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Best Cyber Monday TV deals: Black Friday savings on Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, LG and more – LIVE

Cyber Monday TV deals are HERE with plenty of bargains on OLED, QLED and LED models by TCL, Hisense and more from Black Friday in the UK

Black Friday has officially come and gone but plenty of the best TVs are still discounted to all-time low prices this Cyber Monday. In fact, while the Black Friday TV deals started rolling in at the beginning of the month, bigger bargains arrived on the big day itself and have gotten better for Cyber Monday (the Monday following Black Friday, if you didn’t know). Simply put, if you currently have a TV that isn’t up to scratch, there’s no better time to buy than today. And after today, we’re not sure any of the deals will be sticking around.

However, even if there are many delightful deals on stellar OLED TVs, some of the TV discounts just aren’t worth your time. With many retailers inflating RRPs, or TV brands using confusing model number names for very similar products, it can become a maze to work out exactly what is a deal. That’s where we come in: on this live blog, we’ll be updating you with the latest and greatest discounts on TV models that are actually worth their cost, all from top-line manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, LG or TCL in a variety of sizes. Our extensive history of TV testing, as well as our experience across a number of sales periods, means we can separate the wheat from the chaff.

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We’ll be reporting live all of Cyber Monday, so do stick around for the greatest Black Friday TV savings still live, or feel free to head over to our main Black Friday deals hub for discounts across a huge range of categories from smartphones and tablets to air fryers and mattresses.

Cyber Monday TV deals: The best Black Friday 2023 deals still live

Cyber Monday and Black Friday 2023 TV deals: The best so far continued

The best Cyber Monday and Black Friday TV deals 2023 – LIVE

17:49 | 27 Nov

Mid-range marvels for a (Cyber) Monday

Let’s move up a price bracket to the TVs that are reduced to prices within the £500 to £1,000 range. If I were spending my money on a new TV this Cyber Monday, this is probably where I would lump my cash. You’ll get a lot of bang for your buck here.

16:44 | 27 Nov

Let’s round up the best cheap TV deals (sub-£500) of Cyber Monday

We started last week with the best sub-£500 TV Black Friday deals and we’re going to go through some of our favourites that are still live seven days later and in a couple of cases, even cheaper than they were last Monday:

16:18 | 27 Nov

Black Friday and Cyber Monday TV deals: As things stand

It’s getting to the stage where we’ve covered pretty much every TV deal worth covering over the past week. To save you from scrolling up and down this page – who would want that – I’ll be rounding up all the best Cyber Monday and Black Friday TV deals still live very shortly. That way you’ll have a comprehensive picture of the deals landscape as it stands. Should any deals pop up, however, we’ll be sure to jump in the live feed and bring you them.

15:13 | 27 Nov

PRICE DROP: 43in Samsung AU7020 is now just £279

It’s not our favourite TV by any means but the Samsung Au7020 does provide 4K picture at a super cheap price point this Cyber Monday. Retailing on average for £308, it offers nifty upscaling for lower-resolution content, adaptive audio for more immersive audio and a large number of streaming services across its equally smart operating system.

View deal at Amazon

12:43 | 27 Nov

This LG TV is the most affordable 8K TV we’ve seen this Cyber Monday

How’s this for a price on a 65in 8K TV? You can nab the LG 65QNED966QA for the quite astounding price of £1,099 this Cyber Monday.

The Hughes website says it was previously £2,000, just last month in fact, making this a truly stonking discount. We can’t find any price history on this one ourselves, unfortunately, since the TV itself has been discontinued. Meanwhile, next-gen gamers may want to steer clear since the panel only has a 60Hz refresh rate. But beyond those caveats, it’s hard to ignore this LG telly. Quite simply, it’s one of the most affordable 8K options we’ve seen throughout the entire month of Black Friday and now Cyber Monday savings.

View deal at Hughes

11:17 | 27 Nov

Our TV of the Year has NEVER cost less at £1,699

Appliances Direct‘s 65in Samsung S95C deal we brought to you last week saw that exceptional telly fall from its £3,699 launch price, and average price of £2,363, to just £1,999 + £200 cashback. That effectively meant the price was £1,799 and while that deal still stands, John Lewis has bettered it this Cyber Monday.

You can now nab the TV for just £1,699 after including cashback. Simply sign up for a My John Lewis membership – it’s free by the way – and type the code MYJLSAMSUNG200 to take the list price to £1,899 (£100 below Appliances Direct and the best on the market). Thereafter, you can claim the same £200 cashback via Samsung to bring the total cost down to just £1,699 for a massive 65in TV that is our pick as the best on the market. Simply put, if you want a future-proofed OLED, this is the best TV around.

Read why it won our TV of the Year here, have an in-depth dive into why it is a five-star Best Buy television on our full Samsung S95C review or click the view deal button below to get straight into those savings. They won’t wait around; Cyber Monday is the FINAL day to take advantage.

View deal at John Lewis

11:07 | 27 Nov

Cyber Monday deals are HERE

Well, here we are at the final day of deals. We’ve warned you countless times that the delightful discounts on televisions would come to an end and this is truly it. Cyber Monday marks the final day of deals for UK shoppers and the last chance to get at topline TV for less before they go back up to their RRPs. In other words, now is the time to do some Christmas shopping if you haven’t. I’ll certainly be keeping my eye out for any stellar savings today. Speaking of which…

12:52 | 26 Nov

BACK IN STOCK: This 65in Hisense 4K TV is available again at a record low £819

This 65in Hisense U7K TV fell to £819 a few days ago and quickly fell out of stock it was so popular – but it is BACK in stock via Amazon and still on for that record low price point. Bringing 144Hz refresh rates, HDMI 2.1 ports and access to plenty of the best streaming services, it has everything on offer to keep both casual TV watchers and hard-core gamers happy.

View deal at Amazon

12:18 | 26 Nov

The 55in Samsung Q60C SMASHES past previous record low price

Best Black Friday deals still Live - Samsung Q60CUsing code BFTV at checkout, this 55in 4K QLED TV is by far the cheapest price we’ve seen it at just £519. Previously, it has retailed at £623 on average since launching earlier this year, and most recently it went down to £599 at retailers like Currys and John Lewis, but via Samsung itself using their Black Friday promo code makes this already affordable and capable 4K model that bit more appealing.

View deal at Amazon

11:58 | 26 Nov

PRICE DROP: The BEST 8K TV drops by another £100

Black Friday TV DEAls LIVE - Samsung QN900COur favourite 8K TV, the Samsung QN900C, has dropped in price again ahead of Cyber Monday tomorrow. The 65in model was £100 more yesterday but has fallen to £2,899. Considering it is currently £3,999 at most retailers and has cost a whopping £4,349 on average since it launched this year, this is a particularly attractive price and by far the lowest cost we’ve ever seen it. If you have the cash for an 8K model like this, this five-star TV is well worth considering.

View deal at Amazon

13:29 | 25 Nov

PRICE DROP: This BIGGER and BETTER Hisense TV might be the best value Black Friday buy

This massive TV fell to just £899 on the Hisense website last week and was been bumped back up to £999 – however, it has now come BACK DOWN to an attractive £921. For an excellent mid-range TV complete with comprehensive HDR support and gaming features including support for 144Hz refresh rates, this is a telly with excellent image accuracy. Feel free to read more in our four-star review, but this deal is definitely worth your attention.

