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Libratone One Click

Libratone One Click review – adaptable style

Libratone One Click Lead
Our Rating :
Price when reviewed : £139
inc VAT (as of 20th June)

The Libratone One Click looks fantastic and its accessories make it a great companion for your travels


Speakers: 2, RMS power output: Not disclosed, Dock connector: None, Wireless: Bluetooth (SBC), Dimensions: 120x41x205mm, Weight: 0.9kg

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If there’s one thing you can say about Libratone’s speakers, it’s that they’re consistent. Across its soundbarsmultiroom speakers and Bluetooth speakers, there’s a specific design aesthetic that’s synonymous with the Scandinavian company. In fact, they’re so similar I could probably identify a Libratone product simply by touching one at this point, which is no bad thing, really, as its choice of materials have never been a point of contention, even on some of its less impressive speakers.

The new One speaker range, then, slots right into Libratone’s existing catalogue. I say range, as there are, in fact, two different models available, the One Click and the One Style. The central speaker itself is the same for both but the accessories are slightly different. This is because the One has replaceable frames that you can swap in and out as you see fit.

For example, the One Style comes with a simple silicone frame that has a small loop on one corner that can be used as a grab handle, while the Click (pictured below) has a frame with protruding bumpers for added protection and a larger, handbag-style handle that spans the entire side of the speaker. The Click also comes with another, smaller hook-like handle that can replace the larger one. This gives the Style a cleaner, more streamlined silhouette than the Click, but Libratone told me that, eventually, you will be able to buy each sleeve separately (they’re currently not on sale at time of writing), so you could buy a Click and turn it into a Style and vice-versa if you so wished. 

Libratone One Click Accessories

The speaker itself, though, is the same regardless of whether you opt for the Style or the Click. It’s about the size and thickness of a hardback book, so you can easily throw it in a rucksack without much fuss. At 900g, it’s not the lightest speaker in the world, but it shouldn’t stop you taking it on your travels. Being able to hang the Click on the outside of your rucksack can also help mitigate its size.

The touch controls will be instantly familiar to anyone who’s used a Libratone speaker before, but they might not be immediately obvious to newcomers, as they’re all located on the large circular knob in the top corner. To adjust the volume, you draw a circle round the Libratone nightingale logo, and illuminated dots will track your finger movement to show you the volume level. The touch button can also be used for media controls and for answering and rejecting calls when you’re using the One as a speakerphone. 

Libratone One Click Hook

The One is IPX4 splashproof, so a bit of rain shouldn’t stop your party, but it won’t survive an accidental dunk in the pool. That’s because the Micro USB charging jack and 3.5mm auxiliary wired port on the rear of the speaker are only protected by a silicone cover to help keep the water out, so it’s not completely water tight.

Inside, the One has a 3in woofer paired with a 1in tweeter, and a passive driver helps round out the sound. It’s capable of dispersing its sound in every direction, so ideally it should be placed vertically on its short edge for full 360-degree sound. It feels a little precarious stood up this way, however, as it can easily be knocked over. Lay it down flat and you obviously lose the 360-degree sound, but with the sound driven upwards, it’s still more than capable of providing a well-dispersed soundstage.

Sound quality is good for a speaker of this price. There’s a richness to the low-end, but the mid frequencies sound a little thin and lifeless, especially on some of the rock tracks I used for testing. The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Venice Queen sounded a little flat for my tastes, but as a speaker to take out on the road, it serves its purpose well. There’s plenty of volume, too, if that’s what you’re looking for.

You’re able to pair two devices over Bluetooth, so you can take turns choosing tracks. Two One speakers can also be paired together using Libratone’s app for iOS and Android. This can create a stereo pair but I only had one speaker for testing, so I wasn’t able to see how this worked in practice. Battery life is rated at 12 hours, which is a respectable amount but a little short in comparison to similar-sized speakers such as Bowers & Wilkins’ T7, which lasts 18 hours.

Libratone One Click Hook 2

All in all, the Libratone One Click is a fantastic portable Bluetooth speaker. Its build quality is excellent and it looks attractive to boot, regardless of whether you opt for the Click or the Style. Under greater scrutiny, its sound quality might be a bit lacking for true audiophiles, but as a speaker for holidays and road trips, it’s a wonderful choice and great value overall. It wins a Recommended award. Buy the Libratone One Click now from Libratone

RMS power outputNot disclosed
Audio inputs3.5mm stereo
Audio outputsNone
Dock connectorNone
WirelessBluetooth (SBC)
App supportiOS, Android
Battery capacityNot disclosed
Buying information
Price including VAT£139
WarrantyOne year RTB

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Libratone One Click Lead
Libratone One Click review - adaptable style
Bluetooth speakers

The Libratone One Click looks fantastic and its accessories make it a great companion for your travels

£139 inc VAT (as of 20th June)