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Best sofa 2024: Find the perfect sofa for your living room

Put your feet up and relax with our pick of the best sofas

After a hard day at work, only the best sofas can ensure maximum relaxation is achieved. Not only does a sofa provide the whole family somewhere comfortable to sit but it will take pride of place in your living room – hopefully, for a long time to come – so choosing a sofa is not to be taken lightly.

Luckily, our experts have got you covered. We’ve tested a multitude of sofas, from two-seaters to three-seaters and more, covering every type of leather and fabric style, so not only can we guide you in making the right decision, but you needn’t feel overwhelmed by the dizzying range of choice that comes with visiting a showroom.

We’ve gathered together a roundup of our choices of the best sofas, each with a specific buyer in mind. If you’re in a hurry, you can check out the at-a-glance list below or, for more information about choosing the best sofa for you, keep scrolling to read our buying guide.

The best sofas you can buy in 2024

1. John Lewis Anyday Sweep Medium 2-Seater Sofa: Best sofa under £600

Price when reviewed: £519 | Check price at John Lewisbest sofa John Lewis Anyday Sweep sofa grey 2 seater sofa with orange & blue cushions on a white background

  • Great for… a stylish and affordable option
  • Not so great for… a softer feel

This classy, grey/blue, medium sofa from John Lewis’ Anyday range, upholstered in the brand’s ‘Saga Ocean’ fabric, is surprisingly stylish for the price. You can either screw in the legs yourself or take advantage of John Lewis’ free assembly service upon delivery.

Comfort-wise, some might find the foam and fibre seats a little on the firm side and the arms are also quite thin. If you’re after a sofa for regular lounging in front of the TV, you will have to increase your budget for a more comfortable, more plush option but if you’re after something affordable – perhaps for a first home – you could do much worse than this. Plus, the seven-day delivery time and 15-year frame guarantee from John Lewis isn’t bad either.

Key features – Size options: 2-seater (small), 2-seater (medium), 3-seater (large), plus matching armchair; Fabric options: 1; Delivery: Within 7 days; Warranty: 15-year frame guarantee

Check price at John Lewis

2. John Lewis and Partners Arlo Medium 2 Seater Sofa: Best classic sofa

Price when reviewed: From £749 | Check price at John Lewisbest sofa John Lewis Arlo grey fabric sofa with light wooden legs on a white background

  • Great for… any type of room
  • Not so great for… it’s great for everyone

This chic sofa combines retro styling with clean lines and a neutral finish that make it a great fit for any type of room. Its tapered wooden legs, winged arms and buttoned back are striking without being too modish but if you really want to make a statement, you can order the Alro in pretty much any fabric or colour you want, from plush velvet to tweed and from a bright paprika to dark Nordic blue – there are 80 options to choose from – and you can even choose between light wood or dark wood for the leg finish. Alternatively, you can get the Arlo upholstered in leather, with another 15 colours to consider.

Best of all, it’s supremely comfortable – the big reversible foam cushions are soft but very supportive – and the whole sofa feels robust enough to last many years. A great buy.

Key features – Size options: 2-seater (small), 2-seater (medium), 3-seater (large), plus matching armchair, corner sofa with chaise end and sofa bed; Fabric options: 80 fabric, 15 leather; Delivery time: Within 10 weeks; Warranty: 15-year frame guarantee

Check price at John Lewis

3. Swyft Model 01: Best sofa-in-a-box

Price when reviewed: From £999 | Check price at John Lewis

  • Great for… ease of assembling
  • Not so great for… ease of recycling the boxes

Unlike the now-familiar ‘bed-in-a-box’, the idea of a ‘sofa-in-a-box’ might raise a few eyebrows. But Swyft – as the company’s name might suggest – aims to do away with the hassle of setting up a sofa in your home by making one that’s quick and easy to assemble.

In that, the Model 01 emphatically delivers and is a great option for those who live in small spaces. Not only is it extremely easy to build, it looks great, and if you choose one of the ‘core’ range of fabrics, it will arrive in as little as 24 hours. As for comfort, you get a 100-day trial when you order direct from Swyft so, if you’re not happy, you can just return it. Simple.

The downsides? The Model 01 arrives in boxes which are, inevitably, pretty big, making them tricky to recycle unless you live near a dump. Plus, despite finding it very sturdy to sit on, the sofa’s patented “swyft-lok” technology means that, if you’re not careful, it’s easy to accidentally lift off the side of the sofa when moving it. Otherwise, there’s very little fault we could find with this very practical solution to furnishing your new home.

