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Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday TV deals 2023: Discounts on LED, QLED, Mini LED and OLED models

Looking for the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday TV deals? Our roundup showcases big discounts from LG, Sony, Samsung and more

We’ve been monitoring the best Black Friday TV deals since the start of the month but now the day itself has been and gone we’re turning our attention to Cyber Monday TV deals.

Some of the great TV deals we’ve seen over the past few weeks are still available but are likely to finish at midnight on Cyber Monday (27 November).

That means you don’t have too long to take advantage of some of the biggest discounts we’ve seen all year.

Amidst a whirlwind of discounts and promotions, finding the best Cyber Monday TV deals can be a daunting task. Especially with so many TVs available in varying sizes and models.

At Expert Reviews, we understand the art of deal hunting, having honed our skills through coverage of countless sales events. We’ve also tested an extensive range of televisions, meaning we can separate the deal delights from the deal duds. So rest assured, the TV deals we are endorsing on this page are worth your time (and your money), whether they are high-end or budget-friendly sets.

Before we get into the deals, a quick disclaimer: we’re not saying that these TVs won’t fall again in price over the next few months. The reality is that most tech depreciates over time, so this year’s models will likely see further reductions when 2024 ranges are launched. So if you’re willing to wait, you may well find the TVs listed below for less in the New Year.

Should you wish to have a gander at other Cyber Monday deals beyond just TVs, we’ll be collating them over on our Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals hub. With all that out of the way, let’s jump into our pick of the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday TV deals available online in the UK, arranged in price order.

The best Black Friday and Cyber Monday TV deals in 2023

Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday TV deals: Under £300

1. 24in Panasonic MS480B (was £249; now £198)

Despite the shift to larger screen sizes, there’s still reasonable demand for small TVs and the MS480B is a well-specified model that runs the Android TV OS, has Chromecast built-in and supports Full HD resolution, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. It’s had £50 knocked off its price ahead of Black Friday, meaning you can now pick it up for under £200.

Other sizes on offer: 32in (£229)

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2. 43in Toshiba UF3D (was £349; now £229)

Toshiba’s UF3D may not have a flashy OLED panel like the LG C3 above, nor does it come with a Sky TV package like the Sky Glass below, but it’s a much cheaper option and will do the job if you’re looking for an entry-level 4K TV for streaming. It runs Amazon’s Fire TV operating system but provides access to a wide range of apps and services outside of the Amazon ecosystem, including Freeview Play and Netflix, supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos and boasts integrated speakers and a subwoofer designed by Onkyo. If you like the look of it but want improved picture quality, it’s worth checking out its stablemate the QF5D, which is able to deliver richer colours thanks to a Quantum Dot filter. That TV is also on offer and will set you back just £283 – a £16 discount on its usual price.

Other sizes on offer: 55in (£318) and 65in (£360)

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3. 50in Hisense A6K (was £369; now £279)

Best Black Friday TV deals - Hisense A6KHere’s another all-time low Black Friday deal, this time on a more affordable 50in Hisense A6K. It’s also a 4K UHD TV with Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos and DTS Virtual:X support meaning you’ll get rich pictures and 3D sound for a fully fleshed out TV experience. The previous record low price was £319 according to CamelCamelCamel and while we haven’t reviewed it at length, we did review the Hisense A6G pretty favourably back in 2022 and the A6K is a newer version of that product.

You can nab this TV for £279 via Amazon, but if you plan on buying multiple items this Black Friday, it’s worth purchasing an AO membership for £40/yr as you’ll nab this TV for £269 and be able to enjoy discounts on other products too.

Other sizes on offer: 43in (£248), 55in (£328), 58in (£379) and 75in (£749)

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Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday TV deals: £300 to £500

4. 55in TCL C645 (was £429; now £399)Best Black Friday TV deals - TCL C645

One of the most affordable additions to TCL’s 2023 lineup, the C645, is an attractive choice if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to the C845 and don’t mind cutting a few corners where next-gen gaming is concerned. It uses a 4K quantum dot LED panel that supports every HDR format (HLG, HDR 10, HDR 10+ and Dolby Vision IQ), and while its native refresh rate is limited to 60Hz, it can simulate 120Hz thanks to DLG technology when connected via the single HDMI 2.1 port. A saving of £30 may not seem like much but every little helps and £400 for a TV of this calibre is great value for money.

