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The 25 Most Sold Cars in the USA in 2023

The 25 most sold cars in the USA - featured. Heavy traffic on one of the freeways crossing East San Francisco bay area

Here’s everything you need to know about the most popular cars in America

Shopping for a new ride? Take a look at the latest data on car sales across America. Whether you prefer a pickup, an SUV or something a little more compact, before making your choice it’s wise to check out how others have spent their hard-earned cash buying new cars this year.

There are plenty of brands and models to choose from. Ford is enduringly popular across the country, but entries from Toyota, Tesla, Subaru and classic Chevys all put up stiff competition, with newer models, upgrades and EVs all throwing interest into the mix. Read on to find out where your chosen vehicle ranks in this year’s list of the most sold cars in the country.

The 25 most sold cars in the USA in 2023

1. Ford F-Series

750,789 sold 25 most sold cars in the USA. Ford F Series on an empty lot

Firmly in first place sits Ford’s ubiquitous F-Series. Sales figures include 24,165 sales of Ford’s electric F-150 Lightning pickup, but even without those this truck is way out in front. Solid, reliable and an icon among vehicles – no wonder it’s been the best-selling car in America for more than four decades.

2. Chevy Silverado

543,319 sold25 most sold cars in the USA. The white Chevy Silverado 2500 surrounded by woods outdoors

Impressive combined numbers from the light-duty 1500 and heavy-duty Silverado keep this full-size pickup securely in its long-standing second-place spot.

3. Ram Pickup

444,926 sold25 most sold cars in the USA. Dodge RAM 1500 on the road leading through the volcanic landscape of Lanzarote

It’s the only pickup in the top 10 to experience a slight decline in sales compared to last year, but the Ram Pickup is still a hugely popular vehicle, confirming America’s love for big trucks – and the upcoming 2025 model is expected to return the brand to growth.

4. Toyota RAV4

434,943 sold25 most sold cars in the USA. Front view of white Toyota RAV4 2018 parked in the snow

The RAV4 is not only Toyota’s best-selling car, it’s the most popular SUV in the country, with an increase in sales of 9% over last year. It’s a vehicle that shows no sign of going anywhere. There are exciting rumors abound of a facelifted model coming soon.

5. Tesla Model Y

403,897 sold (estimate)25 most sold cars in the USA. Side view of the Tesla Model Y car with buildings in the background

Tesla doesn’t break down its sales figures, so this placement is extrapolated from Tesla sales trackers. What’s for sure is that the Model Y was the best-selling EV in the world in 2022, easily making fifth place here and topping the regional charts in many states.

6. Honda CR-V

361,457 soldThe 25 most sold cars in the USA. HONDA CR-V on display at The 44th Bangkok International Motor Show 2023 on 20 March - 2 April 2023 at IMPACT MUNAG THONG THANI

Another mainstay in the top ten, the Honda CR-V had a good year after supply problems impacted sales its previous year. The release of the sixth-generation model has seen it make up some serious ground (up 52%) and cement its place high up the rankings.

7. GMC Sierra

295,737 sold25 most sold cars in the USA. GMC Sierra 1500 pickup parked at a dealership with plants and buildings behind it
Widely praised for its well-thought-out tech, the GMC Sierra is a pickup that offers serviceable size, space and utility for a reasonable price – sales have climbed 22% on last year’s figures.

8. Toyota Camry

290,649 sold25 most sold cars in the USA. Toyota Camry 2019 on road during test drive

To absolutely no-one’s surprise, the Toyota Camry retains its title as the best-selling sedan in America, with sales leapfrogging big-name SUVs. Eternally comfortable and economical, its sales are expected to remain strong with the imminent emergence of the 2025 model.

9. Nissan Rogue

271,458 sold25 most sold cars in the USA. Side view of a parked Nissan Rogue with trees and more parked cars in background

The Rogue is Nissan’s only vehicle to make it into the list, but this SUV remains in high demand thanks to its attractive exterior and smooth ride. With the combined appeal of the Nissan Rogue and the (now discontinued) Rogue Sport, the brand saw a 45.6% increase in sales this year.

