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Latest PSUs

Corsair HX850
Corsair HX850 review

Excellent efficiency, very quiet and extremely flexible - an excellent PSU

£130 inc VAT
Enermax Platimax 750W
Enermax Platimax 750W review

Excellent efficiency and tons of features, but it's very expensive and there are better value PSUs

£173 inc VAT
Silver Power SP-S650M
Silver Power SP-S650M review

Great value and efficient, but the fan noise is off-putting

£80 inc VAT
Silver Power SP-S850M
Silver Power SP-S850M review

Good efficiency and it's modular, but this PSU is let down by how loud it is

£96 inc VAT
FSP Aurum Xilenser 500W
FSP Aurum Xilenser 500W review

Completely silent and very efficient, but this PSU is very expensive

£147 inc VAT
In Win GreenMe 750W
In Win GreenMe 750W review

A very low price and great efficiency, but there are few connectors and it's loud

£60 inc VAT
XFX Pro 850W XXX Edition
XFX Pro 850W XXX Edition review

An excellent power supply - great value, tons of flexibility and very efficient

£99 inc VAT
Cooler Master GX 550W
Cooler Master GX 550W review

A long warranty and excellent efficiency let down by the captive design and loud fan

£65 inc VAT
Antec Earthwatts EA-550 Platinum
Antec Earthwatts EA-550 Platinum review

Excellent efficiency, but it's hard to excuse captive cables at this price

£78 inc VAT
Seasonic X-Series 660W
Seasonic X-Series 660W review

High efficiency, great design and very quiet, this is a great high-end PSU

£131 inc VAT