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Sennheiser MM 200 review

Our Rating :
Price when reviewed : £75
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A lot of wires for a wireless headset. Great sounds, but the wires defeat the point.

Today’s mobile phones can make excellent MP3 players.

They cut down on the number of gadgets you need to buy, charge up and carry, and you’ll never miss a call because you’re listening to music.Another key advantage of using your phone as an MP3 player is compatibility with Bluetooth headsets. Most of these are single-ear designs for making calls and pretending to work for the Secret Service, but, like the Jaybird, Sennheiser’s MM 200 is designed for music too. Your phone will need to support Bluetooth with A2DP for it to stream music. Most current models do, but – contrary to Sennheiser’s website – the Sony Ericsson W800i doesn’t; we know because we tried it. Check your phone maker’s website to see if yours is A2DP compatible.

Setting the headset up to work with a newer W595 mobile was easy, and from then on the two devices connected whenever they were within about seven metres of each other. The phone automatically played music through the headset, interrupting it with calls and returning to playback when a call ended. Controls on the headset’s transceiver unit let you pause, skip tracks, adjust the volume, and answer and terminate calls. Call quality was up to scratch, with the microphone on the left headphone cable capturing speech clearly.

Music sounded superb, with deep, punchy bass and crisp higher frequencies. But it didn’t match the clarity and vitality of similarly priced wired headphones. The silicon ear pads created an airtight seal, reducing background noise but also turning the slightest movement in the cables into loud rumbles – less than ideal for use during exercise. The lack of a protective case is disappointing.

Our biggest gripe with the MM 200 is that it’s not really wireless. The transceiver is smaller and lighter than a phone to dangle around your neck or stick in a shirt pocket, but the connecting wires still get in the way. Although the sound quality is great, Sennheiser’s CX 400 produces exactly the same quality in a wired design that doesn’t need charging and works with any player. At less than half the price, that probably makes more sense.

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