast but effective wash, and with Speed Perfect, washing times can be slashed by up to 65%*** without seriously impacting the effectiveness of the clean.

Speed Perfect can be used in tandem with most of the machine’s modes, with all load sizes and fabric types. The result? Four kilograms of clothing in a mixed programme can be completed in just 46 minutes.

***Difference between the duration of the Easy Care Programme 40°C and the duration of the Easy Care Programme 40°C in combination with the Speed Perfect option.

Buy the Bosch WAN28259GB (£499, John Lewis)

Add items without starting over

We’ve all been there: you’ve just loaded up the washing machine and turned it on, only to discover a stray T-shirt on the stairs.

With other washing machines, that would involve another energy-intensive wash, but the WAN28259GB supports Bosch’s Reload function. As long as the suds aren’t hotter than 50°C and the water level isn’t too high, you can add or remove items without disrupting the cycle or starting over.

Super-quiet wash mode

Doing your laundry can be noisy with older washing machines, but with the Bosch WAN28259GB a quieter wash is possible thanks to a few quiet features that have been included in its design and programming.

Its Silent Wash mode makes it even quieter allowing you to select a quieter wash by reducing the RPM of any selected cycle when you need to use your washing machine but don’t want the noise that goes with it. Perfect for open plan living, when you have guests around or watching your favourite TV show.

Combined with Bosch’s Anti Vibration Sidewall, the WAN28259GB’s EcoSilence Drive is so quiet that you might forget it’s running, with a brushless, energy-efficient motor doing the heavy lifting.

In for the long haul with a five-year warranty

Caring about the planet means keeping appliances running as long as possible, and Bosch is extremely confident that the WAN28259GB is built to last. In fact, if you buy it by 31 March 2025 and register it within three months, Bosch will provide a five-year warranty****.

Washing machine motors are an especially vulnerable part, but the aforementioned EcoSlience Drive is designed with a long life in mind – as such, it comes with a massive ten-year parts warranty.

****Selected models only. Promotional offer dates 20.03.2024-31.03.2025. Terms and conditions apply.

Buy the Bosch WAN28259GB (£499, John Lewis)

All this for under £500

Usually priced at £579, the WAN28259GB is currently available with a £80 discount, meaning you can get the washing machine for just £499.

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