View deal at Amazon

12:37 | 25 Nov

Or how about this much more affordable 55in Hisense 4K TV?

Best Black Friday deals - Hisense A6K 4KTVShould you want a TV for just over £250, this might be the buy for you. The Hisense A6K is a solid performer, offering 4K pictures in a smart package that even has Amazon Alexa voice assistant functionality. Using code BUYBETTER20 via Hughes’ eBay channel, you can nab this 55in model for £256 too, well below the previous low of £320. And just a reminder: just because this telly is selling via eBay doesn’t mean it is used – you’ll be getting a brand new TV from Hughes on the link provided.

View deal at Hughes via eBay

11:31 | 25 Nov

HUGE PRICE DROP: The BEST value QD-OLED TV just got EVEN cheaper

Black Friday TV deals LIVE - Samsung S90CAnd here’s that incredibly attractive deal I mentioned. The 55in Samsung S90C was already discounted at a number of retailers to just £1,299 or £1,199 this Black Friday sales period but now PRC Direct has brought that price to a truly stonking £999 after cashback. Even prior to getting your cashback via Samsung, the list price of £1,099 is seemingly still £100 cheaper than all other retailers. For a five-star Best Buy winning TV that has had an average price of £1,544 since launching this year, this is truly absurd and may just well be the biggest OLED savings we’ve seen yet.

View deal at PRC Direct

11:17 | 25 Nov

Black Friday is over… but the deals are sticking around until at least Cyber Monday

The big day has come and gone but the Black Friday TV deals are still kicking and there is one stonking discount that I’ll be bringing you very shortly. Stay tuned.

18:15 | 24 Nov

Black Friday: The best time to buy a new TV?

The two questions we get asked most during the Black Friday sales period are “Which TV should I buy?” and “Is Black Friday really the best time to buy a new TV?”

It’s impossible to give a one-size-fits-all response to the first question as the answer depends on numerous factors, including how much you have to spend and what you plan to use the TV for. But no matter your budget, you’ll find an appealing option among the countless deals listed below.

The answer to the second question isn’t straightforward, either. Manufacturers typically refresh their ranges annually and older models depreciate as a result. This means that if you wait long enough, a TV you’ve seen discounted on Black Friday is almost certainly going to fall to a lower price at some point – TVs are like most consumer tech in that regard.

Sadly, we don’t have a crystal ball and can’t predict how much cheaper a particular model will be in a week’s time, let alone six months down the line. So our advice is this: if you need a new TV and find one you like at a competitive price that you’re happy with, don’t get too hung up on whether it’ll be slightly cheaper when the next sales event rolls around.

We all want to feel like we’re getting value from the products we buy, but there’s no sense in holding out for a magical mega-discount that may never materialise. In our opinion, the joy you’ll get from using a TV capable of delivering a more immersive and engaging experience ultimately outweighs the FOMO of missing out on a better price.

And on that note, we’re wrapping up our Black Friday TV deals blog for the day. There will be site-wide coverage of Black Friday offers over the weekend and throughout Cyber Monday but until then, shop well and shop wisely.

17:34 | 24 Nov

The perfect Black Friday PlayStation gaming setup?

This is a Black Friday TV deal for those of you who have been holding out on joining the next-gen gaming revolution. Currys is selling the 48in A90K OLED with the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition for just £1,588. If bought separately, you’d be paying £1,789, so this bundle represents a saving of over £200.

The A90K is part of Sony’s “Master” Series of TVs, meaning it’s met a strict set of criteria set out by the Japanese manufacturer’s engineers. It features all of the company’s advanced image processing tech, a punchy OLED panel and Acoustic Surface Audio+, which transforms the screen into a speaker to enhance immersion. A pair of HDMI 2.1 ports, 120Hz refresh rate and two unique-to-Sony features – Auto HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Mode – make it an enticing choice for gamers, which is why it’s being bundled with the console this Black Friday.

View deal at Currys

17:15 | 24 Nov

Don’t forget your cable… 

If you’re upgrading your TV this Black Friday then you may also need a new HDMI cable to get the most out of it. You see, like TVs, not all HDMI cables are created equal: to enjoy 4K gaming at 120Hz on your shiny new OLED, you require a cable capable of supporting that resolution that has suitable bandwidth. There are plenty of alternatives out there but we particularly like the look of this one from UGREEN. The 2m option is available for £8, which is the cheapest it’s been sold for since this time last year.

View deal at Amazon

16:50 | 24 Nov

New best price on a big, bright Samsung Mini LED TV

We highlighted a price drop on the 55in QN95C first thing this morning but have just spotted that the 75in model has hit a record-low price of £2,599. That’s £200 cheaper than it was at the start of the week and over £2,000 less than it cost at launch in March this year. Few TVs come close to delivering the kind of SDR and HDR performance the QN95C can, despite Samsung stubbornly refusing to support the Dolby Vision HDR format.

View deal at Amazon

16:28 | 24 Nov

The cheapest 8K TV from Samsung’s 2023 lineup just got CHEAPER for Black Friday

The Samsung QN700C is now £1,199, having previously cost £1,799 and then £1,299 earlier this month. It’s an 8K quality TV with QLED display that has all the smart features you’ll crave. It’s only got a 50Hz refresh rate however, so gamers may want to stay clear, but if getting 8K resolution is the priority, then this telly might be the one for you.

View deal at Marks Electrical

15:59 | 24 Nov

PRICE DROP: Our TV of the Year just got almost £50 cheaper

It already dropped to £1,495 in the Black Friday sales, but the 55in Samsung S95C has now fallen to a new record low of £1,448 plus £100 cashback. That effectively takes the price to £1,348 when including that cashback, which is the lowest we’ve seen it go to yet by nearly £50. The average price has been £1,591 since launching which makes this deal look pretty damn tasty… deep breaths everyone.

View deal at Appliances Direct

15:02 | 24 Nov

PRICE DROP: A HUGE 75in Samsung telly for £769

Now this is a MASSIVE Black Friday TV deal. The Samsung CU7100 is a 4K Smart TV providing supersized viewing of your favourite shows and movies across an equally large number of streaming service options, be it BBC iPlayer, Prime Video, ITV Player, Netflix and many more.

It’s only LED not OLED, and it only has a 50Hz refresh rate too should you be planning on some big-screen gaming, but beyond that, it’s a solid buy considering that all-time low cheap price point for a truly massive 75in TV.

View deal at Amazon

14:49 | 24 Nov

A 50in QLED Toshiba TV for just £299? Phew

Best Black Friday TV deals - LIVE - Toshiba 50in QF5D53DBThe Black Friday TV bargains do not stop coming. This 50in QLED 4K Smart TV by Toshiba, with Fire TV built-in, has never cost less. It offers TRU Micro Dimming for strong contrast, Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos support for a more immersive watch and listen, and all at an incredibly affordable price point of just £299. That’s down from a previous price of £379 making for a commendable discount via Argos.