Other sizes on offer: 43in (£299), 65in (£549), 75in (£879) and 85in (£1,299)

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5. 32in Samsung The Frame (Was £449; now £419)

The Frame is one of Samsung’s most popular televisions thanks to its ability to double up as a picture frame and blend in seamlessly with its surroundings. The smallest model available – 32in – typically costs £449 but has seen a £30 discount at a number of retailers, including Amazon and John Lewis.

Other sizes on offer: 43in (£729), 55in (£929), 65in (£1,159) and 85in (£2,349)

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6. 60in LG UR81 (was £480; now £399)

There aren’t all that many 60in televisions kicking around, so if that’s the size you’re after, you’ll want to snap up this deal while you can. The UR81 is a non-nonsense 2022 model designed for those wanting an affordable smart TV with access to a wide range of streaming services. There’s no Dolby Vision, no HDMI 2.1 support and no advanced audio system, but Alexa and Google Assistant voice controls are available, as are Filmmaker Mode and LG’s Game Optimizer mode. And given it now costs just £399 for the 60in model, you can’t ask for much more than that.

View deal at Argos

7. 65in TCL RC630K (was £549; now £499)

This Black Friday TV deal bags you a lot of TV for a very reasonable outlay. The RC630K is one of our favourite budget buys owing to its extensive HDR support, impressive picture accuracy and top-notch Roku TV operating system, and this £50 discount makes it better value than ever. We don’t recommend it for next-gen gamers as its panel is limited to 60Hz, but it’s a top-tier choice for everyone else on the hunt for an affordable large-screen TV.

Other sizes on offer: 43in (£279), 50in (£299) and 55in (£349)

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Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday TV deals: £500 to £800

8. 43in Sky Glass (Was £730; now £604)

Sky’s streaming TV has proved a smash hit in the UK and has received a hefty price cut for Black Friday. Prior to the arrival of this deal, the 43in model and Sky TV basic streaming package, which includes access to Netflix, cost £40/mth on an 18-month contract. That’s been slashed to just £33/mth, meaning you’ll only be paying a total of £604 for the package. For more details about the TV itself, check out our full Sky Glass review.

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9. 55in Sony Bravia X75WL (was £782; now £649)

A member of Sony’s 2023 TV range, the X75WL stands as a 4K LED unit featuring HDR capabilities and comes equipped with Google TV integration. Positioned as a compelling choice for the mid-range market, the X75WL has become an even more enticing telly after receiving a significant price drop on Amazon in anticipation of Black Friday. Its price has plummeted by more than £100, marking it down to an attractive £649 from its average retail price of £782. In other words, this is the lowest price it has ever been according to price aggregator CamelCamelCamel and is one of the best early Black Friday TV offers you’ll see.

Other sizes on offer: 43in (£499), 50in (£549) and 65in (£849)

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10. 55in TCL C845 (was £849; now £799)Best Black Friday TV deals - TCL C845

While it might only be a £50 saving, this deal on the TCL C845 is worth your attention. The TV received a five-star rating and our Best Buy award upon review and was runner-up in the TV of the Year category at our Tech Product of the Year Awards. It was already extremely aggressively priced and this discount only serves to make it an even more appealing Black Friday option.

Other sizes on offer: 65in (£949), 75in (£1,399) and 85in (£1,899)

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Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday TV deals: £800 to £1,000

11. 42in LG C3 (avg £1,202; now £895)

The 42in model of the LG C3 is an incredibly versatile TV, with excellent brightness and OLED’s infinite contrast making it a top-tier choice for everything from casual TV viewing to more immersive, cinematic experiences. It’s a great pick for gamers too, thanks to the inclusion of four HDMI 2.1 ports that support every next-gen feature available. At just £899, it’s one of the best Black Friday TV deals around.

Other sizes on offer: 48in (£1,049) and 77in (£2,699)

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12. 75in Hisense E7K Pro (was £1,399; now £999)

This massive TV fell to just £899 on the Hisense website last week, and was been bumped back up to £999 – the same price it’s now available for at Amazon, Currys, AO and Argos. Despite not being quite as cheap as it was a matter of days ago, this is still a great price for a huge telly that offers comprehensive HDR support, extensive gaming features, including support for 144Hz refresh rates, and excellent image accuracy. Read more in our four-star review.

