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Do Coffee Makers Boil Water?

Read on to discover the water temperature coffee makers use and the easiest methods to boil water

We all know that coffee makers produce our tasty, enlivening daily brew by combining coffee grounds and heated water, but a common query among users is whether coffee makers actually boil water? To better understand the water-heating process of your coffee maker and the temperature it’s aiming for, read on. Following our explainer, you’ll find our recommended solutions for boiling water quickly and simply.

What water temperatures do coffee makers operate at?

To answer the question at the crux of this article: most coffee makers do not boil water. While some advanced models do have settings for preparing boiling water for teas and other drinks, your standard drip coffee maker will heat water to just below boiling (212°F) and maintain that temperature throughout its operation cycle. The majority of drip coffee machines heat water to somewhere between 180°F to 205°F.

The reason that coffee makers avoid raising the temperature of water to a boil is that boiling water is too hot for making coffee. It will burn the coffee grounds, resulting in an acrid, unpleasant-tasting brew. The ideal temperature range for brewing coffee is generally agreed to be 195°F to 205°F, with some variation dependent on the brewing method and type of coffee used.

The best methods to boil water at home

Sadly, if you need to boil some water for brewing tea or cooking, your coffee maker won’t be your new go-to. However, there are plenty of easy ways to boil water at home, including:

Stovetop – The simplest and most common method is to add water to a pot and heat it on your stovetop. It will take about 8-10 minutes in a standard-size pot.

Microwave – Another handy option is to use your microwave, which will boil water in around 2-4 minutes depending on its wattage and the amount of water you’re wanting to heat. Some safety points to note if using this method: ensure you use a microwave-safe container, and to stir the water beforehand. Adding a wooden object such as a coffee stirrer or chopstick to the water can also help prevent the water from becoming unstable when you remove it from the microwave.

Electric kettle – These may not be that common in the US, however electric kettles are becoming increasingly popular as a means of boiling water. Easy to fill and simple to operate, a 3,000W kettle, such as the KitchenAid Pro Line, can boil 35fl oz of water in just over two minutes.

Boiling water faucet – Want boiling water on demand? Installing a dedicated boiling water tank and faucet system, such as one of InSinkErator’s models, will provide you with the quickest and most direct access to boiling water over any of the other methods featured here.

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