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Best dog joint supplement 2024: Keep your pooch’s joints healthy with these dietary aids

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Help keep your dog’s joints in tip-top healthy condition with these supplements for their diet

Just like humans, dogs have a variety of health needs. Sometimes, those needs can’t be met through simple dietary changes alone, so supplements can help keep them as healthy as it’s possible to be.

Not every dog necessarily needs a joint supplement, but plenty of breeds are prone to problems with their joints or cartilages. It’s also a good idea if you have an older dog, or one that is particularly prone to jumping, running and generally exerting themselves.

But with a number of different supplements on the market, it can be difficult to know where to begin your search for the one most appropriate for your dog. Those on our list here can help you narrow down the search, but it’s important to remember that not every supplement will work the same way for every dog – and you should always consult your vet before altering your dog’s diet.

Best dog joint supplements: at a glance

  • Best general supplement: JointSure Joint Supplements for Dogs | Buy now
  • Best supplement for older dogs: YuMove Senior Dog Joint Supplement | Buy now
  • Best supplement for fussy dogs: Vet’s Kitchen Joint Health Supplement | Buy now

How to choose the best dog joint supplement for you

Does my dog need a dog joint supplement?

Whether or not your dog needs a supplement is dependent on many factors. You shouldn’t necessarily assume that your dog needs one, and you should always check with your vet if you’re thinking of putting them on one.

There are several reasons why dog joint supplements can come in handy, though, from conditions such as arthritis and dysplasia, all the way through to general accidents and injuries and even old age. Some breeds that are prone to problems may also benefit from taking a supplement as a preventative measure, too.

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Do older dogs need joint supplements?

Not all older dogs need a joint supplement, but as a general rule they certainly stand to benefit from one more than their younger peers.

That’s especially true for breeds where joint problems are a known problem, or breeds that are particularly active or jumpy.

It can be difficult to tell if your dog has a problem with their joints, so learning to spot the signs that all isn’t as it should be is an important habit to get into. Pay close attention to how they’re walking and their general comfort when engaging in high-impact activities. Again, if you’re at all concerned, speak to your vet for a full diagnosis.

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How easy is it to give dogs a joint supplement?

This very much varies from dog to dog, depending on how used they are to swallowing tablets, how fussy they are and so on.

Many dog joint supplements are disguised as treats, so if you have a particularly sensitive dog, or one that refuses to take tablets, you can opt for one of this type. Look out for those that are flavoured to taste like your dog’s favourite treat, such as chicken.

Can I give my dog human supplements?

Although there will often be ingredients in dog joint supplements that you recognise, it’s important to never give them human supplements. Dog supplements have been tailored specifically to be perfectly safe for canine consumption, and contain just the right amounts that a dog needs. Although it can be tempting to share supplements, you could end up doing them more harm than good.

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The best dog joint supplements to buy in 2024

1. JointSure Joint Supplements for Dogs: Best overall dog joint supplement

Price: £35 (300 tablets) | Buy now from Amazon

If you’re looking for a good all-round joint supplement for your dog at a decent price, then JointSure is a great place to start.

The supplement is designed to promote healthy joint mobility, sooth joint stiffness and support joint structure. Dogs of any age can take the supplement, but it’s particularly recommended for stiff or senior dogs.

Any size of dog can be treated with JointSure; you just change the dosage accordingly depending on the size of your pooch. The tablets can be crumbled into your dog’s normal food to sneak them into their diet without fuss, too.

Manufactured in the UK, JointSure contains seven active and natural ingredients. However, if your dog has a shellfish allergy, this isn’t suitable.

Key features Top three ingredients: Glucosamine, green lipped mussel, vitamin C; Dog size: Any (adjust dosage accordingly); Dog age: Any; Flavour: Not stated

2. YuMOVE Senior Dog High Strength Hip and Joint Supplement: Best senior dog joint supplement

Price: £32 (120 tablets) | Buy now from Amazon

Older dogs often benefit most from joint supplements, and these tablets are designed specifically to aid stiff joints and promote mobility. They have added N-acetyl D-glucosamine for lubricating and cushioning the joints, and there are also extra levels of Omega 3s compared to YuMove’s standard adult formula.

YuMove says the tablets are clinically proven to work in six weeks, with double dosing recommended when you first start using the tablets with your dog. The tablets are suitable for any size dog, you just need to vary the dosage to match.

The tablets have an added fish flavour to make them appealing to your dog, and you can sneak them into your dog’s food if they’re a little on the fussy side, but those who are particularly sensitive to tablets may benefit from some of the others on our list instead.

Key features – Top three ingredients: Glucosamine HCl, green lipped mussel, N-acetyl D-glucosamine; Dog size: Any; Dog age: Senior (8+); Flavour: Fish

3. YuMove One-A-Day for Small Dogs: Best dog joint supplement for small dogs

Price: £7 (30 tablets) | Buy now from Amazon

Small dogs need just as much care as their larger brethren, which is why tablets such as these are perfect for keeping your little friend in perfect working order.