Read our full Swyft Model 01 review

Key features – Size Options: 2-seater, 3-seater, plus matching chair, and ottoman; Fabric options: 3 boucle, 4 chenille, faux leather, leather, 5 linen, suede, 24 velvet, 2 wool; Delivery time: 48-hour express delivery; Warranty: 100-day money-back guarantee

Check price at John Lewis

4. John Lewis & Partners Barbican Medium Sofa, Aquaclean: Best durable wipe-clean fabric sofa

Price when reviewed: From £1,299 (Aquaclean fabric) | Check price at John Lewis

  • Great for… a soft and stylish option
  • Not so great for… a softer sofa

The words ‘wipe-clean’ may not automatically conjure up luxury, but John Lewis has achieved the impossible – a gorgeous sofa whose soft, stylish Aquaclean fabric (select this option manually from the fabric dropdown list) will withstand many a spilt dinner. Under that resilient fabric is a filling of fibre-wrapped foam that’ll extend the sofa’s life even further, although it is on the firm side.

Aquaclean comes in a range of colours, from muted light greys to more vibrant reds and oranges. Of course, if you’re not happy with what the Aquaclean has to offer, you can also order the Barbican in other fabrics, in dozens of shades.

Key features – Size options: 2-seater (small), 2-seater (medium), 3-seater (large), 4-seater (grand), plus footstool, armchair, ‘snuggler’ chair, corner sofa and sofa bed; Fabric options: 17 Aquaclean (80 fabrics total); Delivery time: Within 10 weeks; Warranty: 15-year frame guarantee

Check price at John Lewis

5. John Lewis & Partners Oliver Corner Sofa: Best corner sofa

Price when reviewed: From £1,729 | Check price at John Lewis

  • Great for… maximising space and versatility
  • Not so great for… small rooms

A corner sofa can be a great way of maximising space, and a modular corner sofa can be especially versatile as it can be arranged and rearranged according to how you choose to lay out your room.

The Oliver Corner Sofa, from John Lewis, is a modular sofa made up of two medium armless units, a corner unit and two arms that slot together to form a whole. You then have the option to supplement this with all sorts of multi-seater sections, and potentially even extra corners to extend the sofa right around the room. The frame is solidly constructed from hardwood birch (with a choice of leg finishes), and the cushions are filled with a combination of foam and fibre. Much like the other John Lewis sofas we’ve featured here, it’s available in a range of fabrics and colours (including Aquaclean fabrics), some of which cost more than others.

If this particular corner sofa doesn’t take your fancy, you might be interested to hear that there are plenty of others in our best corner sofa roundup.

Key details – Size options: single armchair unit, single ‘snuggler’ unit, 2-seater (small), 2-seater (medium), 3-seater (large), 4-seater (grand) modular units, plus corner unit and storage chaise unit; Fabrics available: 80 options; Delivery time: Within 9 weeks; Warranty: 15-year frame guarantee

Check price at John Lewis

6. Muuto Oslo 2-Seater Sofa: Best minimalist sofa

Price when reviewed: from £2,339 | Check price at Heal’s

  • Great for… a minimalist, modern look
  • Not so great for… catering to everyone’s taste

Oozing contemporary Scandi charm, for a minimalist, modern look, this sofa is as stylish as it gets. Made in Norway, this couch boasts clean lines and has lovely tall, elegant steel legs. Granted, at first glance, it may not appear to be the kind of sofa you’ll be yearning to sink into after work, but it’s surprisingly comfy, with a deep, well-cushioned seat and a high supportive back. We also like the curved arms, which are satisfying to lay your head against. It also comes in a larger 3-seater version and as a chair.

Key features – Size options: 2-seater, 3-seater, plus lounge chair; Fabric options: 2; Delivery: Within 10-12 weeks; Warranty: 6 years

Check price at Heal’s

7. Loaf Pudding Sofa: Best sofa for comfort

Price when reviewed: From £1,545 | Check price at Loaf

  • Great for… a high level of comfort
  • Not so great for… consistent pricing

This fairly traditionally styled sofa from the fast-growing direct-to-consumer brand Loaf (you may have seen their charmingly quirky adverts in your newspaper supplements) puts comfort front and centre of its design. Comprising two large seat cushions hemmed in by low padded arms, this sofa has more than enough depth for you to burrow into and snuggle up on.

It comes in four sizes from small to extra large, so you’ll be able to find one that’s suitable for solo households and sprawling clans alike. One of the big selling points of Loaf is that its sofas are eminently customisable: you can choose between an eye-watering 136 fabrics for your Pudding sofa (but be wary – the prices vary).

Key features – Size options: Small (150cm), medium (180cm), large (210cm), extra large (240cm); Fabric options: 136; Delivery: 5-7 weeks; Warranty: 10 years

Check price at Loaf

8. John Lewis Lozenge 5-Seater: Best round-edge sofa

Price when reviewed: £1,999 | Check price at John Lewisbest sofa John Lewis Lozenge cream sofa on a white background

  • Great for… a spacious and sophisticated home
  • Not so great for… pets or younger kids likely to spill things

Many sofas are angular, with hard lines that don’t lend themselves to the kind of cloud-esque environment you might want to cultivate for relaxing. Enter the Lozenge 5-seater from John Lewis. With its soft, undulating lines and stylish boucle-style upholstery, this large, cream sofa is the perfect option for a spacious, sophisticated home with its cloud-like aesthetic, punctuated with freestanding dark metal legs. With space for five people, this is a fantastic option if you like to host luxurious movie nights – just forego the hot chocolate!

