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Best bath mat 2022: Style and substance for the bathroom floor

Best bath mat

Add character to a bland bathroom, while bidding bye-bye to soggy floors, with this selection of bath mats

As household essentials go, bath mats can be easy to dismiss as simply a bit of fabric onto which you step out after a bath or shower. And yet, an inadequate bathmat is the stuff of domestic nightmares: soggy, smelly and prone to slipping.

Luxury bath mats absolutely do exist, as you’ll soon see, but really the most important function of a bath mat is absorbency. It should also feel soft underfoot and include some form of grip to prevent any dangerous slips.

In terms of aesthetics, white is the obvious choice because it’s neutral and super-chic; but it won’t stay crisp and bright as the day it was purchased without serious TLC and hot washes. You can also pick up bath mats in a variety of finishes – including bobbles, tassels and pompoms – that add texture to your bathroom.

As mentioned, while a bath mat should be brilliant at soaking up water, it also needs to be able to dry quickly and easily – if it fails in this regard then expect the unpleasant smell of mildew to take over your bathroom fairly quickly.

All of the bath mats in our roundup are machine-washable – after all, life’s busy enough without having to hand-wash bath mats!

Below is our list of the best bath mats available now, catering to all budgets and tastes.

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Best bath mats: At a glance

How to choose the best bath mat for you

What material should I choose for my bath mat?

Short answer: an absorbent one. As such, cotton, towelling, sponge (or a mix of these) are all great picks. Water should soak into them, with sufficient material to retain it – particularly for children’s bath times, or for those who take long showers and have a loose attitude to water containment.

Beware of certain man-made fibres that can feel heavenly to the touch, but don’t suck in excess water so much as repel it, making them completely useless.

Should a bath mat be thick or thin?

This is essentially down to personal preference. However, opt for something that’s spongy and thick, and the main consideration becomes drying time. Some bath mats are undoubtedly lush, fluffy cushions; but is that worth it when they take hours to dry – or worse still, fail to ever really dry out completely?

Does a bath mat need to be non-slip?

Ideally, yes. Especially for anyone with mobility issues.

How often should bath mats be washed and how often should they be replaced?

Bath mats should be washed at least once a week, but busy households will need to do it more frequently than that if they want to avoid a persistent damp smell and general grubbiness.

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Best bath mats you can buy in 2022

1. Annecy Bath Mat: The best bath mat for elegance

Price: From £18 | Buy now from The White Company

This one is for those of us who either live – or dream of living – in a chateau. Elegant, pretty and stylish, each mat is individually hand-woven on a wooden shuttle loom and features a distinct but simple raised French-knot design.

And the good news is, it functions beautifully: it’s absorbent and weighty enough that it doesn’t slip about on the bathroom floor.

Key specs – Material: 100% reclaimed mixed fibres; Sizes available: Medium (50cm x 80cm), Large (70cm x 110cm); Colours available: 1

Buy now from The White Company

2. Luxury Hotel Extra Deep Bath Mat: The best bath mat for absorbency

Price: From £31 | Buy now from Tielle Love Luxury

This mat can be found in some of the most famous hotels around the world – including The Dorchester in London – so it’s little surprise that it smacks of luxury from the moment you open the packaging. Aside from the bright whiteness of the fabric, the first thing you’ll notice is the weight of the mat. It’s super-heavy which, it turns out, speaks to its brilliant absorbency. The towelling is thick-pile, so much so that it comes close to moving into cushion territory; but the underside is flat and non-slip. Those with palatial bathrooms will want to opt for the large size, but the small is far from diminutive.

If we had to criticise we’d say that drying time could be an issue if you don’t have a heated towel rail.

Key specs – Material: Cotton towelling; Size: Small (50cm x 80cm), Large (70cm x 120cm); Colours available: 1

Buy now from Tielle Love Luxury

3. Giant Bobble Bath Mat: The best bargain bath mat

Price: £16 | Buy now from Next

There’s something inherently fun and jolly about any item that features bobbles or pompoms – and this mat is no exception.

It feels pretty awesome underfoot, too, with the bobbles displaying just the right amount of ‘give’ to be malleable without being overly soft. What’s more, the entire mat absorbs water easily and then dries out like a dream.

The back of the mat has a sort of rubber film that makes it resolutely non-slip – it literally sticks fast to the floor. But beware, don’t fold it in half as you risk welding the grippy stuff together and making it tough to pull apart.

Key specs – Material: 74% polyester, 26% cotton Size: 70cm x 120cm; Colours available: 8

Buy now from Next

4. Ava Bath Mat: The best bath mat for versatility

Price: £18 | Buy now from La Redoute

So what exactly do we mean when we say “versatile” here? Well, it’s that this bath mat doesn’t look like your typical bath mat; it could just as easily pass as a decorative rug, thanks to fringed, tasselled edges and polka-dot patterning – both nods to traditional Berber rugs.

However, this mat is also super-absorbent, easily soaking up water without resistance, thanks to the sponge fibres within the body of the mat.

As is the case with all the mats that feature in this roundup, this bath mat is machine washable – but can also be tumble-dried, which is something of a bonus.

Key specs – Material: 100% cotton terry sponge; Size: 50cm x 80cm; Colours available: 1

Buy now from La Redoute

5. Egyptian Cotton Bath Mat: The best bath mat for practicality

Price: £22| Buy now from Scooms

Sporting a simple, classic design, this slim cotton towelling mat is soft without being overly fluffy. Comfortable underfoot, it will fit nicely in any bathroom.

Quick to dry and easy to store – this is a super-practical mat and will be especially appreciated by those who prefer their mats slim and lightweight. And this doesn’t come at the expense of absorbing water, either.

The only issue we have is that there’s no grip on the underside, which might not make it a top choice for those with mobility issues.

Key specs – Material: 100 % Egyptian Cotton; Size: 50cm x 80cm; Colours available: 3

Buy now from Scooms

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