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Best iPhone 13 Pro Max case 2022: Maximum safety, style and value for your new smartphone

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is a smashing phone, so don’t go smashing it. Protect it with one of the best cases

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is a smartphone that really maxes out on the features we all crave, including a large OLED display and a triple threat of quality rear cameras. So, keeping Apple’s best iPhone yet in mint condition should be your top priority – especially since you’ll want to trade in that model to save some cash on a replacement when the time comes.

For now, your current phone needs protection. Luckily, it costs very little to invest in one of the best iPhone 13 Pro Max cases around and save your expensive purchase from damage. Your iPhone 13 Pro Max may have been designed with remarkably scratch-resistant ceramic glass, but should a nasty fall occur, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

As you probably know, there are arguably too many cases to choose from. Ranging from sleek, subtle shells to all-over, military-grade defenders, you’ve got a lot of choice on your hands. You’ll most likely want something that looks the part too, or has other features like a stand or room to store your credit cards. To help you out, we’ve gathered together a list of our favourites so you can find the perfect option for you.

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Best iPhone 13 Pro Max cases

1. Apple Silicone Case with MagSafe: Best official case

Price: £44 | Buy now from John Lewis

Entrusting your new smartphone’s safety to any old case can be a bit daunting. To avoid any doubt, getting your iPhone case from Apple itself is the safest option.

It’s sleek and strong, coming in a range of stylish matte colourways on a minimalist, silicone frame that offers a luxurious hand-feel. On the inside, microfibres line the silicone to avoid any unnecessary scratches while still allowing for the MagSafe wireless charging you paid for. As you’ll know from your iPhone 13 Pro Max purchase, Apple prices can be a little expensive. Still, getting a case that your phone manufacturers created can only be a good thing – especially when it’s so easy on the eyes.

Key details – Material: Silicone, Microfibre; Colours: Five; Wireless charging compatible: Yes

Buy now from John Lewis

2. Humixx case: Best value for money case

Price: £15 | Buy now from Amazon

It’s a fine balance between spending enough to protect your investment and keeping costs low, but this Humixx case seems to get the balance just right. Firstly, it has military grade protection on an easy-to-grip body, but should it escape your clutch, the case has been tested from drops of up to 10ft – more than enough for most people. It looks great too, with an overall slim design that still protects both the screen and the cameras via raised lips and bezels.

The matte black back is slightly translucent so you’ll see a hazy-looking Apple logo and the colourway iPhone you purchased, without any nasty fingerprint marks thanks to an anti-fingerprint coating. Plus, it supports wireless charging – what more could you ask for?

Key details – Material: Silicone, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), nano oleophobic coating; Colours: One (black); Wireless charging compatible: Ye

Buy now from Amazon

3. Tech21 Evo Max: Best case for camera protection

Price: £40 | Buy now from Tech21

One of the standout features of your iPhone 13 Pro Max is undoubtedly its camera set, so it’s a surprise that more cases don’t explicitly protect those three back lenses like this option from Tech21. The Evo Max case has a sliding cover that will not only protect your cameras should the raised edges of the case be breached by shark, jutting objects, but also stop dust and dirt mucking up the lenses in general.

This case goes above and beyond others in terms of general protection, too. It uses Tech21’s own FlexShock material – a custom, durable material that can withstand drops of around 20ft – which is also covered in an antimicrobial formula to reduce the bacteria on your phone. It all looks pretty good, too, providing all the protection you need without using an overly bulky design.

Key details – Material: FlexShock; Colours: Four; Wireless charging compatible: Yes

Buy now from Tech21

4. Bellroy Mod Phone Case and Wallet: Best wallet case

Price: £89 (case and wallet) | Buy now from Bellroy

If you happen to be on the lookout for a slim, discrete wallet, or simply want a uniform outfit for both your card holster and new iPhone 13 Pro Max, then this Bellroy case could be the perfect solution. This nifty 2-in-1 works by magnetically attaching the matching wallet to your phone for a secure hold. The wallet can fit three or four cards and has a magnetic opening to keep the cards themselves safe and sound. Both items are made from a durable polymer mixed with a beautiful, tanned leather available in six different colours, while the inside is lined with microfibres to avoid scratching. Plus, should either the wallet or case get a material defect within three years of purchasing, you’ll be covered – unlike a lot of cases out there.

Now, it is a little expensive. But given most of us carry debit and credit cards, a driver’s licence and a number of other important cards alongside our phones, it just makes sense to buy a top quality, all-in-one solution that reduces the bulk in your pockets.

Key details – Material: Flex polymer, leather; Colours: Six; Wireless charging compatible: Yes

Buy now from Bellroy

5. Sailwy shockproof case: Best budget case

Price: £6 | Buy now from Amazon

Sometimes a bargain buy is better. You’ve already forked out massively for the iPhone 13 Pro Max and another £50 to £100 just seems outlandish. While there are cases out there for as little as £1, we still want to offer your new phone some protection – so our budget pick is this military grade shell by Sailwy.

Coming in a variety of different colour options, this plastic and silicone combination case will safeguard your phone from major damage. An additional feature is a kickstand to let you watch movies on the go, as well as a built-in magnetic plate to mount to any surface you’d like (assuming you have a magnetic plate it can attach to).

Key details – Material: Silicone, plastic; Colours: 10; Wireless charging compatible: Yes

Buy now from Amazon

6. ZZYFC The Puffer Lucky: Most stylish case

Price: £12 | Buy now from Amazon

If you’re not the accident prone type, a case is all about bringing a bit of style to your new smartphone. So, what could be better than dressing your iPhone 13 Pro Max up in a mini puffer jacket? It’s a truly unique design, that could match your own outfit if you’ve got a black puffer of your own, and is made of soft cloth so you always have a soft and supple feel in-hand. The TPU frame will protect from scratches and provide some support for all the important bits of your phone since it has raised lips across its design, but don’t go throwing this one around despite its cushioned appearance.

Key details – Material: TPU, cloth; Colours: One; Wireless charging compatible: Yes

Buy now from Amazon

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