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Corsair TC200 review: A solid gaming chair for the money

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Price when reviewed : £350
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It’s not the best of the bunch, but the Corsair TC200 gaming chair is good value and ticks plenty of important boxes


  • Striking design
  • Good adjustability for the price
  • Soft


  • Weirdly noisy
  • No lumbar support
  • Cheaply made

Corsair’s TC200 is exactly what you think a gaming chair should be. The exaggerated lines and blinding white fabric on the model I was sent to review drew plenty of attention at the Expert Reviews office – opinions were divided on the design, but there were lots of people who liked the bright cleanliness of the paint job and the aggressive height of the backrest.

I’m not personally fond of the traditional “gamer” aesthetic, but I didn’t find it too off putting here, and the TC200 impressed me in many other ways. It offers great value for money, delivering a suite of adjustment options and that divisive but striking design for a thoroughly reasonable price. If your gaming rig is clad in a sleek white case, and the wall behind your monitor is adorned with soft, geometric LED lighting, I have a feeling the Corsair TC200 is the chair for you.

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Corsair TC200 review: What does it do well?

The Corsair TC200 costs £350, which makes it one of the cheapest I’ve tested this year (second only to the excellent ThunderX3 Core at £340). It’s still not a budget chair but as you might hope, that £350 goes a long way.

The model I received for review came clad in a blinding combination of light grey leatherette and white fabric. The design proved polarising, but it will look good parked in front of a desk bristling with RGB lighting, and the gamer in me likes it. The TC200 also comes in black if you would prefer something less visually striking.

You’ll find high-density foam beneath the bright upholstery – the TC200 was definitely the softest chair on test, with plenty of give in the seat cushion. It’s a comfortable seat, on the whole: the seat bucket is quite narrow (39.5cm, second only to the Noblechairs Legend TX at 33cm) and the tall sides and angular wings contribute to the feeling that you’re being cradled. I’m also fond of the head cushion, which is firm but small enough to not feel intrusive.

For the price, the Corsair TC200 has good adjustability. Alongside the 4D armrests you’ll find height adjustment (12cm of this) and a backrest that reclines an impressive 180-degrees – as with many gaming chairs, reclining the backrest will also tilt the seat back in tandem.

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Corsair TC200 review: What could it do better?

The TC200 is let down a little by its build quality, however. The steel frame is sturdy enough, but the armrests and other plastic adornments (the housing for the hinges, for example) are made of a cheap and flimsy plastic. As a result, the armrests are harder to adjust than they should be, and there’s a hefty amount of flex and wobble going on.

One thing the TC200 is lacking on the adjustability and ergonomics front is lumbar support. Although Corsair claims there’s a degree of integrated support, the reality is that the backrest is only gently curved, meaning you may need to grab an extra pillow if you’re worried about your posture.

I’m also not convinced by the “anti-roll” castor wheels. All this means is that the wheels move with a ratcheting motion, making the chair hard to manoeuvre when you’re not sitting in it. If there’s one thing wheels should do, it’s roll.

My final point is only half-serious – this chair is loud. The anti-roll wheels make an absolute racket when you move the chair, a buzzing sound that didn’t go down too well at the office. In addition, the leatherette is creakier than the others I’ve tested, meaning every change in posture I made was telegraphed by its own organic sound effect (that forced me to blame the chair on more than one occasion).

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Corsair TC200 review: Should you buy it?

The Corsair TC200 isn’t perfect, and its stablemate the ThunderX3 Core (£340) offers better value in many ways. But it’s certainly not a bad gaming chair, and it just about manages to fill a niche: the softness of the foam will appeal to many people, as will the brightness of the paint job (assuming you want it in white). If you’re a gamer looking for a comfortable statement chair on a modest budget, the Corsair TC200 is for you.

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