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Apple AirPods see rare PRICE CUT in Black Friday deal

The AirPods are now cheaper in Black Friday offer

The Apple AirPods with a wireless charging case are currently available for £159 from Amazon and the BT Shop, saving you £40. If you’re after the slightly cheaper wired version, John Lewis sells them for £139, so long as you don’t mind forfeiting the discount.

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You probably don’t need an introduction to AirPods, but on the off chance you do, here’s what you need to know. They’re Apple’s own true wireless earbuds, which means they have no wires to speak of, and each bud sits in the ear, not tethered to the other.

You get five hours of continuous music playback from the tiny batteries in each pod, but the clever part is the charging case. When not in use they sit here, and it doubles up as an extra battery, recharging the AirPods when they sit dormant. In total, you’ll therefore get 24 hours of battery from them, totting up the charge in the AirPods themselves and the charging case.

And the difference between the two deals? It’s all down to the charging case. One can be put on a wireless charging mat to top up, while the other needs to be plugged in via the same Lightning cable you use to charge your iPhone. It’s up to you as to whether you think that’s worth an extra £30.

While sound quality may not be the greatest, the way they seamlessly connect with Apple products makes AirPods almost ubiquitous on the Tube, these days. Now you can be part of that trend for a little less money.

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