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Latest Solar panels

Meet your energy needs the smart way
Solar panels

Bluetti’s EP760 battery storage system could help you minimise your energy costs and give you independence from the National Grid

solar panels on red roof with a blue sky in background
Types of solar panels: Which should you choose?
Solar panels

We reveal the pros and cons of different types of solar panel, from standard monocrystalline to glass-mounted transparent solar film designs

How much energy does a solar panel produce?
Solar panels

Solar panels generate electricity from the sun, but is it enough to power your home? We investigate solar panel energy output

Solar panels for boats: Power your boat economically
Solar panels

Charge your barge's battery, power your houseboat appliances and even run an engine using the best solar panels for boats

Best solar panel installer teaser
How to choose the best solar panel installers UK
Solar panels

To make your solar PV system a worthy investment, it needs to be set up properly. Here’s how to find the best solar panel installer.

The best solar panels for UK homes in 2024
Solar panels

Considering a switch to solar, but not sure which panels to pick? Here's our guide to choosing the best solar panel system for your home

Choose the best inverter for your solar panels
Solar panels

The inverter is the heart of a solar PV system. We explain how solar inverters work and help you pick the right inverter for your panels

Solar battery costs - teaser
Solar battery costs
Solar panels

A solar battery allows you to store electricity for use when the sun goes down. Here's our guide to the costs and benefits

Solar battery
What size solar battery do I need?
Solar panels

The right storage battery lets you use solar electricity in the dark, as well as when the sun shines – but it pays to get the right size

Pigeon proofing solar panels
Pigeon-proofing solar panels: How to keep birds off
Solar panels

Pigeon droppings and nests can cause havoc with solar panels, but simple measures will keep them away – humanely and affordably