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The best blenders and smoothie makers to buy in 2024

Blitz soups, smoothies and sauces at home or on the go with our picks of the best blenders to buy in 2024

If you love to refresh yourself with a fruit or veg smoothie, throw together healthy soups and sauces, or refuel after a workout at the gym with a protein shake, then a blender can be a great addition to your kitchen armoury. Using fresh ingredients and blitzing them as needed means your soups, sauces and smoothies will retain more vitamins and nutrients, and taste fantastic as the ingredients keep more of their natural sweetness and flavour.

Many blenders are designed to save worktop (or gym-bag) space and reduce washing up by pulverising ingredients directly into a cup or bottle, usually with an attached lid so you can sip your chosen blend straight away or store it for later. Some even come with built-in cleaning cycles and dishwasher-safe parts to make cleaning even easier.

Below we’ve put together a handy guide to the features you need in a blender; plus you will find our updated list of the best blenders and smoothie makers below.

Best blender and smoothie makers: At a glance

Best blender for most peopleNutribullet 600 (~£70)Check price at Argos
Best budget blenderBreville Blend Active (~ £25)Check price at Amazon
Best for large capacityKenwood Blend X Pro (~£289)Check price at Amazon

How to choose the best blender or smoothie maker for you

Plug-in or portable?

If you’re mostly planning to use your blender at home, to make soups and sauces in fairly large quantities, you will probably want a corded model with a larger jug to sit on your worktop. Worktop blenders typically include more powerful motors that are suitable for handling greater volumes of ingredients, as well as larger capacity overall.

If you want a blender to take with you to the gym (or to purée baby food on the go) then a cordless blender in a more compact form will better suit your needs. Rechargeable cordless blenders are smaller and neater, but premium models can be as powerful and fully featured as their worktop counterparts.

How many speed settings do I need?

The majority of blenders offer multiple speed settings, which deliver better control over consistency when blending different ingredients. Most have at least two speeds, allowing smoother or chunkier blends; some also have programs designed for specific tasks, such as milkshakes or crushing ice. (We don’t recommend crushing ice in a blender that isn’t designed for the purpose, since it can blunt the blades).

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What type of jug is best?

Plastic jugs are lighter in weight but can become scratched and absorb odours over time. Glass jugs, on the other hand, are sturdier and more aesthetically pleasing, but can be very heavy when full. A high-quality BPA-free plastic such as Tritan is strong, light and looks like glass, offering the best of both worlds – but it can be pricey.

If you’re blending for the whole family, a larger jug makes sense. For blending soups, it’s worth getting a blender with a heat-proof jug of good capacity to allow room for steam. A specific soup programme will ensure you can blend safely without the risk of damage to your blender or your kitchen from hot liquids.

What difference does a higher wattage make?

A low wattage blender is fine for thin sauces and light smoothies, but a high-performance blender with a high motor wattage will break down tougher ingredients such as nuts or root vegetables more easily. If you want to make super-smoothies with all kinds of ingredients, or thick sauces and dips such as hummus, then it’s worth investing in a more powerful motor; a lower-powered motor may become damaged by hard or heavy ingredients.

How we test blenders

Whether you’re making sauces, soups or smoothies, our blender testing ensures you’ll get the most out of your blender, whatever your budget. We test every blender in the same way, using repeatable methods to ensure each model is assessed fairly and accurately. We test each setting using softer fruits to make smoothies for lower speeds and less powerful blenders, and more fibrous vegetables, nuts and legumes for higher speeds and more powerful blenders. If there are any additional features, such as an ultra-high speed or pulse setting, we’ll also test these. We then note how quickly each blender takes to reach our desired consistency.

As well as the end result, we also factor in things such as noise levels, using a decibel metre, and functionality to determine whether it’s the right fit for you and your kitchen. Is it the right size and shape for your worktop? How intuitive is it to use for an average person? All of these questions and testing methods ensure every model on our roundup is the perfect match for someone, no matter your needs or budget.

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The best blenders and smoothie makers to buy in 2023

1. Sage the Boss To Go: Best worktop blender

Price: £139 | Buy now from Currys

If you’re in the market for a powerful, versatile blender that can chop, pulse and whizz through anything from fruits and veggies to nuts and ice cubes, then it’s worth saving up for the Boss To Go. This well-built and chic-looking blender is a cut above the average; fire up the Boss to Go’s 1000W motor, and it scythes through fruit and vegetables alike to create smooth, delicious soups, shakes and smoothies in a matter of seconds.

