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New Mac Pro specs and price: Apple’s 2019 Mac Pro costs a staggering $5,999

Apple has finally spilled the beans on a new Mac Pro including its souped up specs and eye-watering price

 While WWDC 2019 is mainly about the software, with news on tvOS, iOS 13 features and the newly revealed iPadOS, Apple has found time for a hardware update. Quite a significant hardware update, actually, but one that’s definitely aimed at the power user. Say hello to the new Mac Pro for 2019.
It’s the first update to the line since the 2013 Mac Pro, and Apple is making it more modular. Gone is the circular design: here you have an angular, metal computer with handles and optional wheels to move it around.

Apple also used the keynote to unveil an equally high-powered display to complement the new Mac Pro, called the Pro Display XDR. Read more about the Pro Display XDR here. 

New Mac Pro specs

Of course, beyond the design changes, it’s what’s on the inside that counts and the new Mac Pro will have an Intel Xeon processor with up to 28 cores, with up to 300W of power and cooling to make sure it can live up to its potential at all times. You can pack it with up to 1.5TB of RAM, should you have a lot more money than sense.

Expandability is important, and as such the new Mac Pro has eight internal PCI-E slots, four of which are double-wide for larger cards. Connectivity shouldn’t be a problem, either, with two Thunderbolt 3 slots, two USB-A ports and two USB-C ports round the front. All of this is powered by a 1.4KW power supply.
How does the new Mac Pro perform? Well, in a live demo using Logic, the company was able to add more than 1,000 audio tracks, and a check of the system load found it hadn’t even hit 60%. This is powerful kit, for sure.

New Mac Pro price and release date

The new Mac Pro release date is expected to be in the fall (that’s autumn to those of us in the UK), and it’s not exactly an impulse purchase.

The previous Mac Pro, which is six years old now, still starts at £2,999, and the new Mac Pro will go for even more. The base model with an eight-core Intel Xeon, 32GB of RAM, a Radeon 580x card and a 256GB SSD card will cost $5,999 – or £4,737 with a straight dollar to pound conversion. Best start saving…

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