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How to clean a Keurig coffee maker - teaser. View of the top of a Keurig machine, showing the cup size buttons with a cup off coffee beneath it
How to clean a Keurig coffee maker
Coffee Makers

Coffee residue and scale clogging your Keurig brewer? We reveal the best way to clean your coffee maker to keep it in tip top condition

Image of an air fryer on a countertop with food being cooked inside
Do Air Fryers Use a Lot of Electricity?
Air Fryers

Air fryers are the hot new appliance, but are they costly to run? Our guide below breaks it down for you

How much should I pay for an air fryer - teaser. Angled view of the Ninja Foodi FlexDrawer air fryer on a wooden table
How Much Are Air Fryers?
Air Fryers

Air fryers are the rising star of home appliances - but how much do they cost? We find out

microwave VS toaster oven teaser
Air Fryers vs Toaster Ovens: Which is Better For You?
Air Fryers

We put air fryers and toaster ovens head to head to determine which deserves a spot in your kitchen

Air fryers vs deep fryers - teaser. Close up of chef tipping potato waffles and chicken out of a deep fat fryer basket onto parchment paper
Air Fryers vs Deep Fryers: Which is Best For You?
Air Fryers

We consider the key differences between air fryers and deep fryers to help you determine which appliance is best for your needs

microwave VS air fryer teaser on blue background
Air Fryer vs Microwave: Which is Better?
Air Fryers

Air fryers and microwaves are useful appliances for whipping up quick, tasty meals. If space is tight, which should you pick?

How to descale a Breville coffee machine - teaser. A bottle of descaling solution and a coffee machine water tank with scale deposits
How to Descale a Breville Coffee Machine
Coffee Makers

Love your coffee? Then you’ll want to make sure your Breville Espresso coffee maker is kept clean and free of limescale. Here’s how

How to clean a Cuisinart coffee maker - teaser. Close up of person cleaning the carafe from their coffee maker
How to Clean a Cuisinart Coffee Maker
Coffee Makers

A clean coffee machine will deliver better-tasting coffee, so it’s worth taking the time to give your Cuisinart some TLC

Are Air Fryers Worth It?
Air Fryers

Does the “must-have” kitchen gadget really live up to the hype?

How to Clean Ninja Coffee Makers: Tops Tips
Coffee Makers

Dedicated coffee addict? Then you’ll want to make sure your coffee maker is always running perfectly