10. Jeep Grand Cherokee

244, 595 sold25 most sold cars in the USA. Side view of a green Jeep Grand Cherokee with mountains behind it

2023 saw strong sales for the still-young Grand Cherokee. This mid-size SUV comes in a range of models with high-end add-ons for those seeking a premium adventure on the highways.

11. Toyota Tacoma

234, 768 soldThe 25 most sold cars in the USA. A Toyota Tacoma truck parked on the street in the background of leafless trees

The do-it-all Toyota Tacoma pickup made an impressive showing this year, especially since many buyers have been biding their time for the delayed 2024 model. Popular with families and for hauling equipment around whatever the terrain, the Tacoma will surely be back even stronger next year.

12. Toyota Corolla

232,370 sold25 most sold cars in the USA. Side view of a Toyota Corolla as it drives on road by mountains

Another top seller from Toyota, the Corolla earns its crown as the best-selling compact car in the country, comfortably beating its closest rival the Honda Civic. Safe, reliable and ideal for city driving, this hybrid is predictable but very popular.

13. Tesla Model 3

213,000 sold (estimated)25 most sold cars in the USA. Black Tesla Model 3 on a road with trees in background

Again, Tesla stats are necessarily estimates, but it’s safe to say the Tesla Model 3 sedan remains an impressively popular car choice for Americans looking for a fun and speedy tech-led EV.

14. Chevrolet Equinox

212, 701 sold25 most sold cars in the USA. Angled view of a parked black Chevrolet Equinox in front of a field

Chevrolet’s best-selling Equinox SUV hasn’t had an update for a few years, but sales remain steady. And we can expect a boost next year, when a new model arrives with a center console, twin digital displays and plenty of other updated flourishes.

15. Hyundai Tucson

209, 624 sold25 most sold cars in the USA. Angled view of a parked silver Hyundai Tucson

The stylish and practical Hyundai Tucson compact crossover is available in hybrid, plug-in hybrid and nonhybrid variants – and the release of an updated model towards the end of the year brought a 20% sales increase for the Korean brand, helping Hyundai score its only top 25 place.

16. Honda Civic

200,381 soldThe 25 most sold cars in the USA. January 10, 2018: Honda Civic car shown at the Brussels Motor Show.

Honda’s sedans and hatchbacks go from strength to strength, and the Civic and the Civic Hybrid continue to amass fans with their combination of practicality and fun at an affordable price. 2025 sees the hybrid getting a freshen-up with even slicker interiors.

17. Honda Accord

197,947 sold25 most sold cars in the USA. Angled view of a Honda Accord 9 on the road

Honda redesigned the Accord for 2023, and was rewarded with a 28% uplift in sales. Despite stiff competition from rival brands and an increasing swing towards SUVs, that cemented this popular sedan’s top 20 position.

18. Ford Explorer

186,799 sold25 most sold cars in the USA. White Ford Explorer SUV Car with the roof rack cargo box on a road.

In its 2000s heyday the Explorer was selling almost half a million units a year; today those numbers have dropped off, with a 10% decline in sales in the past 12 months, but the Ford Explorer still outsells the rival three-row SUV Toyota Highlander. Fans of the powerful suburban family shuttle clearly still appreciate its size, software and cargo space.

19. Toyota Highlander

169,543 sold25 most sold cars in the USA. Front and side view of a parked Toyota Highlander

Toyota saw a huge 24% sales decline on the Highlander this year, but that might not be bad news for the brand overall: many prospective buyers were seduced away by the debut of the Toyota Grand Highlander, which is bigger, better and newer in the field. And even so, the Highlander still makes it into the top 20 on sales, trading on the success of its 2020 model.

20. Subaru Outback

161,814 sold25 most sold cars in the USA. A white Subaru Outback off-road car with a box for skis near a modern building.

Edging into 20th place, the Subaru Outback is the company’s top-selling model in the US, with sales up almost 10% year on year. Off-road wagon-adjacent styling helps this SUV stand out in a crowded market, just beating out its more diminutive sibling, the Crosstrek.