Designed for dogs up to 15kg, the simple one-a-day formula of YuMove Tablets makes it easy to get the supplements into your dog with the minimum of fuss. Shaped like a treat, simply give it to your dog as part of their daily treat routine, or sneak into their food if you have to.

This tablet features high-strength glucosamine to help protect the cartilage between joints. For the first four to six weeks of usage, it’s recommended that you give double the recommended daily dose of the tablets (so two chews) while the supplement is building up inside your dog’s system.

Key features – Top three ingredients: Glucosamine hal, green lipped mussel, hyaluronic acid; Dog size: Small; Dog age: Any; Flavour: Not stated

4. Protexin Veterinary Dasuquin Joint Health Supplement: Best dog joint supplement for large dogs

Price: £47 (40 tablets) | Buy now from Amazon

Large dogs can often suffer from joint problems thanks to their sheer size and weight. It can therefore be a good idea to think about supplements to help with their joints even from a relatively young age.

Dasuquin features ASU (avocado-soybean unsaponifiables), which is designed to nourish and support cartilage and encourage normal movement.

The tablets in the bottle are chewable, and feature a “natural” flavour to help your dog take them without fuss, though sneaking them into your dog’s food is an option, too. It’s recommended that you feed double the amount when you first use the tablets, dropping down to a normal dose for “maintenance” after a few weeks.

Key features – Top three ingredients: Glucosamine hal, chondroitin sulphate, ASU powder; Dog size: Large (over 25kg); Dog age: Any; Flavour: Not stated

5. YuCARE MultiVits Supplement for Young Dogs: Best dog joint supplement for young and active dogs

Price: £35 (120 tablets) | Buy now from Amazon

Although young dogs aren’t necessarily in need of as much joint care as older ones, everyday wellness is always a good idea.

These “MultiVits” are an all-round six-in-one solution that not only promote healthy joints, but also give your young dog a boost to other things such as skin and coat, digestion, immunity, heart and brain development.

This type of tablet is great for giving you peace of mind that your dog is getting all the vitamins and minerals they need, especially in young and developing dogs, which may not always get it directly from their diets.

Suitable for any breed of dog, you can give these to your dog so long as they’ve started on solid food. The tablets are chewy and designed to be administered just like a treat. You can also give them to any size of dog, simply adjusting the dosage accordingly.

Key features – Top three ingredients: Fructo-oligosaccharides, mannan-oligosaccharides, salmon oil; Dog size: Any; Dog age: Young; Flavour: Not stated

6. Vet’s Kitchen Health Joint Supplement Gravy: Best dog joint supplement for fussy dogs

Price: £15 (300ml) | Buy now from Amazon

If you’ve got a dog that isn’t a fan of taking tablets, then the liquid formula of this supplement “gravy” can be an easier way to administer supplements for your dog.

This Vet’s Kitchen Gravy contains several natural additives including glucosamine and chondroitin to target joint and cartilage health and is particularly recommended for active dogs.

With a tasty chicken flavour, the sauce is also hypoallergenic and free from beef, soya, dairy and wheat. Simply add it to your dog’s food (1x 5ml teaspoonful per 10kg bodyweight) per day.

This product can be a little costly, especially if you have a larger animal, but if you have a fussy dog, it might be worth the extra investment to avoid the stresses of trying to feed them tablets.

Key features – Top three ingredients: Purified water, glucosamine hydrochloride, xantham fum; Dog size: Any; Dog age: Any; Flavour: Chicken

7. Ivvi Hip & Joint Supplements For Dogs: Best natural dog joint supplement

Price: £25 (60 tablets) | Buy now from Amazon

If you’re concerned about feeding your dog only naturally derived ingredients, then these supplements could be just the ticket.

The active ingredients in these tablets such as glucosamine, turmeric and vitamin C are designed to act as an anti-inflammatory, providing joint pain relief or supporting dogs with an active lifestyle. There are no artificial ingredients or flavourings in here either, giving you extra peace of mind, especially for any dogs with allergies or intolerances.

They’re suitable for any size of dog: you just change the dosage required depending on the size. The supplements are designed to be easy to administer, with a chewable design and tasty chicken flavour, so you shouldn’t need to hide them in food, as they can be used like treats.

Key features – Top three ingredients: Glucosamine hal, MSM, green lipped mussel powder; Dog size: Any; Dog age: Any; Flavour: Chicken

8. Canivet Dog Joint Care Supplements: Best value dog joint supplement

Price: £25 (300 Tablets) |Buy now from Amazon

The price supplements can quickly mount up, but the cost comes down with options that can be bought in larger quantities, like these tablets from Canivet.

The tablets feature a number of key active ingredients specifically designed for boosting your dog’s joints, such as glucosamine and green lipped mussel. They’re also rich in Omega 3 for all of its health benefits too.

Tablets are suitable for dogs of any age and size — you just need to adjust the dosage depending on the size of the dog. The tablets are chewable so if you have a tolerant dog, you might find you can simply feed them like a treat, but they’re also crushable so you can sprinkle them over their main meal as an alternative for fussy dogs.

Key features -Top three ingredients: Glucosamine, MSM, Green Lipped Mussel; Dog Size: Any Dog; Age: Any; Flavour: Not Stated

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