Other sizes on offer: 55in (£575) and 65in (£778)

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13. 50in Samsung QN90C (was £1,125; now £889)

Best Black Friday TV deals - Samsung QN90C

The 50in QN90C is cheaper than it ever has been at Amazon (£889). The TV itself has a gorgeous design and is able to deliver great picture quality thanks to its Mini LED backlight and precise local dimming. Tizen OS is one of the most reliable TV operating systems around and supports just about streaming service, meaning that no matter the type of content you plan on consuming, the QN90C is a great choice.

Other sizes on offer: 43in (£749) and 65in (£1,429)

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Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday TV deals: £1,000 to £1,500

14. 55in LG B3 (was £1,199; now £1,099)

If you’re willing to trade brightness and picture quality for a larger screen, it’s worth considering buying the B3 over its C3 stablemate. A less powerful processor and non-evo panel mean it can’t hit the same image heights as other LG OLEDs but it’s a fair bit cheaper and offers many of the same features, including support for 4K@120Hz, VRR, ALLM and Dolby Atmos, and runs the same webOS 23 operating system. It’s currently available for the lowest price we’ve ever seen it, making this a Black Friday offer to be reckoned with.

View deal at Currys

15. 55in Samsung S90C (avg £1,544; now £1,199)

The S90C is one of our favourite OLED televisions and the 55in screen size has hit a new record-low price ahead of Black Friday. It cost £2,199 when we awarded it a five-star rating and our coveted Best Buy badge but can now be picked up for a fraction of that price. Its Quantum Dot-powered OLED screen is able to deliver fantastic picture quality, the Tizen OS is intuitive to use and supports just about every streaming service imaginable, while next-gen gaming provision is top-notch. In terms of value for money, this OLED TV deal is hard to beat.

Other sizes on offer: 77in (£2,699)

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16. 55in Samsung S95C (now £1,448 plus £100 cashback)

Down from an average cost of £1,595, the 55in Samsung S95C is now available for £1,494 at Amazon. However, you’re able to claim £100 cashback if you decide to buy it for £1,448 from Appliances Direct, bringing your total outlay down to £1,348. That’s an awesome price for a set that won both TV of the Year and OLED TV of the Year at our Technology Product of the Year awards earlier this month.

Other sizes on offer: 65in (£1,999 plus £200 cashback)

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Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday TV deals: Over £1,500

18. 55in Sony A95K (was £1,999; now £1,799)

The A95K was Sony’s flagship Quantum Dot OLED TV last year and received a five-star rating from us upon review. At the time of writing that review, the 55in model cost £2,199, but John Lewis is selling it for just £1,799 ahead of Black Friday and you can also save money on other Sony products, including two soundbars, a home theatre system and a Blu-ray player when buying them with the television. You’ll be getting one of the very best TVs of 2022 for a great price whether you pick up those extras or not. It may have been usurped as the Japanese manufacturer’s range-topper by the A95L, but the 55in model of that TV costs a whopping £2,699.

View deal at John Lewis

18. 65in Sony A80L (avg £2,342; now £1,849)

Sony’s A80 series has been a strong performer in the mid-range OLED category over recent years and the latest iteration continues that trend by delivering great picture quality and extensive next-gen gaming support wrapped up in a functional and stylish design. We awarded the 55in A80L a four-star rating upon review, at which point it cost £1,999, with the 65in model linked here priced at £2,499. The larger screen size has seen a few price drops since but has never been cheaper than it is now.

Other sizes on offer: 55in (£1,389) and 77in (£2,999)

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19. 85in Samsung QN95C (was £5,499; now £3,999)

The QN95C won Best LCD TV at our Product of the Year Awards: Technology earlier this month thanks to its top-tier SDR and HDR performance, superb next-gen gaming credentials and immersive 4.2.2-channel audio system. A healthy pre-Black Friday discount has brought it down to its lowest-ever price and, while still a hefty investment, this Mini LED beauty ticks every box if you’re after an immersive cinematic experience at home.

Other sizes on offer: 55in (£1,499), 65in (£1,795) and 75in (£2,599)

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