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How much are you worth to a cyber-criminal?

Kaspersky Labs breaks down the price of your data for the average cyber criminal, in a handy infographic

In the world of cybercrime, every online user is worth something to someone. Whether it’s your Facebook account, credit card details or World of WarCraft character, everything carries a standard price on the black market.

According to Kaspersky Labs, the average person is worth almost £1,000 to cyber-criminals. Prices start small; $3 per PC infected with a botnet, $20 for access to an email account, $25 for a scan of your passport, but soon escalates. Login details for a social networking site can sell for up to $200, while a high level online multiplayer game character costs around £150.

Kaspersky infographi hi-res

How much are you worth? – Click to enlarge

If these accounts and details are compromised, you stand to lose a lot of money too. The average person might find their Skype account depleted of phone credit or bank account raided, but if you fall for a fake anti-virus or have to pay to decode your data after a nasty Trojan, the total cost could rocket up to £600.

If you don’t fancy lining the pockets of cyber thieves, make sure you:

• Use anti-virus software, and keep it up-to-date

• Update your operating system to keep security holes closed

• Only download files from trusted sources

• Use long, unique passwords for the websites you use

• Keep your social networks social – don’t add people you don’t know, they might not be who they say they are

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