View deal at Argos

14:19 | 24 Nov

If you don’t fancy an additional soundbar, then the 65in TCL C745K is CHEAPER via Amazon

We already mentioned the price drop bundle offer on 75in TCL C745K earlier and you can get the same soundbar bundle (the TCL C745K + the TCL TS1600 soundbar) on the 65in model too for £727.20 via Marks Electrical.

However, unless you are desperate for that TCL soundbar, then you should purchase that TV via Amazon as it’s cheaper at £709. Nab it while you can, this is a five-star telly we highly recommend.

View deal at Amazon

12:09 | 24 Nov

32in Samsung Frame EVEN CHEAPER via Peter Tyson’s eBay channel

Look, we already gave you the bottom dollar prices on the 32in Samsung Frame at official retailer websites – that is via Amazon at £419 – but this deal, via a reputable retailer’s eBay channel, is even better.

You can get the 32in model of the Samsung Frame for just £344 using code BUYBETTER20 via Peter Tyson’s eBay channel. That’s £75 down on an already record low price point, or 20% in other words, which is pretty incredible value. Reminder: just because it is eBay doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with the telly – it’s the same model just via the retailer’s eBay channel.

View deal at Peter Tyson via eBay

11:22 | 24 Nov

TV ACCESSORIES: Various Amazon Fire Sticks are CHEAPER than EVER

Best TV DEALS - LIVE - Fire TV Stick deals Black FridayIn case you didn’t know, Samsung’s various Fire Sticks have hit a record-low price for Black Friday and are worth pairing with your new TV.

The best of the bunch, the Amazon Fire Stick 4K (2023) is now just £45 via Amazon, improving on the 2022 edition with Wi-Fi 6E support and is slightly smarter thanks to support for new AI-powered features. It’s the smartest streaming stick in the business.

You can also nab the basic Fire Stick if money is tighter for just £25 this Black Friday and get FHD quality pictures on a snip.

View deal at Amazon

10:59 | 24 Nov

PRICE HACK: 75in TCL C745K was already down to a record low £999 – but even cheaper and with a soundbar using this sneaky technique

TCL C745 review - front view of the TVThe five-star recommended 75in TCL C745K was discounted to £999 from £1,099 via Amazon today but via Marks Electrical you can get a soundbar and the TV for almost £50 less.

That’s because the retailer is offering the 75in model for the same price of £999 and is giving consumers an extra 10% off when you purchase with any TCL soundbar. If you simply want to get a record low price point for this excellent TV, we recommend you purchase the cheapest TCL soundbar available – the £59 TCL TS6100 – since you’ll get the pair for a cheapest ever price of £952.10 for just the TV.

View deal at Marks Electrical

10:32 | 24 Nov

SAMSUNG FRAME FIGHT BACK: John Lewis knocks an extra 10% off Amazon’s price for various Samsung Frame models 

You need to use the John Lewis app to take advantage, yes, but once you’ve set that up you can bag the 50in model at £809, the 65in model for just £1,080, the 75in model now for £1,664 and the 85in model discounted to £2,225. The 55in model is out of stock at John Lewis so we can’t comment on that. You’ll also get free setup with John Lewis if that interests you.

The 43in model is the same price at Amazon (£729), so you may as well avoid the faff and get it from there. Similarly, the 32in model is now £419 which is also a record low across the major retailers.

10:04 | 24 Nov

HUGE BUNDLE: John Lewis knock an extra £100 of the Samsung QN90C bundle (free ~£200 Samsung soundbar + six months Disney Plus)

Black Friday TV Deals - Live - Samsung QN90CJohn Lewis knows what’s up this Black Friday. It has discounted the 50in model of the top-tier Neo-QLED Samsung QN90C by an extra £100 off, taking it to just £899 when using the promo code MYJLSAMSUNG100 at checkout. The deal is for My John Lewis members only but it’s free to sign up and since it brings the price £100 cheaper than what was already a record low, it’s certainly worth doing.

Better yet, you’ll get a Samsung HW-B550 Bluetooth Soundbar (worth around £200) for nothing extra and even six months of Disney Plus too. Phew, this might be the bundle of Black Friday.

View deal at John Lewis

09:42 | 24 Nov

Get our TV of the Year runner-up in a 75in size for less than EVER for Black Friday

Black Friday TV deals - LIVE - TCL 845KEarning a five-star rating, a Best Buy award and our TV of the Year runner-up gong for 2023, it’s safe to say we are fans of the TCL C845K. We didn’t bring you the news yesterday but the 75in model has never cost less at £1,399, having previously been discounted to £1,499, and is well worth your attention. We don’t just hand those awards out to anyone, after all.

View deal at Currys

09:32 | 24 Nov

PRICE DROP: Our LCD TV of the Year gets £50 cheaper for Black Friday

The 55in model of the Samsung QN95C was already discounted this month ahead of Black Friday itself. However, the day of discounts has made it £50 cheaper, taking it to just £1,549. Having retailed, on average, for £1,886 since launching earlier this year, this solid Samsung telly is fitted with the latest and greatest tech including 144Hz gaming capabilities and Dolby Atmos Object Tracking sound. It earned five stars in our full-length review and since it has never cost less, we certainly won’t steer you away from this one.

View deal at Amazon

09:23 | 24 Nov

PRICE DROP: 65in Samsung Frame (2023) down an extra £10 to cheapest ever price of £1,159

Matchy, matchy. The aesthetic triumph of the Samsung Frame (2023) is something to behold and that matches the Sony Bravia X75WL’s discount by also dropping £10 to a new low price.

View deal at Amazon

09:16 | 24 Nov

PRICE DROP: 75in Sony Bravia X75WL breaks RECORD LOW by £10 for Black Friday

As part of Sony’s 2023 TV range, the X75WL is an excellent and modern 4K LED unit bringing HDR capabilities and tidy Google TV integration. Previously retailing for £1,399, the price dropped to £1,099 very recently and has now dropped AGAIN on Black Friday itself, to just £1,089. That’s the cheapest we’ve ever seen it and pretty great value considering this is a MASSIVE 75in telly.

View deal at Amazon

09:03 | 24 Nov

It’s FINALLY Black Friday – Here are the best deals we’ve seen so far

Gather round, one and all. It’s finally the big day. After weeks of discounts this month, we are expecting some excellent savings on TVs for Black Friday itself – that’s TODAY if you didn’t know. I’m sure you didn, it’s been signposted all over Expert Reviews and the wider world. Stay tuned, we’ll post a bunch of RECORD LOW deals shortly…

18:40 | 23 Nov

That’s all for today folks

Jumping from a 32in HD-ready TV to a 98in QLED monster in the space of 15 minutes is our last act of the last shopping day before Black Friday. We’re off to rest up ahead of one last push to bring you the best TV deals anywhere online. Have a great night one and all!

18:25 | 23 Nov

From one end of the size spectrum to the other…

If you’re fortunate enough to have the space for a 98in TV at home and are on the lookout for one in the Black Friday sales we’ve got mixed news. The bad news is that we’re yet to see a proper Black Friday discount on the TCL P745. It remains the cheapest way to secure an absolutely enormous TV, however, having dropped from £2,999 to £1,999 last month.

