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Latest Hearing aids

how long do hearing aid batteries last
Find out how long hearing aid batteries last?
Hearing aids

Hearing aid batteries require regular replacement. Here's how to make yours last as long as possible

Specsavers hearing aid offers - teaser
Specsavers hearing aid offers: The best deals
Hearing aids

We round up the best Specsavers hearing deals, including offers on rechargeable hearing aids and TV streamers

specsavers hearing aid problems - teaser
Specsavers hearing aid problems and how to solve them
Hearing aids

Hearing aids are hard-working devices that will occasionally need fixing, so here's our guide to solving problems and getting help

Bluetooth hearing aids - teaser
Bluetooth hearing aids: Stream enhanced audio
Hearing aids

Stream enhanced audio directly into your ears from your phone, TV and other connected devices with Bluetooth hearing aids

In-ear (ITE) hearing aids: Enhance your hearing discreetly
Hearing aids

If you want a discreet hearing aid that packs sound-enhancing power, go for ITE. Here's our guide to in-ear hearing aids

Invisible hearing aids: The smallest hearing aids ever
Hearing aids

The latest in-canal hearing aids are so tiny that no-one can see you're wearing them. Here's our guide to invisible hearing aids

Rechargeable hearing aids: Everything you need to know
Hearing aids

Ditch disposable batteries and power up your hearing wherever you are. Here's our guide to rechargeable hearing aids

Our guide to Specsavers’ hearing aid prices
Hearing aids

Specsavers does more than just glasses – here’s our guide to Specsavers’ hearing aids and their prices

Bone anchored hearing aids: Everything you need to know
Hearing aids

Bone anchored hearing aids send sound directly to your inner ear, leaving your outer ear completely free. Here's what you need to know

How to put ITE and BTE hearing aids in
Hearing aids

Hearing aids are an invaluable piece of kit for aural quality of life. Here’s how to put them in properly