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What is Amazon Photos?

Debating how and where you should store your photos? Read on to know whether Amazon Photos is the solution for you

Amazon has yet again taken to providing us with a solution to our everyday struggles, this time with storage. Introducing Amazon Photos: a service that allows you to store an unlimited number of photos and videos from a range of devices, including your phone on the go or at home.

With a huge number of plans to choose from, you can be sure to find the best one for you. All you need is an Amazon account to be able to access the service. This includes any free trial account, Amazon Prime Student, and a household shared subscription.

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How does it work?

You can get access to Amazon Photos with an Amazon Prime membership subscription. They even throw in 5GB of free storage data at your disposal as a treat to Amazon Prime members. 

The app allows you to share, group and move your photos through the web no matter where you are. Simply upload your photos or videos from either your phone, tablet or desktop and save them in the Amazon Photos app. The app is compatible with Mac, Android and iOS as well as Amazon Fire devices. Not only can you manage your photos and videos between devices (ideal for family sharing), you can even set up when and how often you want your back-ups to run.

You have the option to backup your camera photos if you have the app on your phone. Likewise, you can add the app on your desktop and backup your computer photos. Additionally, you have the ability to edit your pictures on the Prime Photos website. 

What are the storage options?

As mentioned above, Amazon Prime members get unlimited photo storage and 5GB worth of video storage for free with Amazon Photos. The popular 100GB plan costs £16.99 /year, giving you 14 hours of HD video and 5,000 photos worth of storage. More importantly if you’re a photo-fanatic, the 1TB storage plan is by far the best value plan at £79.99 /year. This gives you room for 50,000 pictures and 140 hours of HD video to fill up. Fear not if this still doesn’t sound like enough, as there are a staggering 31 plans to choose from!

Should I use Amazon Photos?

Amazon Photos isn’t necessarily for everyone, however with the number of storage plans to choose from, you’re bound to find a plan that suits your storage needs. 

If you’re someone who is always on the go and often need extra storage capacity on your device for other data, Amazon Photos will be your safe-keeper. Moreover, choosing which photos to delete from your devices can be time consuming for those who dwell on their captured moments. Amazon Photos allows you to make room quickly and easily after having saved your pictures and videos so you can make those tough choices later.

You may also be the type to stress over misplaced images. There isn’t much need to worry about access as you can download the app and bring up your pictures and videos wherever you are.

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Is it worth it?

Let’s face it, who doesn’t need storage, and unlimited storage – now that’s something to get worked up about. The app is simple and easy to use as well as offering an organised space to store your memories. Not to mention that stored photos and videos can be shared between up to 6 people. The only issue with photos and videos being all in one place means that if something should happen to the Amazon Photos application, you may potentially lose the photos and videos that you have stored in the app.

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