The good news is that those with larger budgets can save themselves some cash on the 98in Samsung Q80C. It’s been reduced from £4,999 to £4,369, which is still more than the entire contents of my flat, but the cheapest it’s ever been.

View deal at Amazon

17:50 | 23 Nov

Small, smart and cheap

No, we’re not talking about a few of our exes, but the 32in TCL RS530K, which is available for £140 at Currys. It’s not subject to a Black Friday deal but we wanted to highlight it for those of you looking for a truly affordable TV with superb streaming capabilities. Roku OS offers access to a huge range of streaming services and apps, including all your favourites like Netflix, Now TV and Prime Video, and is intuitive to use too. The TV itself is only HD-ready, so don’t expect too much in the picture quality department, but if you’re after something simple yet supremely effective where streaming is concerned, the RS530K is a great option.

View deal at Currys

17:04 | 23 Nov

Save on a great large-screen 4K TV alternative

An ultra-short throw projector is an attractive replacement for a 4K TV if you’re looking to maximise the size of your picture while minimising your spend. Our review of the excellent Hisense PL1 went live yesterday, just in time to see it have £100 knocked off its price in Amazon’s Black Friday sale.

That means you can be one up for £1,399 – the cheapest it’s ever been – and project images up to 120in onto a wall or screen from less than two feet away. We’ve brought you some great deals on large TVs over the past couple of weeks but none of those sets offer quite as many inches per pound.

View deal at Amazon

16:09 | 23 Nov

LOW STOCK: 65in Sony Bravia X90L down to £1,299

Black Friday TV Deals - LIVE - Sony Bravia X90LThis 4K Full Array LED option from Sony has never been cheaper in its 65in size. With brightness up 130% compared to that of the X90K, 4K pictures @120Hz, Dolby Atmos sound, Acoustic Multi-Audio, the Game Menu and Perfect for PlayStation features like Auto HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Mode, there’s a whole lot of good with this 2023 release telly. With an average price of £1,559 since launch, it’s excellent value for Black Friday.

View deal at Amazon

15:32 | 23 Nov

Five-star, Best Buy deal: 65in Samsung S90C for £1,299 after cashback + six months Disney Plus

Black Friday TV deals LIVE - Samsung S90CWe lavished praised on the Samsung S90C, awarding it a five-star rating and a Best Buy award for its saturated but accurate colours, bright and punchy HDR images and extensive next-gen gaming features. We’ve already brought you information about other size discounts but this 65in deal brings about the best discount we’ve seen on this TV yet.

Retailing for £1,650 on average, and currently £1,699 via Amazon, My John Lewis members (don’t worry, it’s free to sign up) can get the TV for £1,499 by using the code MYJLSAMSUNG200 at checkout. Even better, you’ll effectively get this excellent QD-QLED for £1,299 since you can claim an extra £200 in cashback via Samsung. That’s a massive record-breaking price point. And you’ll even get six months of Disney+ thrown in.

View deal at John Lewis

14:54 | 23 Nov

PRICE DROP: The 50in LG UR91 also goes to its cheapest price yet

Black Friday TV Deals LIVE - LG UR 91Originally retailing for £700, the LG UR91 was added to LG LCD LED panel lineup this year and was one of the most affordable 4K LG televisions around – and is even more cost-effective at £409.

It uses the manufacturer’s sixth-gen α5 AI Processor 4K and supports 4K Upscaling, HDR10 and HLG, AI Sound Pro and nine picture modes, but its 50Hz refresh rate means it’s not the best choice for next-gen gamers. We haven’t reviewed it ourselves, but the reviews are solid and it is now £36 cheaper than it has ever been. Phew!

View deal at Amazon

14:18 | 23 Nov

Samsung’s 2023 release 4K CU8500 just got a tasty discount

Black Friday TV Deals - LIVE - Samsung Cu8500The 43in Samsung CU8500 is now down to £383 via Amazon, surpassing the previous record of £389 set last week. That price was already discounted from a standard retail price of £419. It was already a pretty affordable 4K TV after all, but it’s even more attractive today.

If you want a bigger model, the 50in model has never been cheaper at £429.

View deal at Amazon

12:43 | 23 Nov

WE ARE SO BACK: Our TV of the Year runner-up is back in stock in an ALL TIME LOW deal

Black Friday TV deals - LIVE - TCL 845KIt was gone, it came back. It was gone again, and it somehow it returned once more.

Our TV of the Year runner-up, the exceptionally TCL 845K, is BACK IN STOCK at a record-low price of just £759 when you use the code OFFER5 at checkout. Nab it while you can because it might just disappear again… sheesh what a rollercoaster.

View deal at Reliant via eBay

12:03 | 23 Nov

The 55in Sony Bravia X85L is just £899

Black Friday TV Deals - LIVE - Sony X85LThis 2023 full array LED telly has been at this price since Black Friday began but at £899 for a 55in TV, it has never cost less since launching. On average it has cost £1,079 since it was released, so these are some decent savings.

I’d still recommend the 55in Panasonic MZ800 (was £1,299; now £999) since that’s an OLED telly for just £100 more, but if your budget is a bit less, this is a solid choice.

View deals at Amazon

11:31 | 23 Nov

A MONSTER 75in TV: The best mini-LED Black Friday TV deal yet?

Hisense U8K review - front viewWe gave the Hisense U8K a 4-star rating in our full review for its very bright HDR images, impressive set of features and resounding excellent sound quality. However, now the 75in model is down to just £1,799 from an original price of £2,099. Having retailed for £2,139 on average, getting Hisense’s top ULED 4K TV for 2023 at this price is a great proposition.

View deals at Amazon

10:59 | 23 Nov

LOW STOCK: The 43in Samsung Frame (2023) has NEVER cost less

Hold your horses, we saw the 43in Samsung Frame (2023) drop to £719 via Amazon earlier this week and while the price over there has gone back up, you can nab it for a jot below £700 for the first time via Reliant’s eBay channel.

Use code OFFER5 at checkout and you’ll get it for just £698 which is a real bargain considering the average cost of this stunning-looking QLED TV is £790. The only problem is there are only TEN left in stock.

View deals at Reliant via eBay

10:20 | 23 Nov

Our favourite QD-QLED deal just got EVEN better

Black Friday TV deals LIVE - Samsung S90CIt was already a record low but now the 55in Samsung S90C is EVEN cheaper via PRC Direct at £1,149. Previously at £1,199 via Amazon, having averaged at £1,544 sinch launch, this super-modern Quantum Dot QLED TV – the latest tech to come out the TV industry – is excellent value.

We lavished praise on it in our full Samsung S90C review, awarding it five stars and a Best Buy gong – our highest possible rating – for its top-line features at an attractive price. Read that review for more details or click the link to take advantage of the discount.

View deals at PRC Direct

09:57 | 23 Nov

A marginal discount brings the Hisense E7K Pro to a new low price of £575

Black Friday TV Deals - LIVE - Hisense E7K PRoThe 55in Hisense E7K Pro got a strong four-star rating in our full review, and at that point, the telly cost £849. Earlier this week the price was reduced to £579 but now has a slight discount to £575 which makes it a tiny, little, eeny, meeny bit more attractive and the best mid-range gaming TV deal on the market.

