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Noblechairs Legend TX review: A top-notch chair for work and gaming

Our Rating :
Price when reviewed : £380
inc. VAT

Well-made, endlessly adjustable and reasonably priced, the Noblechairs Legend TX is an excellent gaming chair


  • Supportive cushioning
  • Discreet, robust design
  • Excellent adjustment options


  • Back/head support could be better
  • Armrests feel cheap

The Noblechairs Legend TX doesn’t look like a traditional gaming chair. The model I reviewed comes in an understated grey fabric, with only modest Noblechairs branding adorning the front and rear of the backrest and no trace of the colourful stitching or exaggerated “wings” you’ll find on rival chairs.

That’s fine by me. While some of the other chairs I tested for the latest update to our best gaming chairs roundup attracted raised eyebrows from colleagues, the Noblechairs Legend TX flew comfortably under the radar. It’s a classy slab of grey that delivers exceptional adjustability and all the comfort you would expect from a gaming chair without screaming about it – and that’s why it’s my favourite of the lot.

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Noblechairs Legend TX review: What does it do well?

At £380, the Noblechairs Legend TX sandwiches itself neatly between mid-range gaming chairs such as the ThunderX3 Core (£340) and high-end models like the Secretlab Titan Evo (£469). Given that it resembles the latter chair more than the former, the Legend TX represents very good value for money.

Some will miss the winged design of traditional gaming chairs, but I’m smitten with how understated the Legend TX is. The grey fabric model on test here has a lovely brushed velvet finish that appears more grown-up than the leatherette most gaming chairs use. The fabric feels tough – it won’t pick up rips and tears easily – and I’d definitely prefer it to fake leather during hot months.

The Legend TX may be one of the firmer gaming chairs I’ve tried, but its cold foam padding is still comfortable and supportive. Granted, comfort is subjective, but the wide seat bucket (33cm inner) and narrower backrest (28cm inner) is a combination that worked well for me, keeping my back cushioned while giving my legs room to move.

Despite it being one of the larger and heavier chairs I’ve tested (it weighs 30kg), the Legend TX glides smoothly on its five caster wheels across the carpeted floor of our office. Its various mechanisms glide smoothly, too: in fact, the recline is so effortless that it will almost certainly take you by surprise.

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Noblechairs Legend TX review: What could it do better?

Sadly, there isn’t a perfect score on the adjustability front. The Legend TX has integrated lumbar support, but it’s not quite as good as the Secretlab Titan Evo – setting the lumbar support to max didn’t offer enough support for me, though your mileage may vary.

To remedy this, Noblechairs throws in a detachable lumbar cushion, but it’s a poor solution – you can’t feel the integrated support move through it and frankly, it’s far too firm. The same can be said for the head cushion – it’s simply too big and too firm to be of any use.

I’ve one final quibble, which is with the armests: they move smoothly, for sure, but they’re made of cheap plastic. They stand out against the lovely velvety upholstery, and not in a good way.

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Noblechairs Legend TX review: Should you buy it?

Minor issues aside, the Noblechairs Legend TX ticks a lot of boxes. It takes the fight to the Secretlab Titan Evo and in many ways, comes out on top – no mean feat, for a chair that costs £100 less. In fact, in light of the value for money the Legend TX represents, I’m willing to overlook most of its shortcomings – just make sure you ditch the cushions.

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