The brushed aluminium finish looks smart and modern, and the two thick plastic blending cups feel as tough and robust as you could possibly ask for. If you plan to blend often, then the Boss To Go is a sleek, sturdy and powerful choice – and it looks good on your worktop, too.

Read our full Sage the Boss To Go review for more details

Key specs – Jug capacity: 500ml; Motor power: 1000 watts; Speed settings: 2; Size: 960 x 400 x 145mm

Buy now from Currys

2. BlendJet 2: Best affordable cordless blender

Price: £46-£65 | Buy now from BlendJetIf you’re looking for a blender to take with you to the gym, or for puréeing baby food while you’re out and about, a cordless blender with a rechargeable battery makes a lot of sense. The recently launched BlendJet 2 is just that; a simple, compact and lightweight blender that comes in an eye-catching range of 32 colours to suit any décor. The blender’s small motor is quiet but efficient, and the single-button design is simple to use: press once for a 20-second blend and twice for pulse mode.

The BlendJet 2’s 450ml plastic jug has handy markings on the side, so it’s easy to measure liquids directly into the blender, and the lid features a handy carry-strap. You can charge the appliance using any USB-C cable you might have to hand, but BlendJet does supply a charging cable in the box, too. A full charge takes one hour, delivering approximately 15 blends. Attractive and simple to use, the BlendJet 2 is a great option for blending on the go.

Key specs – Jug capacity: 450ml; Motor power: 1000 watts; Speed settings: 1; Size: 230 x 76 x 76mm

Buy now from BlendJet

3. Breville Blend Active Personal: Best budget blender

Price: £25 | Buy now from Amazon

You don’t need to break the bank to get a blender that does a great job. The Breville Blend Active is a compact blender with a 0.6-litre plastic jug. It has just one speed setting with an additional pulse function, but it produces consistently good smoothies. The Blend Active comes with two plastic jugs with easy-seal flaps, so you can have one in your gym bag and one in the dishwasher. Plus, the 300W motor will happily crush ice cubes into your blended concoction.

The Breville Blend Active comes in a choice of vibrant neon colours – and, at this price, it’s something of a steal. If you want simple and tasty smoothies at a low price, this is the blender for you.

Read our full Breville Blend Active review for more details

Key specs – Jug capacity: 600ml; Motor power: 300 watts; Speed settings: 1; Size: 370 x 128 x 124mm

4. Nutribullet 600 Series: Best blender for most people

Price: £70 | Buy now from ArgosWith so many different models in Nutribullet’s range, you might find yourself in a blend of confusion. In our tests, we found the Nutribullet 600 series to be the perfect balance of affordability and power. The compact blender, perfect for a breakfast smoothie or post-workout shake, comes with one small cup for sauces and single-person drinks, and one classic cup ideal for larger quantities.

In testing, the Nutribullet’s high-speed blades had no trouble with fibrous vegetables, nuts or seeds, whipping up a classic green smoothie in fewer than 30 seconds. Every smoothie or sauce blitzed came out silky-smooth and bright. What’s more, we found that smoothies made in the Nutribullet appeared to keep their colour and freshness for longer than those made in cheaper models.

While you can crush small amounts of ice in this version, we’d suggest opting for a higher-powered model – such as the 900 series – if you’re planning on regularly using it for super-tough jobs.

Read our full Nutribullet roundup for more details

Key specs – Jug capacity: 600ml; Motor power: 600 watts; Speed settings: 1; Size: 330 x 170 x 300mm

Buy now from Argos

5. Salter NutriPro 1200W: Best mid-range blender

Price: £55 | Buy now from AmazonA really good-value worktop blender. Thanks to a substantial price cut since the NutriPro first launched, Salter’s powerful home blender offers premium performance for under £100. The NutriPro feels well made, with a large, heavy base that houses the 1200W motor. In addition, it comes with three lidded blending cups: two chunky 800ml cups and a taller, family-sized one-litre cup.

The multipurpose blade deals well with most fruits and veggies, and the overall blending performance puts the NutriPro not far off the best we’ve tested. It struggles a little with tricky leaves such as kale, requiring a little longer than some to create a perfect texture if you use the larger one-litre cup; but give it an extra whizz and the results are worth waiting for. The only downside? This is a noisy blender.

