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Nvidia GeForce GTX 570 review

Our Rating :
Price when reviewed : £282
inc VAT

The best choice for die-hard gamers today, but we’d wait for AMD’s efforts before making a purchase.


The card itself is pretty familiar looking. Like the GTX 580 it’s not too huge at 267mm long, and so should fit in the vast majority of PC cases. The card has two 6-pin power connectors, and draws a fairly scary 219W under load. You’ll need a hefty power supply then to run it then, but it doesn’t need a 8-pin power connector like some high-end cards. There’s the usual pair of DVI outputs, plus a HDMI 1.4a port with support for all the latest 3D standards, plus the ability to output HD audio bitstreams such as Dolby True HD.

There’s little to compare the GTX 570 to at present. It obviously outclasses all Nvidia’s other cards, leaving the GTX 580 looking overpriced and trouncing all the older and lesser models. AMD has been dragging its heels when it comes to releasing its Cayman codenamed top-end cards. The fastest card in its current range is the capable HD 6870, it scores a very respectable 38.8fps in our Stalker test, but at around £100 less it’s obviously in a different class.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 570 a

All the usual vendors have produced versions of the card, we tested Nvidia’s reference sample and Zotac’s identical iteration for this review. We’d recommend shopping around online, and checking all the various manufacturers for the best possible price, as these are fluctuating rapidly at present, though you should be able to pick up a GTX 570 for around £280 inc VAT

For now then, the GTX 570 is the performance graphics card to buy, and so we’ve given it the appropriate Ultimate award. However, we’d feel nervous about betting £280 on a card, when the competition hasn’t shown its hand.

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Basic Specifications

Price £282
Rating *****
Award Ultimate
Interface PCI Express x16 2.0
Crossfire/SLI SLI
Slots taken up 2
Brand nVidia
Graphics Processor Nvidia GeForce GTX 570
Memory 1,280MB GDDR5
Memory interface 320-bit
GPU clock speed 732MHz
Memory speed 1.90GHz
Card length 267mm


Architecture 480 stream processors
Anti aliasing 32x
Anisotropic filtering 16x


DVI outputs 2
VGA outputs 0
S-video output no
S-Video input no
Composite outputs no
Composite inputs no
Component outputs no
HDMI outputs 1
Power leads required 2x 6-pin PCI Express


Accessories N/A
Software included N/A

Benchmark Results

3DMark Vantage 1680 N/A
Call of Duty 4 1680 4xAA 89.0fps
Call of Duty 4 1440 4xAA 89.2fps
Crysis 1680 High 4xAA 68.5fps
Crysis 1440 High 4xAA 78.0fps

Buying Information

Warranty one-year RTB
Price £282

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