View deals at Amazon

09:42 | 23 Nov

The record cheap TCL 845K is out of stock AGAIN… but TCL 745K has got EVEN CHEAPER

Best TV for gaming - TCL C745This time yesterday, I gave you a very similar notice to this: the record-cheap deal on our TV of the Year runner-up – the TCL 845K – for £759 is now officially sold out (until it isn’t). You can still get it for £799 via Hughes.

As with yesterday, I’m going to suggest you have a look at the TCL 745K instead, which has fallen EVEN FURTHER in price to just £550 in a 55in size via Reliant’s eBay channel, beating yesterday’s price all ends up when using code OFFER5.

View deals at Reliant via eBay

09:03 | 23 Nov

Just ONE more sleep before Black Friday begins…

Morning one and all! It’s Black Friday eve and that means just two more full days of TV deals and discounts to divulge on this LIVE blog and across the site as a whole. We’ll get into the top-value TV delights shortly, but here’s a list of our live coverage today:

19:00 | 22 Nov

That’s that for another day of bumper Black Friday TV deals coverage. We’re now just two sleeps away from the day itself and who knows what retailers and manufacturers have in store for us over the next couple of days. It seems unlikely that we’ll see many 55in sets going for £150 but you never know… and rest assured, we’ll be here to cover it if it happens. See you bright and early tomorrow!

18:43 | 22 Nov

Save on a PlayStation 5 when bought with certain Sony OLEDs at Currys

Sony OLED TVs play particularly nicely with its PlayStation 5 console and Currys is offering bundle deals that include both. A number of the packages have already sold out but there are still a few up for grabs, including the 55in A84L and PS5 Digital Edition for £1,588 and the 55in A95L plus a PS5 Digital Edition for £2,888.

When you take into account how much the TVs currently cost on their own – £1,399 and £2,699, respectively – you’re effectively getting the PlayStation 5 for under £200. That’s £180 cheaper than you’ll have to pay for the console on its own and trumps any of the prices over on our PlayStation 5 Black Friday deals hub. If you’ve been holding out on upgrading both your TV and games console, these Currys offers make now a great time to do so.

View deals at Currys

18:18 | 22 Nov

Another great price on a refurbished range-topper

Another refurbished TV that’s caught our eye is the 65in Hisense A9H. It’s the Chinese manufacturer’s range-topping OLED and features a 3.1.2-channel sound system, 120Hz panel and all the next-gen gaming support you could ask for. We’ve not tested it, but the specifications are impressive, particularly when you consider it can be yours for just £1,232.

If bought new, it will cost you upwards of £1,500: Sonic Direct has it listed for £1,499, Electric Shop is selling it for £1,699, while Argos is charging a whopping £2,299 – definitely avoid that one! Like the LZ2000 below, this TV is graded A1, which on closer inspection of Appliances Direct’s terms, means it’s “as new” but has been box opened.

View deal at Appliances Direct

17:45 | 22 Nov

This refurbished flagship OLED is available for a very attractive price

With countless Black Friday TV deals flying around, it’s easy to overlook refurbished TVs. But we wanted to draw your attention to this listing for the 55in Panasonic LZ2000 on Appliances Direct. The LZ2000 was Panasonic’s flagship OLED last year and received a glowing review in which we praised its exceptional image accuracy, brightness and audio quality. The 55in model we tested cost £2,300 at the time and later dropped to £1,999 and subsequently £1,649.

It’s no longer available, however, so buying a refurbished model is your only way to get it. This one, which is priced at £1,257, is graded A1 so may have a few “hard to spot minor blemishes” but has all the functionality it would if bought new. If you can live with a few imperfections, you’ll be getting one of the best TVs of last year at a great price.

View deal at Appliances Direct

16:47 | 22 Nov

The VAST 77in LG C3 just hit a new low price point

best oled tv deals this black friday - LG C3Today, the 77in LG C3 hit a record low via Amazon of £2,699 (avg £3,163, was £2,999) but… surprise, surprise it’s EVEN CHEAPER via eBay. Specifically, at LG’s eBay channel where using promo code OFFER5 will take the price down to £2,649. The 65in model already hit a record low of £1,599 (avg £2,020, was £1,699) if you’re interested in a smaller sized model.

View deal at LG via eBay

16:17 | 22 Nov

Our TV of the Year 2022 runner-up is a snip this Black Friday

Black Friday TV Deals LIVE - LG C2Originally retailing for £1,500 when we reviewed it last year, the 2022 flagship LG C2 is a terrific TV that came second in our Tech Awards last year and will now cost you just £853 via LG’s eBay channel in a 48in size.

On average, this model has retailed for £947, so to nab the TV that came second in our Tech Awards last year for so little investment is a real steal. Granted, we saw it dip to £799 during Black Friday last year, but this is still a top deal considering stock is running dry. You’ll just need to enter the code OFFER5 at checkout to take advantage.

View deal at LG via eBay

15:58 | 22 Nov

This 50in LG 4K TV is even cheaper – in fact, it’s on for a new RECORD LOW price

Best Black Friday TV deals - LIVE - LG UR78We’ve mentioned the LG UR 78 on this blog before and now the 50in model is down to an even lower price thanks to a lovely little promo code I’ve mentioned countless times today: ‘DEAL5

Entering said code at checkout will get you the LG UR 78 for just £328 and considering it was already reduced to £349 at a number of other retailers and remains £379 via Currys and LG itself, this is a bit of a steal.

View deal at Marks Electrical via eBay

15:44 | 22 Nov

Our favourite mid-range 4K TV is now just £432 in a 50in size

Earning a four-star review and a Recommended award in our full-length review, the Samsung BU8500 was an adept performer well worth those gongs at its original list price of £599. Now just £432, it’s a tasty bargain should you want a cheap-ish 4K telly.

View deal at Amazon

14:05 | 22 Nov

The 65in edition of our TV of the Year is BACK to just £1,799 (after cashback)

The Samsung S95C went up to £2,199 yesterday (and then £1,999 after cashback) – the price it has been at most outlets this Black Friday period – but Appliances Direct has brought our TV of the Year 2023 back down to the deal we saw it on for last week of only £1,799 after cashback.

In other words, you’ll pay £1,999 now and get £200 back by claiming on the Samsung website, which is the cheapest deal we’ve ever seen on a truly top-of-the-line telly.

View deal at Appliances Direct

13:51 | 22 Nov

The five-star rated 65in Samsung QN900C has dropped by another £129 – but there’s only ONE left

Black Friday TV DEAls LIVE - Samsung QN900CWe let you know that there were only six left in stock yesterday and now there’s only one 65in Samsung QN900C available – but now at an even lower price point. It was already reduced to £3,129 for Black Friday, and prior to that had been £4,800, so the new price of £2,999 is an excellent price for an 8K TV. After all, we gave it five stars and a Recommended award in our full length review.