Read our full Salter NutriPro 1000 review

Key specs – Jug capacity: 1000ml; Motor power: 1200 watts; Speed settings: 2; Size: 210 x 150 x 150mm

6. Vitamix A2300i Ascent Series Blender: Best premium blender

Price: £499 | Buy now from John LewisWant a truly versatile, high-powered blender that can effortlessly purée nuts into milks and butters, grind fresh coffee beans, and crush ice – as well as all the soups and smoothies you would expect a typical blender to deal with? Vitamix is the go-to manufacturer for superbly made, reliable blenders, and the Ascent series is the brand’s premium blender range. Priced at just under £500 – a serious investment for most households – the A2300i is actually the entry-level Ascent model; super-premium blenders in the series are priced up to almost £800.

So what do you get for your money? First and foremost is a high-powered 1440W motor, which spins a laser-cut stainless steel blade that can blitz through just about anything. A generous 2-litre jug means you can blend for the whole family in one go – ideal if you’re batch-cooking soups and sauces for the week ahead. A dial on the front of the unit offers 10 different blending speeds for ultimate control, and a handy digital timer shows you the length of time you’ve been blending. You can even connect the A2300i to the Vitamix app for recipe suggestions.

It’s definitely an investment, but the Vitamix A2300i blends effortlessly through all manner of ingredients, crushing ice and smooshing nuts to the exact consistency of your choosing. A 10-year guarantee means many happy years of blending.

Key specs – Jug capacity: 2000ml; Motor power: 1440 watts; Speed settings: 10; Size: 432 x 203 x 279mm

Buy now from John Lewis

7. Philips Daily Collection Mini Blender: The most versatile compact blender

Price: £74 | Buy now from Robert Dyas

The Philips Daily Collection Mini Blender is powerful enough to blend fruit, vegetables, nuts, coffee and even meat with ease, and thanks to its small footprint it won’t take up that much room on your worktop either.

Naturally, that compact design means the working liquid capacity is slightly on the small side at just 600ml in the 900ml jug. The on-the-go tumbler, which you can blend into directly, has the same working capacity so it’s a puzzle why the jug isn’t a little more generous. On the plus side, there are two speeds to choose from, giving this model more options than a single-speed design, and the jug is made from glass, which gives it a more robust feel.

Overall, this is a compact blender that can deal with plenty of different foodstuffs, but you will have to resort to a full-sized blender for a round of smoothies.

Read our full Philips Daily Collection Mini Blender review for more details

Key specs – Jug capacity: 600ml; Motor power: 350 watts; Speed settings: 2; Size: 550mm x 353mm x 459mm

Buy now from Robert Dyas

8. Kenwood Blend-X Pro BLP900BK: Best blender for big portions

Price: £289 | Buy now from Amazon

Kenwood’s Blend-X Pro blitzes with six reinforced blades made of aerospace-grade stainless steel, reaching speeds of up to 30,000rpm using a variable speed dial for precise blending control. This is a blender that means business.

And it isn’t only for fruit and veg; this stylish blender will also whip its way through frozen fruit to make sorbets, and turns nuts into homemade nut butter and chickpeas into hummus. There’s even a soup programme, suitable for blending pre-cooked ingredients once they’ve cooled to room temperature. However, Kenwood advises that you steer clear of hard spices, such as nutmeg and turmeric root, to ensure the blades stay damage-free. Those limitations aside, this hard-working blender doesn’t disappoint, and with its large-capacity 2-litre jug is a great choice for feeding the whole family.

Key specs – Jug capacity: 2000ml; Motor power: 1600 watts; Speed settings: Variable; Size: 540 x 260 x 200mm

9. KitchenAid K150 Blender: Best all-rounder

Price: £229 | Buy now from KitchenAid

If you’re looking for a blender that makes light work of basic blending tasks and doesn’t come with bundles of unnecessary attachments, this entry-level offering from KitchenAid is ideal. With just three speed settings and a pulse function, it’s the most fuss-free blender we’ve used.

It’s relatively pricey for a basic blender, but the build quality is exceptional, and you’re also paying for that classic KitchenAid design. In our tests, the K150’s 650W motor easily blended ice cubes, backing up KitchenAid’s claim that it can crush half a tray in just 10 seconds. This makes it a great choice for making iced smoothies, slushies and frozen cocktails.

The pulse function is a great addition for quickly incorporating ingredients without blending them into a pulp, or simply for giving certain fruits and veggies a quick blitz before cooking. We used it for everything from frozen berries and spinach to small chunks of onion and cooked chickpeas.

If you do need extra attachments, such as a citrus press or additional smoothie jugs, you can buy them seperately from the KitchenAid website. Simple but powerful, for everyday blending you can’t go wrong with the K150.

Key specs – Jug capacity: 1400ml; Motor power: 1000 watts; Speed settings: 3; Size: 443 x 180 x 286mm

Buy now from KitchenAid

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