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How Much is a King Size Mattress?

How much is a king size mattress - featured. A king size mattress on a king size bed with table lamps on both sides

With prices ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, we run through key factors to consider when buying a king size mattress

There’s no feeling quite like sprawling out on a king-sized bed after a long day, but opt for the wrong mattress and you could be putting both your back and bank balance under strain. So before you take the plunge and order yourself a brand new mattress, it’s worth doing some research.

Size is only one factor that can impact both the quality of your sleep and the price tag of the mattress. Mattress type, composition and any extra features are all important to consider if you want the most suitable mattress at the best price.

Read on to discover how much you should be spending on your new king size mattress.

How big is a king size mattress?

Lauren Fountain, certified sleep science coach and senior product editor at the Sleep Foundation, writes: “In the US, the six most common mattress sizes are twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and California king”. The king is one of the largest and the widest standard mattress sizes available, at 76 x 80in.

Making up an impressive surface area of 6,080in², king size mattresses are ideal for:

  • Sleeping partners who like some extra space
  • Parents co-sleeping with children or fur babies
  • Those with bedrooms measuring 12 x 12ft or larger

What’s the difference between a king and a California king mattress?

It’s all in the numbers – or, more precisely, 4in. At 72 x 84in, the California king is 4in narrower but 4in longer than the king. This makes it a better option for tall people seeking to spread out; however, depending on the retailer, you could be charged extra for those 4in.

Can I buy a mattress larger than king size?

For those whose dream mattress is even more generously sized than the king or California king, there are companies that offer the Texas king (80 x 98in), Wyoming king (84 x 84in), and even the massive Alaskan king (108 x 108in) size mattresses.

However, as certified sleep science coach McKenzie Hyde points out in her blog post for Amerisleep: “These sizes can be trickier to find, with many of them requiring you to order a custom mattress from a manufacturer. You may also need to hunt for specialty bedding and frames that fit these sizes”. All of which renders them quite the investment.

How much is a king size mattress?

As you browse, you’re likely to find king size mattresses from super budget-friendly $500, through to less accessible price points nearing $4,000. This is because not all mattresses are created equal – although this doesn’t necessarily mean that the most expensive option will always be the best choice for you.

On average, a good-quality king size mattress will likely set you back around $1,200 – $1,700, there will still be some gems to be had around the $500 – $800 mark, though. Ultimately, how much you pay for your king size mattress will depend on these factors:

Being the largest of the standard sizes, the king mattress will always command a more expensive price. For example, the king Emma Original five-layer foam mattress currently retails at $1,459, while the queen costs $1,159, and the twin comes in at only $659.

Having said that, according to Lauren Fountain: “While king size dimensions are generally standard, exact measurements can vary slightly between mattress companies”. Making sure the king you buy is of the standard size could help avoid running into extra costs when you’re shopping for bedding.

Some mattress types are more affordable than others. As Marc Werner, the founder and CEO of GhostBed, writes, innerspring mattresses are usually the most budget-friendly options, priced at an average of $850 for a queen versus $1,650 for a hybrid mattress of the same size. Hybrid mattresses tend to be the most expensive, but note that the price can vary greatly depending on the number and composition of their layers (see Layers, below).

How much is a king size mattress. Close up of layers of different mattress fillings including latex, foam and spring

Latex usually costs more than foam, especially if it’s pure and organic; but you can find hybrid mattresses with latex, foam or a combination of the two at similar price points. When it comes to foam, memory foam tends to hike up the price over the use of lower-quality polyfoam, with gel infused memory foam usually the most expensive.

Generally, the more layers a mattress has, the more expensive it will be. Some hybrid mattresses contain as many as 12 different types of foam or latex and spring. These layers often come with specific benefits and technologies, for which you may have to pay extra.

Comparing Nectar’s most and least expensive hybrid mattresses as an example, the $1,499 Nectar Hybrid Mattress comprises six layers including a breathable cooling cover, dynamic Transition layer and ActiveSupport base layer for stability. At $2,549, the Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid Mattress is made up of seven layers, adding the ActiveLift layer of “ultra-supportive foam” and upgrading to a breathable, dual-action cooling copper cover with antimicrobial protection.

Unless you’re specifically looking for features such as cooling, extra support for chronic conditions or antimicrobial properties, you can probably opt for the cheaper mattress in a range. Also, pay attention to the fabrics and materials from which the mattress is made. Not surprisingly, technologically innovative and organic fabrics will inflate the price of the mattress.

Is there a sale on?
Why buy your mattress at full price when you can bag a bargain? Most mattress retailers have sales around holidays and special events, such as Memorial Day, the 4th of July or Black Friday. During these times you can find the mattress of your dreams for less, so sometimes it pays to wait before you buy.

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