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Top 10 things that sci-fi predicted correctly

When fiction came before fact


6. Bluetooth headsets

No street corner is complete without some expletive screaming into a Bluetooth headset, and for that we can thank Star Trek. Yes, you heard it right. Star Trek predicted the Bluetooth headset, so the next time you watch someone bark their takeaway order into an ear-mounted microphone as if they were explaining the Magna Carta to King John for the very first time, you know where that technology came from.

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Star Trek Bluetooth Headset A Star Trek Bluetooth Headset

5. Mobile phones

Ever since we first watched Jim Kirk request a popular brand of whisky via a handheld mobile communications device, we’ve wanted to do the same. Thankfully, it would only be a couple of decades before the Star Trek communicator became a reality, but the first models suffered from a serious bug that meant they could only work if you screamed “buy!” and “sell!” in to them at ear-splitting volumes. Within a few years, however, various manufacturers had invented devices that let users hold regular conversations. The ability to speak to practically anyone, anywhere in the world, from almost anywhere in the world, is now something we take for granted.

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Jim Kirk Communicator Star Trek predicted the mobile phone

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