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Theragun deals: INSANE massage gun discounts this Black Friday

We've found some spectacular Theragun massage gun deals - but they're selling fast

This Black Friday is a great time to seize upon a Theragun massage gun deal. Theragun is one of the more popular massage gun manufacturers around, but its products are generally expensive. If you need post-workout muscle relief but don’t fancy paying full price, now is the perfect time to strike.

There are a couple of Theragun massage guns deals available for your viewing pleasure. Our favourite is a £180 discount on the Theragun Pro – previously retailing at a whopping £549, it’s now a comparatively reasonable £369.

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Alternatively, you might prefer the Theragun Elite, which is currently £279, down from £375. This isn’t the cheapest we’ve seen the Elite so far this Black Friday (it was briefly £251 at AO) but it’s a decent discount nonetheless.

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The Theragun Elite is the model we’ve reviewed. In our full-length Theragun Elite review, we gave it a flawless five stars and a Recommended award, praising the build quality, straightforward operation and easy-to-use companion app. Funnily enough, we took issue with only two things: the noise it makes during operation, and the price. Suffice it to say that the latter isn’t a concern at the moment.

For the uninitiated, Theragun massage guns simulate the effect of a real massage using rapid vibrations and a selection of foam attachments designed to recreate techniques employed by masseurs/masseuses. The Theragun’s unusual design is supposed to help you reach hard-to-hit spots – most massage guns lack the triangular grip.

The Theragun Elite comes with five foam attachments of varying sizes, from tiny and conical to large and spherical, as well as a carry case. Connect the Theragun to your smartphone via Bluetooth and you can use the companion app to run a series of preset programmes to make sure you’re getting a proper post-workout massage.

There’s no simpler way to put this: Theragun is widely considered to be the gold standard of massage guns, and we wouldn’t disagree. Save some cash on one this Black Friday.

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