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QPAD QH-85 review

Qpad QH-85
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Price when reviewed : £72
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This is a great gaming headset that delivers balanced bass, making it good for music too

The Qpad QH-85 is a gaming headset with 53mm drivers, 15K-25K frequency response and a detachable microphone. Its aluminium headband is covered with padded leather and its ear cups are surrounded by velour material. The padded leather provides ample cushioning, which makes the headphones comfortable.

Not only is the headband adjustable, the ear cups also tilt up and down and move slightly to the sides, so we had no trouble getting a snug fit.

The 53mm open-backed drivers are larger than the usual 40mm drivers we see in many gaming headsets. Bigger doesn’t equal better, but in this case the QH-85s sound superb, with accurate sound across the frequency range. With a clear mid-range, a crisp high-end and bass that has presence but doesn’t drown the rest of the mix, it helped bring Bioshock Infinite to life and worked just as well when watching films.

Qpad QH-85

Unlike many gaming headsets, which can produce too much bass, Qpad has found a great balance between low frequencies and the rest of the frequency range. However, the open-backed nature of this headset means it leaks a lot of sound. If you play games in the same room as someone else, they’ll quickly get irritated with the unwanted extra noise. You’ll struggle to get the best out of the Qpad unless you’re listening to your source material at high volumes, so it’s best suited for solitary gaming.

The boom microphone is removable if you don’t need it for general use, and is attached on a bendy arm that you can pull closer or move further away from your mouth. The in-line volume dial has a switch to mute the microphone should you not want to transmit audio. We had no complaints about voice quality when making Skype calls or during in-game conversations, and the foam shield helped reduce unwanted breathing sounds. Qpad also bundles an adaptor with the QH-85 that lets you use the headset with a smartphone, which is handy if you want to make calls with the headset.

As a gaming headset, the QH-85 is incredibly well-rounded. It’s built to an exacting standard, fits comfortably and delivers fantastic sound for games and films. Unlike many gaming headsets, its balanced bass also makes it great for music. The open-back design makes it unsuitable for use away from the PC, but if you’re looking for something just for games, this is an excellent choice.

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