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Remington Limitless X5/X7/X9 review: What you pay is what you get

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Price when reviewed : £150
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Remington’s Limitless rotary shavers offer comfortable shaves at a variety of mid-range price points, but you’ll be rewarded for paying more


  • Mostly smooth shaving
  • Decent battery life
  • Pricier models include a travel case


  • Still quite expensive
  • Struggles around contours

Remington’s Limitless range comprises three electric rotary shavers, each one a little more expensive than the last – we featured the Limitless X5 in our best electric shaver roundup, as one of the best mid-priced options you can buy – but it’s worth taking a look at how these three shavers compare against each other.

In many regards, they are almost identical and they all perform the same function with a comparable degree of success. However, that said, spending a little bit extra for one of the more premium models will get you an overall smoother shave, and some extra features too.

Read on to find out which – if any – of the three Remington Limitless shavers you should buy.

Remington Limitless review: What you need to know

As I’ve said, there are three rotary shavers in the Limitless range: the X5 (£150), the X7 (£170), and the X9 (£200). All three use the brand’s ‘360-degree PivotBall’ design to allow for a contoured shave from their flexing blades, and they feature ‘PowerSense Technology’ that Remington claims will respond to the pressure you apply and even analyse your hair thickness.

Beyond these commonalities, there are a few differences. First is battery life: according to the specs given by Remington, this is around 50 minutes for the X5, and up to 60 minutes for both the X7 and X9. All three of the shavers will take 90 minutes to charge fully, but the X7 and X9 both feature a five-minute quick-charge option, if you get caught out by an empty battery.

Then the two more expensive shavers also have a ‘Turbo mode’ to tackle thicker stubble, as well as more comprehensive battery indicator lights (though all models will let you know when this is running low). The X7 and X9 also come with a handy travel pouch or travel case, respectively.

Remington Limitless review: What do they do well?

It’s difficult to determine exactly how effective Remington’s ‘PowerSense Technology’ is, particularly at detecting hair thickness, given how subjective shaving can be. That said, all three of the Limitless shavers gave a pretty smooth shave, both wet – using shaving foam – and dry. I did notice that each upgrade offered an incrementally smoother experience, though these improvements are fairly modest. It also must be said that all three shavers work best on shorter stubble, even with the ‘Turbo mode’ of the X7 and X9 engaged. Ultimately, I would only recommend using them on beard growth no more than a few days old. 

All of the models in the Limitless range are remarkably easy to clean. This is thanks to the ‘OneClick’ button underneath that will release and lift the top part of the head on a hinge, allowing you to get under there and clean away any trimmings, whether that’s with a brush or by rinsing it out with water.

I also found battery life to be very decent during testing. With the X7, for instance, I managed to get a good 11 shaves – a total of around 45 minutes of shaving – with some intermittent use of the Turbo mode, before the shaver indicated that the battery was running low.

Remington Limitless review: What could be improved?

Despite the ‘PivotBall’ design and the claimed “individual flexing blades”, I still found the Limitless shavers struggled a little around the contours of the jawline and neck. This could certainly become frustrating, particularly since there were occasions when I found I had to resort to using a safety razor to fully tackle these areas.

With the cheapest model costing £150, the Limitless range also represents a fairly hefty investment – especially considering that I’d had to supplement my shave with a much cheaper alternative when certain areas of my face became unmanageable for the electric shavers.

That said, going electric does indeed have its unique benefits, such as the convenience of not having to replace blades as frequently.

Remington Limitless review: Should I buy it?

The Limitless range is fairly well-priced as a mid-range option in the rotary shaver market. While the “budget” X5 isn’t quite as cheap as the Philips Shaver Series 5000, the X9, on the premium end, isn’t anywhere near as dear as the Philips Series 9000 Prestige (both of these Philips shavers also appeared in our electric shaver roundup).

They all do their job but I’d argue that, for many people, the upgrades offered by the X9 won’t justify the massively increased cost over the X5. However, if you can afford to fork out a little extra, I’d recommend opting for the X7. This gets you the Turbo Mode, and the increased battery life is practically the same as the X9. Ultimately, though, it’s nice to have options, and which model you pick will depend on your shaving habits, needs and budget.

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