View deal at Amazon

12:31 | 22 Nov

Just a reminder, that Amazon Fire TV Series-4 deal is now DEAD

If you’ve seen the £150 Amazon Fire TV Series-4 deal advertised on other sites, don’t get your hopes up. This Amazon Prime invite-only offer is over as all the invites have now been claimed. We’re removing the deal from the pages it features on as we speak, so that’s the last you’ll see of it… unless Amazon somehow revive it.

12:20 | 22 Nov

This 98in TCL 4K TV is EVEN BIGGER and has NEVER cost less

Black Friday TV deals - LIVE - TCL 98in Massive TV About one-and-a-half times as tall as Napoleon, this 98in TCL P745 is cheaper than ever at Reliant, as well as Marks Electrical and Hughes, for just £1,999. We’ve never seen it discounted until now and it’s currently £2,999 via Currys too, so these are some solid savings on a HUGE 4K TV with excellent gaming credentials including a 144Hz refresh rate, and perfect for general use via its Google operating system.

View deal at Reliant

11:42 | 22 Nov

Bring the big-screen into your home: 75in Hisense A6K for just £718.20 via AO

Best Black Friday deals - Hisense A6K 4KTVQuite frankly, we’ve never seen this huge TV this cheap. The 75in model of the Hisense A6K we mentioned earlier has dropped in price AGAIN to £718.20 using code DEAL5 via AO’s eBay channel. At pretty much every other retailer, it is still £749 (was £799) so this is the best price you’ll find on this 4K UHD TV that comes with Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos and DTS Virtual:X support. Phew!

View deal at AO via eBay

11:06 | 22 Nov

LOW STOCK: This 55in Samsung 4K QLED also hits rock bottom at Marks Electrical

Black Friday TV Deals - LIVE - Samsung QN65CIf you’re sensing a pattern here, you’d be right. Amazon had discounted this 55in Samsung QN65C to a then record-low £645 earlier today but that’s been undercut by Marks Electrical. You can find it over on its eBay channel for just £829.

As seemingly with most things on its eBay channel, Marks Electrical has a limited number of stock left, so you’ll need to move quickly.

View deal at Marks Electrical via eBay

10:40 | 22 Nov

32in Samsung Frame hits a RECORD LOW via Amazon but is even cheaper via… you guessed: Marks Electrical’s eBay channel

Yep, the 32in Samsung Frame has hit an all-time cheap price of £418 via Amazon but is even cheaper via Marks Electrical’s eBay channel at £407.55 using code OFFER5. On average, it has sold for £489, and was is currently selling for £429 or £449 elsewhere via retailers like AO and Currys, so this is a top discount should you want the truly attractive Frame.

View deal at Marks Electrical via eBay

09:57 | 22 Nov

How about a 50in Hisense 4K TV for a rock-bottom price?

Best Black Friday deals - Hisense A6K 4KTVAO members could already nab this telly for £287, but now it’s fair game for anyone via Marks Electrical’s eBay channel – and for even less. The 50in model is now £284 using promo code OFFER5 at checkout, which is the lowest price we’ve seen yet for a 4K UHD TV with Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos and DTS Virtual:X support for some luscious pictures.

At this point, you might as well just look at Marks Electrical’s eBay channel yourself. There are so many deals to be had on items using the various promo codes. Don’t worry though, we’ll continue to bring the best of them here, as well as all the deals from other retailers.

View deal at Marks Electrical via eBay

09:36 | 22 Nov

And now the TCL C645K is cheaper than EVER too…

Apply a different code this time – DEAL5 – at checkout via Marks Electrical’s eBay channel and you’ll get the 43in TCL C645K for an absurd price of just £284. For a 4K TV that earned a four-star review and a Recommended award in our full-length review, that’s incredible value.

Once again, without that code, you can nab it for £299 via Currys, which is also a reduction on the previous £319 price, but we’d recommend saving even more cash via Marks Electrical.

View deal at Marks Electrical via eBay

09:24 | 22 Nov

Woah, scratch that… the 55in TCL 845K for just £759 is BACK for one lucky person

Black Friday TV deals - LIVE - TCL 845KIt said it was gone, by now it has returned. Our TV of the Year runner up is back in stock at a record-low price of just £759 when you use the code OFFER5 at checkout.

The page says it is the ‘last item available’ so it looks like ONE person can nab it for less than ever… I’m just going to find my credit card, be right back.

View deal at Reliant via eBay

09:18 | 22 Nov

The TCL 845K deal is out of stock… but the TCL 745K has never been cheaper

Best TV for gaming - TCL C745First up, looks like the record-low deal on our TV of the Year runner-up – the TCL 845K – that we mentioned yesterday has now sold out. You snooze, you lose folks.

Instead, you might want to consider the TCL 745K, now also on for the lowest it has ever been – £569 – when using the promo code OFFER5 via Marks Electrical’s eBay channel.

It won’t be as upsetting if stock runs dry of this one, however, since Currys have reduced it to £579 which isn’t too much more expensive. Either way, these are the lowest prices we’ve seen on this five-star recommended TV since it launched.

View deal at Reliant via eBay

09:15 | 22 Nov

Rise and shine, it’s Wednesday – and we’re just TWO days away from Black Friday

Good morning one and all, we’re back bringing you the latest and greatest TV deals ahead of the big day in just two days’ time. Well, there’s actually three including the rest of today – after all, we’ve got plenty of top deals to bring you. Stay tuned.

16:04 | 21 Nov

Last but not least, here’s some Sony savings

15:51 | 21 Nov

Alternatively, take a look at TCL for some of our favourite value TVs around

15:46 | 21 Nov

If you’ve got a history with Hisense, here are a few bargain buys just for you

14:41 | 21 Nov

PRICE DROP: This STUNNING 4K OLED Philips Ambilight TV is £50 cheaper

Using the same code as below works on other TVs too, including the OLED 4K Philips Ambilight 807, with this 55in model coming down to £1,249. All you need to do is apply the code OFFER5 at checkout to benefit from the cheapest price we’ve seen this one go to across the whole Black Friday deals period.

Once again, stock is “LIMITED” so you’ll need to get in there quickly to make our favourite Ambilight TV – and a telly that got five stars and a Recommended badge in our full length review – yours for £50 less than usual.

View deal at Reliant via eBay

14:21 | 21 Nov

PRICE DROP: Our TV of the Year runner-up is now EVEN CHEAPER for Black Friday

Black Friday TV deals - LIVE - TCL 845KWe first awarded the TCL C845 our coveted Best Buy badge upon review but loved it so much that we gave it the runner-up gong in the TV of the Year category at our Tech Product of the Year Awards (read about why it’s so great on either of those pages).

This 55in model was already reduced to £799 from £849 this Black Friday at retailers like Currys but now it is just £759 via Marks Electrical’s eBay channel if you use the code OFFER5 at checkout. Stock is apparently “LIMITED” so you’ll want to move fast to get what was already one of the best-value QLED TVs going at a new all-time low price.

View deal at Marks Electrical via eBay

14:06 | 21 Nov

Another 4K LED has hit an all-time low price – and this one is just £400

Black Friday TV deals - Live - PAnasonic MX610B seriesLike the LED below, this 55in Panasonic MX610 series TV has also never been cheaper. It has very similar specs as that telly too, but upgrades it through Dolby Atmos sound and Dolby Vision support for a more immersive listen, as well as usual features like voice assistant support for both Alexa and Google Assistant.

