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Best facial hair removal products 2023: A smooth, fuzz-free face in an instant

For baby-soft skin, or a perfect base for makeup, the best facial hair removal products will tackle face fuzz without the faff

Let’s face it, the bane of most women’s lives is dealing with facial hair. As it likely is for men, too. Face fuzz is annoying, can often prove stubborn to remove – and can sometimes feel like it reappears in the time it takes to make a cuppa. And while many of us will have tried numerous ways to remove it, we’re always on the lookout for killer products that will make the whole process far easier – and preferably less painful, too.

As mentioned, the market is brimming with various tools and products to fight the fuzz, so we’ve done the research to bring you the best facial hair removal products currently available, those that are quick to use and deliver lasting, impressive results.

So whether you’re wanting to remove fine fuzz off your cheeks, or a full-blown stache, read on for our top picks of the best facial hair removal products below, as well as our brief buying guide that runs through how to choose the best product for you.

Best facial hair removal: At a glance

How to choose the best facial hair removal product for you

Facial hair can be difficult to remove, one of the main reasons being that it’s found in a delicate and contoured area of your body. So, when choosing a hair removal method, it’s important to focus on products that are designed specifically for use on the face. Luckily, there are a number to choose from.

What types of facial hair removal options are available?

Getting rid of facial hair might not be a new thing, but we’ve certainly come a long way from the single straight razor as the only tool for the job. There are now a ton of different hair-removing techniques, from simple waxes to advanced permanent hair-removal devices. Here are some of the most popular options on the market today.

Electric shaver – An electric shaver really trumps a standard hand razor when it comes to hair removal, mainly because it makes the process so much quicker. It also allows for a much closer shave and therefore a cleaner finish. This is best reserved for men with thick facial hair, however, since shaving blunts the end of the hair and makes it appear to grow back thicker and darker.

Wax melts – Meltable wax either arrives in the form of beads that are placed into a wax warmer, or jars of solid wax that can be placed in the microwave for melting. The wax is then applied with a wooden spatula onto the face and swiftly removed once it hardens by picking at the edge and pulling in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Although it can be messy, these products last a while, allow hair removal in more difficult areas, and since hair is removed from the root, they deliver a longer period of time before regrowth.

Wax strips – Wax strips are an easy and fast way to get lasting results. The wax arrives between two strips that can be pulled apart and used separately. Although wax strips offer ease of use, they can be a little rough on the skin when pulled. In addition, it’s hard to get the perfect sized strip for intricate areas such as the eyebrows.

Hair removal cream – Hair removal cream is a great pain-free option. Using a chemical depilatory to break down the hair on application, such creams require no skill to use and are great for those short on time. However, they can cause irritation to those with sensitive skin.

IPL hair removal device – IPL devices are finally now available for at-home use, so you no longer have to spend literally thousands for laser removal at a salon or beauty centre. Using intense pulsed light to break down and remove hair, multiple sessions will see regrowth disappear. Note that at-home IPL tools won’t be as powerful as the machines in a salon, but they’re still an amazing way to keep facial hair at bay for very long periods of time.

Epilator – An epilator is a super-efficient way to remove hair from the root and prevent quick regrowth. The device is made up of a group of tiny tweezers that spin at a fast pace, pulling out hair as it’s moved across the skin. Although a little uncomfortable (okay – who are we kidding – a lot uncomfortable), if used correctly, they’re efficient in use and deliver lasting results.

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What should I look for in a good facial hair removal product?

So, the tools and techniques are plentiful, then. However, it’s important to consider a few things when choosing the right method of hair removal for you.

Harshness – Or lack thereof. When removing hair on the delicate skin of the face, it’s important to use products made specifically for that area, to avoid damage and minimise any irritation to the skin. In particular, those with super-sensitive skin should look for products for that skin type to avoid rashes, redness, and irritation.

Long lasting – Removing facial hair can be a pain, especially if you require daily touch-ups. So, if you’re after long-lasting results, you won’t want to opt for a razor, since regrowth will likely appear in a matter of days. A product that promises smooth or hair-free skin for a few weeks, or even a month or so, can really buy you back some time, eliminating that extra step from your daily routine.

Efficiency – No one wants to spend hours on end removing hair from their face. Thankfully, many new facial hair removal methods are designed to get the job done quickly and efficiently. If time is of the essence, stay away from fiddly products that require a degree of prep.

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The best facial hair removal products to buy in 2023

1. Braun Face Mini Hair Remover: Best overall facial hair remover

Price when reviewed: £18 | Check price at Boots

If you’ve ever missed a spot whilst shaving, only becoming aware of it once you’ve left the house, then the Braun Face Mini Hair Remover is for you. This discrete package can easily slip into a small purse or a pocket for touch-ups on the go, and the fact that it’s battery-powered, means you can really use it anywhere because it doesn’t require to be plugged in.

And its portability isn’t the only reason this Braun shaver is one the best overall facial hair remover; it also delivers truly outstanding and pain-free results.

The innovative rotary design with protective foil cuts super-close to the skin for a baby-smooth finish that’s free of nicks or irritation. It’s easy to use with an integrated light for spotting even the smallest hairs, and its head is perfect for getting into the hardest to reach areas of your face – above the top lip and into the contours of the chin, for example. It even comes with a cleaning brush so you can easily sweep up fallen hair from around a sink.

Key specs – Type: Shaver; Pieces in kit: 4; Level: Beginner; Pain level: None

2. Veet Face Wax Strips for Sensitive Skin: Best facial wax strips

Price when reviewed: £14 | Check price at Boots

Facial wax strips are a great way to get salon-quality hair removal in a snip. These Veet Face Wax Strips for Sensitive Skin feature an Easy Gel wax formula that adheres to the hair well; it can even catch short hairs of just 1.5mm in length for a perfect finish after just a single pull. The product delivers a smooth finish on the face that lasts up to 28 days – say bye-bye to weekly touch-ups.

