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AVG Technologies LiveKive review

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Price when reviewed : £35
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LiveKive is good value and there are some useful options, but the idiosyncratic interface makes it a frustrating service to use


Files can also be synchronised between two different computers across the internet so you always have the most up-to-date versions of files that you’re currently working on without having to carry around a USB disk. You can only synchronise files which you’ve chosen to back up, but you’ll most likely have added these to your plan anyway. Versioning is supported so if you make an alteration you later regret you can revert to an older version of a file.

Backed up files can also be shared with others, even if they don’t have LiveKive accounts. Again, setup is a little fussy since you can’t simply right click on a file to share it; you have to go through a wizard in the AVG program first. Once that’s done, anyone with a web browser and your chosen password can download your shared files, either individual files or all at once with a single click.

LiveKive iOS

Sadly there’s no web interface for viewing and restoring your backed-up files, since the LiveKive program encrypts and decrypts everything as it’s uploaded and downloaded. There are iOS and Android smartphone apps (left) for viewing your backed up files and files shared by other LiveKive users, but files stored on smartphones can’t be uploaded to your online storage.

Although LiveKive is aggressively priced, the fussy interface and numerous odd design choices mean we can’t recommend it wholeheartedly. We’d rather use Dropbox for general online storage and Livedrive for online backups.

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