Most crucially, with an average price since launch of £467, it is excellent value at this price of £400.

View deal at Amazon

13:28 | 21 Nov

PRICE DROP: 65in LG UR78 hits £506 at Amazon

Best Black Friday TV deals - LIVE - LG UR78It previously dropped in price to £549 at retailers like Currys, but now this massive 65in 4K TV by LG is just £506 via Amazon. Offering rich picture quality in a number of HDR formats, features like Game Optimiser, VRR and ALLM (via 120Hz @ 4K HDMI 2.1 ports) for gamers, and access to plenty of streaming services via LG’s webOS smart system, it does a whole lot for this ridiculously cheap price point.

View deal at Amazon

12:53 | 21 Nov

You can STILL get this 55in 4K Sony Bravia TV for less than ever

It has been immensely popular with our readers since we wrote about it and surprisingly, you can still purchase this 55in Sony Bravia X75WL for a record-low deal.

Should you want to pinch the pennies, the 43-inch model is also selling for an all-time low price of £499.

View deal at Amazon

11:23 | 21 Nov

PRICE DROP: This 43in 4K TV drops in price AGAIN to just £229 via JD Williams

Best Black Friday deals - Hisense A6K 4KTVWe reported on it dropping to £248 this Black Friday, a then-record low price, but now the 43in Hisense A6K has fallen again, this time to £229 via JD Williams.

With an average price of £280 since launching earlier this year, you are getting some solid savings on a 4K TV that does a lot right for the money.

View deal at JD Williams

11:10 | 21 Nov

And just like that… the Currys promo code no longer works

We warned you. That code we just told you about has already stopped working so congrats to the lucky few who got a solid deal out of it.

10:53 | 21 Nov

Get the 55in TCLRC630K for £319 at Currys using promo code

We’ve just tried this and it works perfectly: spend £300 on anything via Currys and you’ll get £30 off when using the code 673091429338465 at checkout. What a lovely bunch of random numbers.

We recommend spending it on a top TV like the TCL RC630K, which we awarded five stars and a Best Buy award in our full length review, since that’ll reduce the already discounted price of £349 to just £319. Phew! Be quick, these codes often stop working when word gets around…

View deal at Currys

10:29 | 21 Nov

STOCK CHECK: Only SIX units available of this all-time low 8K TV deal

Now a record cheap just £3,129, the 65in Samsung QN900C is selling for such an appealing price that stock keeps fluctuating massively. Right now, Amazon says there are only six left so it’s worth getting in there quick. The price only fell to £3,129 on Sunday and had been £4,800 since July this year. Earning five stars and a Recommended award in our full length review, there’s no reason not to buy if you desire 8K clarity.

View deal at Amazon

10:13 | 21 Nov

PRICE DROP: Hughes reduces the 43in Panasonic MX600B to just £269

It was already cheap as chips but Hughes has undercut the likes of Currys by automatically reducing the price of this 43in Panasonic MX600B by an extra £30 at checkout, taking it to £269. It might be LED rather than OLED, but for a 4K television with Dolby Vision and HDMI 2.1 ports, this is a pretty stunning price point.

View deal at Hughes

10:04 | 21 Nov

STOCK CHECK: There are only 14 units of the 55in Samsung S90C left at a RECORD LOW price

Keeping things with Samsung, our favourite affordable QD-OLED is cheaper than ever at £1,199 in a 55in size. That’s a massive drop from its average cost of £1,544 since launch.

The problem is stock: there are currently only 14 models of this variety left via Amazon for this five-star, Best Buy TV. Get in there fast if you want one of the best value, future-proofed OLEDs going.

View deal at Amazon

09:58 | 21 Nov

PRICE DROP: 50in Samsung QN90C hits just £888 – but HURRY, there’s only two left!

Almost two weeks ago now, we reported on John Lewis dropping the price of the Samsung QN90C to just £999 + some enticing freebies of a Samsung HW-B550 soundbar worth £197 (using code B550B at checkout) and six months Disney Plus subscription when you redeem via Samsung.

Amazon then beat that deal by taking it to £899 a couple of days ago but now it has pulled through with an EVEN BETTER deal: only £888 for a 2023 release TV that retailed for £1,700 at launch and has cost £1,125 on average this year.

View deal at Amazon

09:54 | 21 Nov

But if you want the 55in LG C3, head over to John Lewis rather than Amazon…

Also on Sunday, the 55in model of the LG C3 saw a price cut at Amazon to £1,259. While that’s grand, John Lewis is currently offering the same television for even less money when you sign up to be a John Lewis member (which is free, if you didn’t know).

When logged in to your My John Lewis account, you’ll need to enter the promo code LGTV100 at checkout to get £100 off the list price. That means you’ll nab the 55in LG C3 for £1,199 which is the new record low. We’ll see how these two retailers battle it out in the next few days but this might be the best discount on the C3 that we see.

View deal at John Lewis

09:49 | 21 Nov

STOCK CHECK: There are only 15 models of the record cheap 65in LG C3

best oled tv deals this black friday - LG C3That’s right, the LG C3 hit rock bottom on Sunday afternoon to cost just £1,599 in a 65in size via Amazon. Seemingly, the news has spread far and wide as there are just over a dozen of the large-size sets left in stock, so you’ll need to move quickly to secure this bright, crystal-clear OLED telly. It cost £1,699 until Sunday, with an average price of £2,020 before that, so you’ll be making solid savings no matter how you slice it.

View deal at Amazon

09:43 | 21 Nov

The four-star 55in Hisense E7K Pro is PERFECT for gamers on a budget

Hisense E7K Pro review - main imageAt almost double the cost, the Hisense E7K Pro earned a four-star full review, but now standing at a record low £578 for a 55in model, it is a five-star contender for gamers after a mid-range telly. That’s because the E7K Pro is fitted with the gaming goods: a lightening 144Hz refresh rate at 4K, two HDMI 2.1 ports with ALLM, VRR, Game Bar and AMD Freesync Premium. It’s a top performer outside of that too, with accurate HDR images and HDR format support.

View deal at Amazon

09:40 | 21 Nov

Our TV of the Year 2023 is selling for a SNIP this Black Friday

Chief among them is a tasty price on our TV of the Year for 2023: the Samsung S95C. As we detailed in our Product of the Year Awards: Technology, it does so much right and is now selling for £1,899 (including £200 cashback if you claim within 30 days of payment) via Appliances Direct. That price substantially undercuts Amazon, John Lewis and Samsung itself, and is significantly cheaper than its £2,699 RRP and its £2,363 average price since launching, so it’s worth filing for the cashback.

We did see the price drop to £1,799 via Appliances Direct when taking into account cashback, but at £1,899 it’s still by far the second-best price we’ve seen. Prior to Appliances Direct stepping in, we had only seen discounts to £2,100 in the 65in size.