Convenient and easy to use, the strips have EasyGrip tabs that prevent awkward placement and the strips becoming stuck on your hands. The kit also comes with four wipes to clean away any sticky residue. With almond oil and vitamin E, the wax will deliver a boost of moisture while working its magic – especially important for those with sensitive skin, many who found that they had suffered no irritation at all. However, these strips (or wax as a means of hair removal in general) might prove too harsh for extra sensitive skin.

Key specs – Type: Wax; Pieces in kit: 40 strips; Level: Beginner; Pain level: Minimal

3. Braun Face Epilator & Cleansing Brush: Best facial epilator

Price when reviewed: £44 | Check price at Boots

The Braun Face 810 Epilator is designed with 10 micro tweezer-style openings that grab the smaller hairs that even wax strips struggle to can’t catch. In fact, it can capture hair that’s just 0.2mm in length. Remove any peach fuzz at this length and you won’t have to worry about touch-ups for at least four weeks.

Braun’s epilator is super-convenient, too. Powered using AA batteries plus its compact size make the Braun perfect for slipping into a bag and taking with you.

If you’re looking for fast hair removal, you won’t be disappointed. Although its 200 plucks a second might prove painful for some, at least you’ll be done with the process in super-quick time. Offering two jobs in a single tool, the epilator head can be swapped out with the included cleansing brush for exfoliating and washing the skin for an overall smoother and fresher look. And for cleaning, the whole device is waterproof, so you can safely rinse it under a tap, or even use it in the shower.

Key specs – Type: Epilator; Pieces in kit: 5; Level: Intermediate; Pain level: Medium

4. Philips Lumea Prestige: Best facial IPL hair removal device

Price when reviewed: £400 | Check price at Boots

The Philips Lumea IPL Prestige Hair Removal Device might be a bit of an investment, but it’s worth every penny if you’re someone who wants their facial hair to stay away for longer. Using intense pulsed light to reduce hair growth by up to 92% in just three treatments, it delivers smooth and hairless skin for up to six months at a time. Customers saw incredible results, with some finding that they were totally hair-free with regular use. This hair removal system is very versatile, with results seen no matter your skin or hair type.

SenseIQ technology appropriately adjusts the lighting to suit the skin tone being treated. Plus, the package includes specific attachments for the face, body, bikini area and underarms. Users can download the Lumea app, which offers a guide through each session. You get a storage case and a pen trimmer in the box, too. The latters is perfect for touch-ups on the face between IPL sessions.

Key specs – Type: Laser hair removal; Pieces in kit: 8; Level: Beginner; Pain level: Minimal

5. Nair Facial Brush-On Hair Removal Cream: Best facial hair removal cream

Price when reviewed: £3 | Check price at Amazon

The Nair Facial Brush-On Hair Removal Cream makes getting rid of annoying facial hair a total breeze. The bottle comes with a brush attached to the lid for easy application, doing away with all of the mess that comes with many other cream hair removal methods. Apply, and three minutes is all it takes for hair removal; simply wash away the cream to reveal a super-smooth face.

This formula includes argan oil for moisture, so that your face is left not only hairless, but extremely soft and supple, too. It’s dermatologist tested for use on the face, and can be used by dry and sensitive skin types, as long as it’s left on for the appropriate amount of time. Note that some users did experience redness after use, but found it didn’t last long. In any event, we’d advise doing a patch test before applying on your entire face.

Key specs – Type: Hair-removal cream; Pieces in kit: 1; Level: Beginner; Pain level: None

6. Mylee Professional Waxing Kit: Best waxing kit for facial hair removal

Price when reviewed: £55 | Check price at Look Fantastic

The Mylee Professional Waxing Kit comes with everything you need to get professional, salon-style wax hair removal at home. In the box is a wax heater that offers 50° to 100°C of temperature adjustment to melt wax, thereafter keeping it at a constant temperature to achieve a smooth consistency throughout the hair removal process. Note that the pot is removable, making clean-up super simple.

The kit also comprises 500g of professional stripless wax beads, which include ingredients such as arnica to prevent any irritation on sensitive skin, and coconut for a delicate scent. The lower melting point makes this product perfect for pain-free application on the face or any other part of the body, in fact. With 100 applicator spatulas included, you’ll be using this kit for some time to come.

Key specs – Type: Wax; Pieces in kit: 3; Level: Intermediate; Pain level: Minimal

7. Philips face hair remover: Best for hair removal on the go

Price when reviewed: £25 | Check price at Bootsbest facial hair remover Philips Facial Hair Remover

It’s frustrating to find stray facial hairs when away from home. Rather than plucking them out with your fingernails, the battery-powered Philips face hair remover can shave off any sneaky stragglers in a flash. Thanks to its dinky size, it fits neatly in a handbag and, unlike the Braun shaver above, it comes with a small mirror on the cap that allows you to see where you’re shaving, wherever you are.

Of course, this mirror is too small to help remove hair on your whole face, but it’s perfect for catching any whiskers you might feel on the go. There’s also a bright white light around the shaver to help illuminate any hairs.

In terms of operation, the rotary foil design is gentle and effective on the skin. It’s easy to clean, too. Simply twist off the foil cap and use the small brush to dust off any excess hairs, and you’re good to go.

Key specs – Type: Shaver; Pieces in kit: 4; Level: Beginner; Pain level: None

Check price at Boots

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