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How to stream movies for less? Head to Sainsbury’s – now with Chromecast

Sainsbury's Entertainment movie rental

Sainsbury's Entertainment is the cheapest place to stream blockbuster movies

Launched last year with little fanfare, Sainsbury’s Entertainment is yet another service that’s happy to stream movies to you on a pay-per-view basis. The big difference at present being that it’s willing to do that for less  than any of usual major providers.  Sainsbury’s is currently offering big new releases, such as The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, for just £4 for a HD stream. 

That compares to £4.50 from the likes of Amazon Instant Video, Sony Entertainment Network and Blinkbox, or even £5 from Xbox Live. In fact, searching about we couldn’t find anywhere that would stream the movie on a 48-hour ‘rental’ basis for less. We also like that the site clearly shows Rotten Tomatoes and Flixster rating for each movie, and you can even set a minimum Tomato score when browsing the site.

The service has also today announced a Chromecast app, so you can watch movies on your TV. This is in addition to existing support for the Xbox 360, Roku media streamers and Android and iOS apps. It’s a shame there’s no support yet for the current generation of consoles though. You can of course stream movies to a PC or mac as well. 

Now 50p may not be a huge deal to you, but if you rent a lot of movies then it can quickly add up. Plus for those who like that kind of thing, you also own Nectar Points with every purchase. The site looks to have all the expected big releases from major studios, so it’s well worth checking out next time you’re thinking of streaming a movie online.

We’re looking to do a complete test of UK online movie streaming services in the near future, where we’ll look at price, quality, selection and interface. If there are any movie services you use regularly and would like us to include then please comment below and we’ll try our best to include them.

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