21. Subaru Crosstrek

159,193 soldThe 25 most sold cars in the USA. Subaru Crosstrek SUV 2023 Test Drive Day Jan 10, 2023 in Hong Kong. Car on a road in the mountains

Sliding in right behind the Outback is the subcompact Crosstrek, with its affordable and utility-focused offering. It’s economical, comfortable and has benefited from its latest upgrade.

22. Jeep Wrangler

156,581 sold25 most sold cars in the USA. A blue Jeep Gladiator Rubicon truck 4x4 off road and parked on an old airport runway. The vehicle is covered in dust from off roading

The Jeep Wrangler’s classic outdoor styling makes it a timelessly popular truck. This year’s sales dipped by 14%, but Jeep will hope that its 2024 redo will give numbers a boost in the competition with other mid-sizes like the Ford Bronco.

23. Mazda CX-5

153,808 sold25 most sold cars in the USA. Angled view of a parked red Mazda CX5

The only Mazda to make the list, the CX-5 squeaks in as the company’s top-selling model. Owners like its relative luxury and stylish design, making this a favorite for city dwellers looking for a compact crossover.

24. Subaru Forester

152,566 sold25 most sold cars in the USA. Subaru Forester with rooftop tent parked in Big Creek Campground, Montana

It places a little behind Subaru’s Outback and Crosstrek models, but the Forester covers the basics well with plenty of cargo space. With a huge 34% leap over last year’s sales, it’s unarguably an America-wide bestseller.

25. Ford Escape

140,968 sold25 most sold cars in the USA. Side view of a white Ford Escape AWD parked at a car dealership

The Ford Escape – Ford’s most mainstream crossover – received a facelift for 2023, giving it a fresher feel, while non-hybrid, hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions provide options for all driving scenarios – enough to help it cling onto a top-25 place.

Most popular cars in America by state

Did your car make the list? The Ford F-Series may be the most-sold car in America, but it’s not the bestselling model in every state. In fact, nationwide, Toyota sold more vehicles overall than Ford, with eight states choosing either the Toyota RAV4 or the Tacoma as their most in-demand car. Ten others preferred the Chevrolet Silverado, while eight states picked the Tesla Model Y as their top choice of car.

See how your favorite vehicle ranks state by state as we break down the top models by region:

StateFavorite vehicleStateFavorite vehicle
AlabamaFord F-SeriesMontanaFord F-Series
AlaskaChevrolet SilveradoNebraskaChevrolet Silverado
ArizonaChevrolet SilveradoNevadaTesla Model Y
ArkansasGMC SierraNew HampshireFord F-Series
CaliforniaTesla Model YNew JerseyTesla Model Y
ColoradoTesla Model YNew MexicoFord F-Series
ConnecticutToyota RAV4New YorkHonda CR-V
DelawareFord F-SeriesNorth CarolinaToyota RAV4
Washington D.C.Tesla Model YNorth DakotaChevrolet Silverado
FloridaFord F-SeriesOhioHonda CR-V
GeorgiaFord F-SeriesOklahomaFord F-Series
HawaiiToyota TacomaOregonToyota RAV4
IdahoFord F-SeriesPennsylvaniaToyota RAV4
IllinoisHonda CR-VPuerto RicoToyota RAV4
IndianaChevrolet SilveradoRhode IslandToyota RAV4
IowaChevrolet SilveradoSouth CarolinaFord F-Series
KansasFord F-SeriesSouth DakotaFord F-Series
KentuckyChevrolet SilveradoTennesseeFord F-Series
LouisianaFord F-SeriesTexasFord F-Series
MaineFord F-SeriesUtahFord F-Series
MarylandTesla Model YVermontFord F-Series
MassachusettsToyota RAV4VirginiaTesla Model Y
MichiganFord F-SeriesWashingtonTesla Model Y
MinnesotaChevrolet SilveradoWest VirginiaChevrolet Silverado
MississippiFord F-SeriesWisconsinChevrolet Silverado
MissouriFord F-SeriesWyomingFord F-Series

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