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Asus Z87-Based Motherboards ready for Haswell

Asus has revealed its new mainstream motherboard range, just in time to support Intel's forthcoming 4th-generation processors

Asus has released a new set of mainstream motherboards to support Intel’s forthcoming 4th-generation Core processors, previously known by the codename Haswell. Each Z87 board has an eye-catching black and gold colour scheme, with increasing number of features to suit a range of budgets for anyone looking to make the upgrade to Intel’s latest CPUs.

Asus Z87-A Motherboard

Unfortunately, Intel’s embargoes limit what details we can bring you about the new range, save for the fact they will all support Haswell CPUs, but we can bring you a few details regarding the Asus-specific features and technology each board will come bundled with to make the most of the new Z87 chipset.

Each board, including the range-topping Z87-Deluxe, has the Asus UEFI BIOS, which includes four different performance pre-sets – letting you choose to have faster CPU performance at the expense of power efficiency, or opt for a cooler, more power efficient PC by dialling down the CPU frequency – all without getting your hands dirty with voltages and clock speeds. You’ll also be able to add shortcuts to the main screen so that you can quickly access frequently-used settings, so if you’re experimenting with overclocking you can dive right into memory timings without trawling through menus.

An 802.11ac Wi-Fi adaptor will also come bundled with the Z87-Deluxe. This works with existing 802.11 networks, but provides faster transfer speeds if you connect to an 802.11ac network.

Asus’s corporate vice president and general manager of worldwide sales Jackie Hsu said, ““Asus possesses the best research and development expertise, and … we are confident that we offer our customers the finest quality with these new motherboards.”

Prices and availability have yet to be announced, but we’ll bring you more information and reviews as soon as we can – hopefully as soon as Intel pulls back the curtain on Haswell at June’s Computex trade show in Taipei.

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