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Latest Solar panels

Solar panels on sheds header
Power your shed with solar panels
Solar panels

Charge your tools, heat your greenhouse or take your outbuilding off-grid by swapping to solar panels

Commercial solar panels - workmen checking panels
Commercial solar panels: Cut your business costs
Solar panels

Solar panels could boost your firm's green credentials and slash your bills. Here's our guide to solar for business – including the cost

Tesla solar panels in the UK
Solar panels

Tesla sells its electric cars and solar batteries in the UK, but what about Tesla solar panels and solar roof tiles?

Cheap solar panels - solar panels on roof
Cheap solar panels: Should you buy budget?
Solar panels

Solar panel prices are falling, but very cheap panels are a false economy. Here's why it pays to buy the best solar panels

Ikea solar panels -teaser
IKEA solar panels: When can you go solar with IKEA?
Solar panels

IKEA sells solar panels all over the world, but not in the UK – for now. We reveal the latest on IKEA Solstråle panels

how efficient are solar panels - teaser
How efficient are solar panels?
Solar panels

How well do solar panels generate electricity and can they produce enough to power your entire home? We investigate

do you need planning permission for solar panels - teaser
Do you need planning permission for solar panels?
Solar panels

Should you get permission from the council before you install solar panels? Here's how to find out

in roof solar panels teaser
In-roof solar panels: What you need to know
Solar panels

Are integrated or in-roof solar panels right for your roof and your budget? Here's our guide

solar roof tiles teaser
Solar roof tiles: Turn your roof solar without panels
Solar panels

Solar tiles are the most attractive and durable way to go solar – if you can afford them

free solar panels teaser
Can you switch to solar for free?
Solar panels

Grants and local schemes can slash the cost of a solar PV system – in some cases to nothing