Of course, as with most John Lewis sofas, it’s available in a range of fabrics and colours, if you’d like to find something a little less easy to stain.

Key features – Size options: 1; Fabric options: 80; Delivery: 1 week; Warranty: 15 years

Check price at John Lewis

9. IKEA Klippan: Best sofa for students and graduates

Price when reviewed: From £250 | Check price at IKEA

  • Great for… a first home
  • Not so great for… a more luxurious look

Nobody’s flush with cash when they’re a student or a recent graduate and, other than personal electronic gadgets or a car, a sofa is one of the biggest purchases you’re likely to make at that stage in life. Whether you’re kitting out a sparsely furnished student house or a bare-brick city flat, IKEA’s budget-friendly offerings are a lifesaver. The Klippan is practically a staple at university, but don’t let its ubiquity put you off, this sub-£300 sofa can easily be dressed up with some smart, colourful cushions or dressed down with some eye-watering, garish throws. Compact, aesthetically pared back and affordable, it’s no wonder the Klippan has been going for more than 40 years.

Key features – Size options: 1; Fabric options: 2; Delivery: 2-3 days; Warranty: 10 years

Check price at Ikea

How to choose the best sofa for you

What size and shape should I choose?

The first thing to think about is where your sofa is going to fit. What manufacturers refer to as small, medium or large can vary enormously, but here’s a rough guide to what you can expect:

  • Small – a two-seater sofa is approximately 152cm – 174cm wide
  • Medium – a two to three seater sofa is approximately 174cm -191cm wide
  • Large – a three to four-seater sofa is approximately 205cm – 214cm wide

It’s worth working out whether you would like only sofas or a mix of sofas and chairs, taking into consideration how many people you want seating for in total and how much space you’ll have left (a room overcrowded with furniture is never a good look).

Also, think about whether the shape works with the style of your home. For example, high backs go well in rooms with high ceilings, while corner sofas look good in larger living spaces and make for a good divider in open-plan homes. Also consider if you’ll need your sofa to double up as a bed – if so, go and have a look at our dedicated sofa bed roundup.

How important is the frame?

Without a robust and durable frame, your sofa will have much a shorter lifespan. Hardwoods such as oak and ash are best. Softwoods like pine, as well as plastic or metal, can buckle or bend and even snap. Ideally, legs should either be part of the frame or screwed or pegged in, not glued.

How long will I have to wait for my sofa to get delivered?

This really depends on the type of sofa you are ordering and where you buy it. Sofa delivery can be anywhere from the same day to 12 weeks, and even longer in some cases. To get delivery of your sofa sooner, try buying a sofa that is already in stock and does not require any customisation. It’s also worth noting that different stores have different policies on different products, so don’t assume all sofas on sale in the shop are available for same or next day delivery.

What filling is best?

This can make a massive difference to comfort, support, aesthetics, maintenance and longevity. Foam is the most common synthetic filling. It’s low maintenance and feels supportive – but make sure it’s not too hard (uncomfortable) or soft (doesn’t last) and expect it to lose volume a little over time. If you prefer a more casual, softer sofa, go for a feather or fibre filling, but expect to pay more and you’ll need to plump it up regularly. Increasingly, manufacturers use a layer of foam with a fibre wrap – this gives you the best of both worlds by being supportive with a soft and relaxed top layer.

What about the springs?

This isn’t something most people think about, but different kinds of springs make for a different kind of feel, just as they do with a mattress. If you can, feel the springs through the upholstery to check they’re close together and strong because if they are flimsy or there’s not many of them, the sofa is more likely to sag over time. And remember that sofas with webbing or mesh instead of springs may not be as comfortable.

What kind of fabric should I go for?

If your sofa is going to be used daily, go for a durable fabric like cotton, linen, microfibre, leather or wool. If you’re going for a pattern, your best bet is to get one weaved in rather than printed and try to get a fabric that’s been treated for stain resistance. When it comes to colour, remember all fabrics fade in direct sunlight. Once you’ve found the fabric you like, get a swatch to check it goes with the décor of your room and looks the same in natural daylight as it did under the synthetic light in the shop.

What about getting the sofa into my living room?

Take note of the height and width of any doorways, hallways or staircases that your sofa has to fit through when delivered. It’s amazing how many people don’t. Some companies may be understanding about any dimension-related snags – but others may not, so be sure to discuss any access difficulties with the company in question if you’re concerned that it may be a very tight squeeze.

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