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Nexus 10 2 (2014) release date, price & specs rumours

With a launch possibly only days away, we look at all of the latest Nexus 10 2 (2014) release date, price, specs & features rumours


That said it packs in a big 9,500mAh battery, compared to the Air’s 8.820mAh battery.

NEXUS 10 2 (2014) PRICE

The Nexus 10 (2014) hasn’t had any price leaks or rumours. With the Nexus 7 jumping in price from £159 to £199 between generations, it’s clear that Google isn’t sticking to the rigid pricing policy that Apple works to. The new Nexus 7 does still offer great valaue for money though, as does the Nexus 5 smartphone at £299, so we’d expect the new Nexus 10 to follow suit, a price of around £349 we’d reckon.

Nexus 10 2 (2013)

No price on this supposed leak, but we can make a fairly accurate guess

NEXUS 10 2 (2014) RUMOURS

We’ll be updating this page with further rumours as they break …

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