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Best iPhone 13 Pro case 2022: Avoid damage with these solid cases

Best iPhone 13 Pro case

That’s a gorgeous iPhone 13 Pro you’ve got there. Let’s get it some protection, shall we?

If your brand new iPhone 13 Pro has just arrived, it’s time for job number one – picking out the best case you can find. After all, that stunning OLED display, best-in-class battery life, and refreshed camera set are all pricey upgrades, so you can safely bet that sending the phone off to Apple for repairs is going to be costly, too. A good case keeps the Apple repair service away and can also deliver added utility and a bit of much-needed flair.

There are so many ways to go nowadays, though. Do you want a clear case to show off your phone’s colour? A kickstand that will let you go hands-free? Or do you want a flashy design that you can coordinate with your outfits? It’s tough to know where to start when you have that many options.

To help you along the road to a phone-safe existence, we’ve searched high and low to bring you a list of the best iPhone 13 Pro cases you can buy right now.

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The best iPhone 13 Pro cases you can buy

1. iPhone 13 Pro silicone case with MagSafe: Best official case

Price: £49 | Buy now from Apple

Sometimes, buying from third parties can be a bit stressful. In order to protect a device properly, phone cases need to fit exact dimensions and offer support to the most vulnerable parts of the build. Who better to trust with these specifics than Apple itself?

We like this case because the smooth silicone will add a really nice tactility to your everyday tasks. This subtle sleeve doesn’t disrupt the build quality and design elements of the phone itself, and it’s available in a slew of colours. Because you’re paying for the brand name, it is on the more expensive end. Nevertheless, this is a great option if you want to avoid third parties and you want a minimalist case that conserves your new phone’s original design.

Key details – Material: Silicone, microfibre lining; Colours: Yellow, blue, green, pink, orange, black, grey, red; Wireless charging compatible: Yes

Buy now from Apple

2. Spigen Ultra Hybrid Clear Case: Best clear case

Price: £16 | Buy now from Amazon

We know how you feel: you just got your brand new phone, you’ve finished setting it up, and you’re in your first few days of general use. You know you should probably get a case, but you’re just so in love with how your new phone looks and feels. Why ruin it with a clunky covering that doesn’t show people the specific colour you chose?

If you relate to any of that, the Spigen Ultra Hybrid is for you. This crystal clear case is compatible with wireless charging and gives you peace of mind that if you drop it, any shocks or bumps will be safely absorbed. Spigen is a trusted phone case brand for a reason: their designs are extremely intuitive, with air cushioning for the corners and pronounced buttons for a user-friendly experience. Spigen even has a solution for the age-old issue with clear cases: anti-yellowing technology will stop hand sweat from making your phone look like it has jaundice in a few months’ time.

Key details – Material: Polycarbonate, thermoplastic polyurethane; Colours: Crystal clear; Wireless charging compatible: Yes

Buy now from Amazon

3. Otterbox Defender Series Case: Best heavy-duty case

Price: £43 | Buy now from Otterbox UK

Most heavy duty phone cases tend to be very in-your-face. You can spot them a mile off, firstly because they make whatever device their covering five times larger. Usually, if a phone case looks like it’s saying ‘go ahead, do your worst’, you know it’ll do the trick. But with Otterbox’s defender series case for the 13 Pro they’ve managed to put that heavy duty protection in a case that doesn’t look like something from a 2000s-era military expedition.

What’s great about this case compared to others is that it has a covering for the charging port. If you’re frequently adventuring outdoors, this is great for water resistance and for blocking out muck that could get inside your new device. For indoor hermits, this is also great for dust protection. Over time, fluff, dust and grime can build up in the openings of your phone and disrupt the small machinery that’s responsible for charging. If you want heavy duty protection from the extreme and the everyday, Otterbox has you covered here.

Key details – Material: Polycarbonate shell, synthetic rubber slipcover, polycarbonate holster; Colours: Fort Blue, black; Wireless charging compatible: Yes, but not with MagSafe

Buy now from Otterbox UK

4. Ted Baker Finger Loop Back Shell for iPhone 13 Pro: Most stylish case

Price: £40 | Buy now from Proporta

Why not inject some style into an accessory you carry with you every day? Ted Baker has an amazing range of boujee phone cases, but we recommend this one for two stand-out reasons. Firstly, that fashionable ‘croc’ texture provides some real versatility. Because of its neutral colouring, you can coordinate it with outfits for every occasion.

Secondly, it also has a very handy finger loop on the back. If you’re prone to phone drops this provides you with some extra grip but more conveniently, it also doubles as a kickstand that will let you go hands-free.

Key details – Material: Fitted microfibre shell, Ted Baker Croc leather finish; Colours: Black, Croc Pink; Wireless charging compatible: Finger loop may cause issues

Buy now from Proporta

5. Bellroy Wallet Phone Case: Best wallet phone case

Price: £69 | Buy now from Bellroy

Bellroy has been making a real name for themselves of late, exchanging the bulging wallets of the past with slimline, practical wallets that easily slide into your pocket. Here, it’s taking things a step further and combining its slim wallet designs with phone cases. If you want less to carry less on your person when you head out, this case lets you slip up to 3 cards in the back of your phone without a screen cover you have to flip out of the way.

Featuring a smooth eco-tanned leather that comes in plenty of colours, Bellroy has designed a classy and practical phone wallet here. Its designs are always surprisingly clever, and you’ll be surprised how much you can fit in them. The downside is undoubtedly the price tag, but, if you think about the fact that you’re getting a wallet as well as a phone case, you might even be saving yourself some money.

Key details – Material: Eco-tanned leather and polymer, soft microfibre lining, chamfered edges; Colours: Black, grey, Cobalt, Lagoon, Brown Leather, Citrus; Wireless charging compatible: No

Buy now from Bellroy

6. DASFOND Military Grade Phone Case: The most protection for the least cost

Price: £16 | Buy now from Amazon

We’ve listed a few pricey cases on this list. If you’re looking for military grade protection but you don’t have the pennies to get yourself an Otterbox, DASFOND can offer you a way out. Packed with some of the best features from the cases we’ve mentioned above, this case is 15ft drop tested and comes in at only £16.

It has a handy finger loop that doubles as a kickstand, as well as a central magnet on the back which you can use for compatible car mounts. A softer inner shell provides cushioning for your phone and its metal work, while a harder aluminium outer case acts as a secure brace against harder bumps. For the price, this is definitely one of the most feature-packed and shockproof cases you can get.

Key details – Material: Soft inner TPU, aluminium outer shell; Colours: Blue; Wireless charging compatible: No

Buy now from Amazon

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