View deal at Amazon

09:36 | 21 Nov

Welcome to the Tuesday, November 21st edition of our TV deals LIVE blog

It’s Tuesday my dudes, and on ‘Black Friday week’ – as Amazon is calling it – that means even more TV deals in the run up to Black Friday itself. We’ll be updating you live and direct with the best new discounts today, as usual, but first let’s run down some excellent savings we’ve seen thus far…

17:14 | 20 Nov

The QN80C becomes the latest Samsung TV to be priced lower than EVER

This 50in Samsung QN80C is now a RECORD LOW £665. A 4K QLED TV from Samsung’s 2023 lineup, it offers attractive SDR and HDR performance, while it has other nifty features too assets its silky 100Hz refresh rate that can up to 120Hz with Samsung’s motion smoothing tech. Since launching, it has retailed for an average price of £779 so you’ll be getting it for over £100 less this Black Friday.

View deal at Amazon

16:39 | 20 Nov

Get that glow with this record-cheap Philips Ambilight TV for £439

Best Black Friday TV deals - LIVE - PHILIPS Ambilight PUS8508 43 inch The backlighting effect on Philips’ Ambilight series is, quite simply, amazing. It makes the TV appear as though it is floating and really makes a living room that bit more cosy.

This 43in LED model doesn’t have the gaming features of the OLED variety, like the 120hz refresh rate and improved HDR performance, but it is still perfectly suitable for general viewing. Perhaps crucially, you won’t find an OLED TV for this cheap.

View deal at Amazon

16:15 | 20 Nov

This 4K QLED Samsung is now selling for a new record low

Beating its previous record by a couple of quid, this 43in Samsung Q60C is now just £442. It delivers strong 4K pictures and colour accuracy via its Quantum Dot panels, as well as decent audio performance by using Samsung Object Tracking Sound tech. With all your streaming services and built-in voice assistants, it is a smart performer too, while its Motion Xcelerator frame rate mode means it might even be a palatable buy for gamers despite its base refresh rate of 50Hz.

View deal at LG's eBay channel

15:55 | 20 Nov

This is the CHEAPEST 48in LG C2 deal available – but there’s limited stock remaining

Black Friday TV Deals LIVE - LG C2It won our TV of the Year award in 2022 and one year later, the five-star LG C2 is still a top telly. It offers a truly crisp display, an easy to use operating system and excellent features including four HDMI 2.1 sockets catering to 4K at 120Hz, VRR, and ALLM signals.

Back at launch, this 48in LG C2 cost £1,269 but now it’s just £898 via LG’s eBay channel. It’s a completely new product, not a refurbished one, so there’s nothing to worry about; after all, the TV is coming from LG itself.

View deal at LG's eBay channel

15:41 | 20 Nov

The ENORMOUS 85in Sony Bravia X80L TV hits rock bottom

Black Friday TV deals - LIVE - Sony Bravia 85in X80LLook, I’ll level with you. This Sony Bravia X80L is not the slickest TV in the business, especially for gamers since it is restricted to HDMI 2.0 ports with a native 50Hz refresh rate. It’s also an LED if you were searching for a top OLED telly.

BUT, the difference is, this TV is ridiculously large. At 85in, you’ll struggle to find a TV as large, and as competent as this, for the price of £1,699. It was previously £1,999 and now has never been cheaper. It does a lot right too, offering the same processor, colour management, sound quality and software as the full-array LED Sony Bravia X85L minus the modern ports. Go for that if you need next-gen gaming capabilities since the 75in model is £1,499, but for 85in of TV bliss, this is a great price.

View deal at Amazon

15:17 | 20 Nov

As far as we can tell, the Hisense E77K is IDENTICAL to the E7K… and £30 cheaper

The eagle-eyed deal hunters amongst you might have noticed something: the 55in Hisense E77K we linked to below has a slightly different model name to the Hisense E7K model we linked to via Currys and AO.

Well, we’ve assessed the specs of the Hisense E77K and Hisense E7K, both listed on the Amazon website, and they look identical. We’re not entirely sure what the difference is, given those specifications are the same, you shouldn’t be missing out on anything crucial by going for the cheaper option.

Given the Hisense E77K isn’t a model listed on the Hisense website, this might just be a peculiar irregularity of the Amazon website. If you didn’t realise TV model names and numbers were so confusing, you do now!

View deal at Amazon

15:07 | 20 Nov

This 55in Hisense E77K has fallen in price AGAIN this afternoon

Black Friday TV deals - LIVE - the Best TV discounts - Hisense E7KNow we’ve sorted out some of the best deals going, let’s dive into the freshest discounts this Monday afternoon. First off, we have the 4K QLED Hisense E77K which is now only £399 via Amazon. It previously fell to £429 last week, and is currently available for that price via Currys and AO, but is now even cheaper.

View deal at Amazon

12:17 | 20 Nov

Here’s a roundup of some of the best CHEAP TV deals (sub-£500) so far

12:10 | 20 Nov

It’s the final week of the Black Friday 2023 sales – and the deals are only getting better

We’re finally here: the home straight of the Black Friday 2023 deals period. Yes, Black Friday is supposed to be a single day. But the TV deals started rolling in at the start of the month and haven’t stopped ever since.

If you’re just joining us, don’t fret. I have a sneaky feeling the best of the Black Friday TV deals will be here from today. And they might get even better in the lead-up to the big day itself.

Black Friday FAQs

When do Black Friday TV deals start?

The Black Friday TV discounts tend to start a few weeks before the actual Black Friday itself. That was the case this year, with a lot of TV deals arriving on the first Friday of November and getting even better as the days went by towards Black Friday on 24 November 2023. Beyond TVs, you can find a roundup of the best deals across a number of product categories over on our Best Black Friday deals roundup for 2023.

What TV should I buy on Black Friday?

Here’s a quick roundup of our favourite TVs at this moment:

  • Samsung S95C: The best TV in 2023 | TV of the Year | Price when reviewed: From £1,699 (55in)
  • TCL C845: The best TV under £1,000 | TV of the Year runner-up 2023 | Price when reviewed: From £849 (55in)
  • TCL RC630K Series: Best cheap 4K TV | Price when reviewed: From £279 (43in)
  • Samsung BU8500: Best mid-range 4K TV | Price when reviewed: From £399 (43in)
  • Samsung S90C: Best-value quantum dot OLED TV | Price when reviewed: From £1,329 (55in)
  • LG C2: Best TV for gaming | Price when reviewed: From £999 (42in)

What size TV should I get on Black Friday?

Generally, you’ll want to purchase a TV that fits your living room size and shape. To work that out, you’ll need to do a little mathematics. It’s often suggested that you should use the following formulae to work out which set is best for you:

  • Your TV screen size multiplied by 2 = The perfect distance between your TV and seating
  • Your space measurement divided 2 = The optimal TV size to fit your room

Here’s a list of TV sizes and our suggested viewing distance ranges:

  • 40in TV: 150cm – 250cm
  • 43in TV: 167cm – 274cm
  • 50in TV: 198cm – 320cm
  • 55in TV: 213cm – 350cm
  • 60in TV: 228cm – 381cm
  • 65in TV: 243cm – 411cm
  • 70in TV: 274cm – 441cm
  • 75in TV: 289cm – 472cm
  • 80in TV: 304cm – 502cm
  • 85in TV: 320cm – 533cm